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Bridesmaid Gift: Like Sisters

by Meg Keene, Editor-In-Chief

Now that I’ve talked about the fact that I think expensive bridesmaid gifts are overrated, I’m going switch it up and show you my favorite bridesmaid gift of all time:
This necklace is inlaid with drops of silver representing the seven sisters constellation. For the girls that are like sisters to you. Awwww….

If you want to get them jewelry, get them something like this. Personal, handcrafted, lovely.

Sisterhood pendant by Blue Poppy Jewelry, another kick *ss idea via Mighty Goods.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. Her first book, A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration, was published in January 2012, and has been a top three bestseller on the wedding bookshelf ever since. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and son. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit

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  • Brandi

    I have 7 bridesmaids so that’s perfect!

  • Cate Subrosa

    Beautiful :)

  • Erica

    If you like this kind of jewelry, check out Mel makes fantastic jewelry!

  • Meg

    Awww…. seven bridesmaids, seven sisters!

  • anne-marie, perfect bound


  • Anonymous

    if you’re a new bride checking out this blog for the first time, like me, i figure i can make a comment even if this post is a few months old.

    i too think this handmade/one-of-a-kind jewelry is the way to go. check out the needlepoint charms i hope to give my bridesmaids! i just can’t decide whether to order their initials or 6 BFF charms :) check them out here i guess they’ll be available on her etsy page soon!

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