Sponsor Introduction: Harber Photography

I have two requirements for wedding photographers, and both of them are equally important to me. Number one, I would like them to be a artist. Not just a person with a camera that has memorized all of the trendy wedding shots they are supposed to get, but an artist. Number two, I would like them to be a person I would like to get a drink with them, the kind of person that I would have invited to my wedding in the first place. What can I say? I have high standards.

With that introduction, I have to say that I’m thrilled (and a little mind boggled) to introduce APW’s newest sponsor, Gabriel Harber Photography. This is the weird thing: the powerhouse behind Harber Photography is Gabriel Harber, who I’ve actually known since the late 90’s, had been out of touch with for years, and who emailed me about becoming a APW sponsor out of the blue (I know? Right? The internets are strange like that.)So, here is the deal. Gabriel fits my wedding photographer requirements to a T. First of all, I have actually had drinks with him. He’s a very enjoyable person to have a drink with, and I can say with certainty that you would very much like having him at your wedding. Second, he’s an exceptional artist. Back around the turn of the millennium, when we knew each other, he was doing fine art photography and it was *good.* Like, I’m effing picky and I wanted it on my walls good. Like, ‘are you kidding me, I can hire him to shoot my wedding?’ good. And his wedding photography, well, it speaks for it’s self, no? Honest. Clear. Beautiful.Oh, and one more thing. He’s the kind of person that you could tell, “Oh yes, I’m wearing a corset to my wedding and riding a unicycle down the aisle while I juggle fire,” and he wouldn’t even blink. So I don’t think he’s going to be bugging you about how *everyone* does such-and-such kind of pictures, and you don’t want to *regret* not doing them.So go hire him already, Northern California brides. Done and done.
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  • My sister hired him for her wedding. In fact, that's her in the 3rd picture. He was everywhere, getting pictures of all the good stuff. He fit right in with the fun vibe of the day.

    And the pictures are AMAZING! I highly recommend hiring him, and my sister does too. :)