Sponsor Introduction: Emily Takes Photos

You know how, whenever you read tips about planning a budget wedding one of the tips is always “Find a photographer who’s really talented and just getting started shooting weddings, and hire them. You’ll get tons of great pictures at a fraction of the cost!” You read the tip. You read it again. And then you take a deep breath and yell at the magazine/ computer screen, “Well if I new how to find this TALENTED yet AFFORDABLE photographer, I WOULDN’T NEED YOUR HELP, WOULD I??”

Or maybe it’s just me with the occasional wedding rage issues.

Well, today I’m really excited to introduce APW’s newest sponsor, who is just that kind of photographer, Emily Takes Photos. Emily has been a friend of this blog for quite a long time and I featured one of her weddings way back here. She is an amazing talent, and she’s just getting started as a wedding photographer, so for the moment, you can get her for less than she’s worth. Northern California couples, take note!

And, if this isn’t cool enough, I’ve got even better news:

  • The first couple who books her through this site gets a whopping 25% off. Since her rates start at $1,000 for a wedding and an engagement session (with jpeg images, thank you very much), we’re talking about booking a great photographer in expensive Northern California for $750! Annnnddddd…. GO!
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  • That is such a great deal! And she looks amazingly talented!


  • You can place me in this category too, but I’m doing the Alberta, Canada thing. http://www.michaelwarf.com

  • Any chance she’d like to visit Wisconsin next Spring? Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    This is what I am looking for! But in Chicago. Alas.

    Her work looks beautiful!

  • Those Sausalito wedding photos were so pretty! And point well taken about how those mythical new wedding photographers can be a pain to find, man.

  • Meg

    I’ve got at least one more of these coming, and they are located in the midwest, so we’re getting warmer. I’m absolutly on the lookout for these practical sponsors!

  • Aw, that’s great. If I could only find an ‘Emily’ in Melbourne, Australia!

  • Desaray

    There is definetely an “Emily” in Washington DC. fnoirphoto.com. yay us!

  • We told all our guests to take lots of photos and we got some great ones that way. We didn’t pay a single cent for photos. (Dislaimer: I know wedding photographers are very talented and they really deserve to get paid and earn a living, but we just didn’t have any money spare).

  • SHE’S ONE OF MY BRIDESMAIDS!!!!!! But her buddy is my photographer. Daniel Powell.

  • Wonderful idea! Mr. Jones and I will be getting married in the Bay Area so I will be putting Emily on my list of potential photographers.

  • Add me to this category as well! I’m in Sacramento, CA. I’d love to meet some practical brides. I am getting married in August and –love– this blog.


  • Me too (getting married in August, that is). I’m in Mountain View and photography is the one thing I actually really care about, wedding-wise. But for some reason her page isn’t completely loading… Emily, for the record, I love what I see so far, can we talk?

  • Hi Tristen (and everyone else as well). Thanks for the interest! I know my site isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer (grrr) but works well in Firefox and Safari. If all else fails, email me at emilytakesphotos@gmail.com and I’ll bring you some photos to look at!