Emily Takes Photos in the San Francisco Bay Area!

First off, you haven’t lost your minds! We do sponsored posts on Tuesday and Friday, but since it’s a holiday week in the US (holidayyyyy!) we moved the posts to Monday and Wednesday this week.
Today’s post is about one of APW’s longest term sponsors: Emily Takes Photos in the San Francisco Bay Area. How do I even say enough nice things about Emily? I ran the first wedding she ever shot on APW in our early months, and since then she’s built a business on working with you guys. She, in many ways, loves and understands Team Practical in a way that even I don’t… because she’s been in the trenches with you for years: doing your makeup on your wedding day, lying on the ground in an absurd position to get the best shot,  cheering on your weddings in whatever form they come (courthouse, tiny, hotel dance party)… and growing with you guys and shooting your families. Take for example, wedding graduate’s Leah and Omid (Leah is an original Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress giver), and their new baby Miles:
And of course, because she adores you all, she’s offering you a discount: a 10% discount to all readers, and in honor of pride week, a 20% total discount to LGBTQ couples. The discount expires Aug 31 (wedding can be anytime, just needs to be booked before then). Emily is, of course, a So You’re Engayged  approved vendor! So have at it, ladies and gents!
One of the best part’s of Emily Takes Photos long and crazy ride with APW, has been watching her work change and grow. Emily has always been crazy talented, but these days I’m overwhelmed by the vividness, emotion, and clear aesthetic vision in her pictures. She captures motion, action, emotion, and color in a way that few photographers do. You look at her pictures and you feel like you are there in the moment.
And you know that she’s capturing the couples so vividly, because she gets them…. and loves them just the way they are. Emily describes APW couples as “instant friends,” and says that, “instant friends really are the best clients.” Which sounds like a sum up of the whole APW vibe if I ever heard one.
So, just for fun, I asked Emily to give me a list of APW couples she’d shot, so you guys could look at the pretty pictures. The thing is, she’s shot so many of you guys, that a whole list was beyond her. So here are the Team Practical weddings she shot in 2010 alone: Megan & AaronPenelope & MikiyaLisa & CodyCara & DanGrace & JasonDiana & AlanJen & Rob (wedding grads), Allison & RyanIrene & DanCarly & ZackElizabeth & Harrison (Wedding Grads), CindyFredStefanie & Pete. I know, RIGHT? She adores you guys, and you love her right back.
When I asked Emily if she wanted to talk about any particular element of her work that she adores today, she said, “Let’s talk about the dancing pictures!” And you guys know how much I love a good wedding dance party picture. Emily said, “I’ve always had an “anything goes” attitude when it comes to weddings, but as a dancer, I have a soft spot for weddings that turn into killer dance parties once the music is turned up. I see the wedding day as full of sweet expressions of love and support, and the dancing afterwards is an explosion of joy! I always get super giddy when I find out a couple and their guests really know how to throw down and let loose. I’ve also been known to take my camera with me as I dance my way through a crowd to get the photos I want!” So, this summer holiday week, lets take it out on a dance party:
Now go already. Browse. Dance together (literally)!
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  • I LOVE those dancing photos. Emily is always quick to answer the many photography business related questions I have thrown her way. I can only imagine that she treats her clients with even greater care and consideration. Yay for Emily!

  • Emily is one of the very few photographers that I wish had been my wedding photographer. Her work is stunning in and of it’s self, but you can also see that she really looks for what is beautiful and awesome in ALL of her clients, and she’s able to bring that out in her work. This is truly a rare skill, and I know that if Emily had been my photographer that she would have captured my fabulous. I seriously envy anyone who has Emily at their wedding.