Yay New York: Special Edition Totes (a few)

We mentioned when we put the original Yay New York tote bags on sale (which are all sold out!) that we were making a special limited edition run for the party, and if we had any left over we’d offer them up to you when all was said and done. Well, it turns out we have exactly 41 totes left, and they are yours while the going is good.

I might like these totes slightly better than the regular totes, since they’re printed with silver ink instead of grey (sparkly!), and have the details of the party printed on them. We’re selling them for $25, which goes to help pay for the amazing weddings you saw in full this morning. So own a tiny bit of APW history and know you helped make it happen. You’ll love the tote, I promise you.

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Picture: Emily Takes Photos

PS: We have some left over posters too, which would cost you about $20 all in with shipping. They are kind of a pain to ship, so we’re only going to sell them if  enough of you guys really really want them. If you do, let us know in the comments. And that’s the last of the Yay New York merch, forever and ever, amen.

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  • Yay New York! Just bought mine. :-)

  • I love these! But I am holding out for a “Yay CA” tote! C’mon California, get with it!

    • meg

      Ha. A very tired Meg makes no promises for a party or totes in CA. We shall see ;) We can’t do this (time or money wise) very often. ‘Twasn’t free, and didn’t throw itself.

  • YAY! I got mine – can’t wait to wear it around South Dakota and show my state what’s up!

  • Nicole

    I would love a poster to stick on my poster wall, but totally get the pain they are to mail.

    And, I carry my APW tote everywhere. And everyone loves it. Well, most everyone.

  • april

    I have my APW tote and love it! However, it got a bit dusty since I was using it every day since it arrived, so I washed it and it shrunk and is now half the size it was. Which means it will only fit one bottle of wine, instead of two. I’ll live. ;)

    • Kinzie Kangaroo

      Hmmm this is good to know. Did you put it in the drier and that’s where it shrunk? Or was it just from washing it? I don’t want mine to shrink!

      • april

        Washing machine, line dry. 50% shrinkage. :(

  • Tamara Van Horn

    So. Bought. Mine!!!

  • Tamara Van Horn

    Oh yeah…I want a poster, too, if the good will prevails.

  • Such a great idea; I was hoping they would go on sale again. And with sparkles, even better. Sold.

  • Bought. I will proudly rock my APW tote in CA, until my state finally gets with it!!