Sponsor Introduction: Bario-Neal Jewelry

I’m thrilled, as a lover of artisan made jewelry, to introduce APW’s newest sponsor: Bario-Neal Jewelry, maker of alternative wedding rigs. There work fits my sensibility perfectly: quirky, simple, creative, and unabashedly beautiful.

It all started with my indie ring roundup, where I featured Bario-Neal’s Knottedrush ring, which a reader had as her engagement ring. I adore this ring, it’s sweet and simple, but has the subtle nod to tying the knot which I find irresistible. And, the kicker is, it’s an affordable engagement ring. I’m going to have to restrain myself from showing you every single darn wedding and engagement ring that they have, but here is a start. The rough cut diamond ring. It’s stunning, and I love the symbolism of a beautiful and imperfect engagement ring.
Then we have the teeny tiny diamond ring, which makes the point that diamonds can be small, and you can still have the most gorgeous engagement ring in the world.Then we have the wedding bands. For those of you who are looking for interesting and affordable wedding bands, oh my god, you just hit the jackpot:And finally, they do custom work. They often will make a ring in the design of a family ring, or design a new setting for a family diamond. But they don’t stop there. Check out this wedding ring made with the bullet casing from military salute at the bride’s grandfather’s funeral:It’s this amazing combination of tough and emotional which slays me.

And one last kicker: these are environmentally conscious and socially responsible wedding and engagement rings. They are handmade in Philadelphia with reclaimed metals and ethically sourced stones, and they give a portion of their profit to fantastic charities.

Really, I could show you pictures of their rings all day, so maybe you should just go shop. Even if your not getting married, go look, because I could buy up half the jewelry in their store, and I’m already wearing my wedding ring. Enjoy!

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  • thanks for the info! i've been looking for an environmentally/ethically responsible company that works with palladium! yay!

  • The knottedrush ring is my wedding ring and I have gotten so many compliments on it :)


  • sarah perlis made my rings. her jewerly is small and sweet as well as environmentally/ethically responsible.

  • Hooray! They make their jewelry in Philadelphia!