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*This* Wedding Blog Likes Old School Hip Hop (and Prince)

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Practical My Ass! from Michael Antonia on Vimeo.

First of all. It’s been a long week here, and frankly I decided we all deserved a treat. So today I’m bringing you a DJ mix that The Flashdance made for APW ages ago, and I’ve had in my back pocket for far to long. Now you must listen to it, no joke. Because I’m sitting next to David on the couch right now, and I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything he enjoyed this much. There were a few muttered, “awesomes,” that only get said about the good stuff, and now Isweartogod he is watching Journey videos, and giggling like a child. But I digress.

Anyway. Michael wrote a little intro to this video about how, “Hiring The Flashdance is anything but practical, blah blah blah” but I disagree. Basically, my style is to totally eliminate things I don’t care about, buy a few other things on super sale, and then totally splurge on one thing I think is amazing. Example: when people ask me how many purses I have, I look at them like they are out of their mind, and say, “Uh. ONE.” but let me tell you, that one purse I have? It’s a work of art. No. Joke.

So what I’m saying is The Flashdance is like my purse. And also, Michael? Bite me. Because you’re totally wrong.

Once you’ve rocked out, it’s-Friday-style to the video, then go over to The Flashdance and listen to the long mix. And then download it, and play it at your wedding, or in your car.

You’re welcome.

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  • theflashdance


  • Amy

    OMG- THIS bride loves old school hip hop and ESPECIALLY prince… coming up the Seattle way next July? :-) Lol… thanks for making my Thursday evening- and turning my living room into dance party USA.

  • sam


  • Heather

    That. Was. Awesome.

  • Kimberly

    Oh MAN that was fun!

  • lauren

    now, what was that you'd been saying a few months ago about not being able to dance to eighties music? ;)

  • Emily

    so fun!

  • Meg

    Dude. I can't dance to 80's music. No.

  • Meg

    Hip hop! Funk! R&B;! Maybe some standards! Swing! Dolly Parton! Anything you can do a line dance to!

    Anything you can *get down* to.


  • lauren

    meg, this is an eighties mix, is the thing. and it's glorious. you're a capulet all up in the montagues' business; don't fight it.

    pop music in the eighties was all about dance: it's no coincidence that toni basil, one of the biggest one-hit wonders of 'em all, was/is primarily a choreographer.

  • jamie


    i try to refrain from starting sentences with this, but

    if we were getting married again [you know, but for the first time to each other blah blah blah] i would hire michael.

    michael, you made your big pr debut when i was on a bloggig hiatus, so idk you. but, i'm won over.

    meg, i love one good purse, too.

  • Evelyn

    FTW! Best. Friday. Ever. You effing ROCK. If you didn't live so far away, you'd be my new BFF.

    @ Amy — Dance Party USA in the living room is my fave-o past-time!

    Man…I really love your readers. Coolest people on the planet.

  • jamie

    aaaaaah! dolly.

    there was a good bio on her on tv the other day.

  • Meg

    @ Lauren
    Have you listend to the long mix? That's what I'm referring to. It's mostly old school hip hop (technically some of it perhaps '80s, though not what people normally mean when they say '80s music? Lost of early 90s though, looovvveee it) and a lot of soul and funk and 70s stuff, some Dolly. And yesssss… some '80s music. Some. But not at an '80s mix :)

    It's a GOOD 40 min mix kids. You must go listen. SERIOUSLY.

  • Meg

    You've got me nailed, girlie. Huge wedding story involving that song, thanks to some Flashdance inspiration. More to come on that. It needs pictures.

  • Meg

    @ Lauren
    Though I do love me some Vouge. So I see your point.

  • A Los Angeles Love

    After we both rocked out to this last night, I went and checked the budget excel again, just to see if maybe, possibly, somehow we can afford the Flashdance. It would be so worth it. We could point guests to this video and no one would question our Sunday afternoon dance party idea ever again.

  • katie hat

    and THAT is why we had to have michael for our wedding. rocking out to his mixes in the mean time and can't wait to dance the night away in april!

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Sweet Dreams!! I effing LOVE Sweet Dreams! This has so cheered up my morning.

    Oh, and your purse IS very nice. VERY.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Dolly Parton! 9 to 5 is SO very Meg. Perfect!

  • Rachel

    Flashdance totally saved my a$$ this week! our dj friend backed out on us at the last minute, and i was struggling with the "what if people don't want to listen to OUR albums all night?"
    seriously happy sunday morning undie-clad dance party!
    problem solved. yet again, thanks to apw. :-D

  • Maui Weddings

    That was awesome & so cute.

  • Vanessa

    I know you posted this a while ago but I found your blog last week while having a planning meltdown and now I am just devouring your archive because it is helping SO much. Big week. This post helps, Awesome mix.

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  • Tom Ellis – Seattle Wedding Photography

    That is outstanding! Awesome mix, and a fun video to watch.

  • DJ Equipment for Beginners

    Old school hip hop is the best because no matter what, people always get down for it!

  • wedding

    Old School version of a wedding is very awesome. back to the old times, more funky music which could motivate the guest to dance and grove it all the way to the dance floor. And this wedding will be the joyous one cause everybody is dancing to the bit.

  • dj equipment for beginners

    This is great, old school wedding songs are great but I think djs now days have great beats that can get everyone in the dance floor. some of the newer wedding songs are very much capable of having your guesses grooving in no time. In the end, none of it makes any difference as long as everyone has a good time.