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How To: DIY Your Own Wedding Flowers

by Meg Keene, Editor-In-Chief

Yellow and orange wedding bouquet held by bride

First of all, let me be clear. As far as I’m concerned there are two ways to do your own wedding flowers. The first option is to do your own bouquets, and skip the rest. The second is to do your own bouquets and all your own arrangements. These are two totally different projects. While flower arranging is never scary, bouquets are a pretty easy project. Heck, you can pick up the flowers at Trader Joe’s and be done with it. If you’re taking this option, please don’t listen to all the, “You can’t, you can’t, bouquets are HARD you’ll be too STRESSED” nonsense. They are not hard and you will not be stressed.

If, like me, you are taking on the whole kit-and-caboodle, that is another thing all together. Not a scary thing, but a big thing. For our wedding we made 5 bouquets, 50ish small centerpieces, 6 bigger square centerpieces, 6 tall centerpieces, and an ENORMOUS arrangement in a bucket. So if you’re counting at home, we did about 70 pieces. And it was fine. In fact, most of the time it was pretty fun. But if you are taking this on, it should be one of your *few* big wedding projects. There are some who are stronger than me who can do their own flowers and self cater at the same time without breaking a sweat, but I wouldn’t recommend that to us mere mortals.

So, without further ado, here are my best flower decorating tips, for those of you going whole-hog:

  • Don’t be scared. They are flowers for God’s sake. They are pretty, and fun.
  • Do a dry run. Seriously: Do. A. Dry. Run. I made my bouquet in about 10 minutes sitting in the corner of the patio, while people yelled that I was late for the picnic, and one of my dearest bridesmaids held the front line, and told everyone to take a hike. The reason I was fine is I’d done a dry run, and I was really comfortable with what I was doing. If I hadn’t… well… it might not have been pretty.
  • Think through what supplies you’ll need, and order them in advance. Your dry run will help you figure this out. I will however, give you some quick tips: floral tape, floral scissors, pins, floral foam, vases. Enough for a group of people (but we’ll get to that).
  • Along those lines, if you are transporting your arrangements, I really really suggest that you use floral foam. It makes them pretty snug, and if they fall over in transport, you’ll be fine. If you are using floral foam, you’ll want to think about opaque vases. That’s why we used metal vases, though they were also pretty stylish.
  • Do your flowers the day before. This is not a joke. You cannot do your flowers on your wedding day, if you would like your sanity intact.
  • Stop worrying about refrigeration. You’re not going to be able to refrigerate everything, and that’s FINE. Put your arrangements in a cool shady place (and water them. but you’re not dull, right?) and stick your bouquets in water in a fridge. Done. Also, hot tip: boutonnieres, should you choose to use them (We did not. David muttered things about it not being a f*cking prom already, and that was the end of that) can’t be done the day before, because they will die. Thems the breaks.
  • Pick a few super decisive people to go with you to the flower mart. Or if you’re chill like that, send a few decisive people to the flower mart without you. I was planning to go with my Mom, but that didn’t work out, so I literally TORE through the enormous San Francisco Flower Mart with stage manager Kate and David. TORE. We just pointed and grabbed. We over-bought a bit (better than under) but what we got was fantastic and more to the point was speedy.
  • You need helpers. You CANNOT do this with out a team. It’s DIT all the way. That said, pick your helpers carefully. We threw a flower decorating lunch and invited the female wedding party and female relations. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have called it lunch, and there would have only been worker bees. I was in production mind (when my immediate family sees this glint in my eye they skedaddle) and I was just “Go, go, go.” Calm? Yes. Speedy? Yes. Focused? Yes. Friendly but firm? Also yes.. My girlfriends saw what was going up and kicked in gear, hard and fast. The more distant relations we’d invited for lunch were slightly… scared… I think. I’m not sure they expected to work that hard, and honestly, we probably were not fair to them, not giving them a heads up.
  • Set up a sample or two, and let people copy that. Your helpers may not know as much about flowers as you (now) do, and they are going to obsess about getting it right. In retrospect, I probably should have given more guidance to the poor ladies on their bouquets because they were *stressed*, but we made it work.
  • Set up quality control. If you have a lot of hands working, and you’re attached to the output, have someone with a trusted eye covertly tweaking things.
  • Make sure you have transport, if you can’t set up at the site. Flowers take up quite a bit of space. We rented a Ryder van for the weekend, and Kate-the-stage-manager-of-magic drove it. I owe her.
  • Remember cleanup. There will be lots of cleanup. Have brooms.
  • And finally, realize that doing your own flowers isn’t cheap, it’s just cheaper. Once we bought all our flowers and supplies, we spent about $700, of which $500ish was for flowers (we could have spent a little less, but hindsight is 20-20) and $200ish was for supplies (mostly vases). It sounds like a lot, but in San Francisco, it often costs that much *just* for bouquets (I knnnnnooooowww). And we had flowers piled to the ceilings, which is just what we wanted, and never could have afforded otherwise. And besides, we now have the worlds most stylish vases, which I use at least once a week. You can do it for less, but keep in mind that flowers ain’t free, unless you grow them.

So how did our flowers turn out? Well, it wasn’t stress free, I’m not going to lie to you. But we loved them. I also had a much more personal relationship with our flowers than I would have otherwise. We used Dahlias, and I’ll probably get a little weepy forever when I see Dahlias like the one’s we used. Plus, my bouquet felt like me. And I was rough with it, and comfortable with it in a way I wouldn’t have been if I’d paid good money for it.DIY wedding centerpiecesOh. And did I mention? I spent a year dreaming of having bouquets filled with pink star jasmine, which is the smell of the bay area in the summer. But I knew you couldn’t buy it, and I’d resigned myself to not having any. Well, when we showed up at the flower mart, we found a bush sized pile of jasmine, for just $10. My bouquet looked wild and smelled like heaven.

Top photos by Kate! Wedding Stage Manager! Last two photos by One Love Photo, of course

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. Her first book, A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration, was published in January 2012, and has been a top three bestseller on the wedding bookshelf ever since. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and son. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit

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  • kahlia

    Dude, you rock. Thanks!

    (Don't know yet whether we'll arrange our own cut flowers or plant them in little pots, but I'm saving this post just in case!)

  • The Maiden Metallurgist

    My mom, my MIL and I did the flowers ofr our wedding. It wasn't stressful (but we had a smaller wedding), actually it was a great distraction for my mom and MIL. It kept them busy day of so they couldn't dither about.

  • Julia

    I'm glad you got your star jasmine!

    We DITed our flowers too, and I found it to be a crazy-stressful experience, though I'm really glad we did it.
    We got married on a Saturday and Friday morning a girlfriend and I headed out into the rain to pick all of our flowers.

    Yes, we picked them.

    Every single flower at my wedding (twelve centerpieces of two mason jars and two bud vases each and three bouquets) was hand cut by either me or my girlfriend who I've now decided to name my firstborn after.

    My sister and now-husband helped us assemble and transport everything to the hall. It was an all day affair and we barely pulled it off.

    But the whole thing set us back about $75 ($40 for flowers, $20 for supplies– floral tape, ribbon, and corsage pins– and $15 or so for thrifted jars and vases). This is in eastern Massachusetts, so while we're not Bay Area expensive, things cost a pretty penny. Can't beat that!

    My flowers were beyond beautiful in a haphazard, carefree way. And I'll always be so proud of the effort that I and some of the best people in my life put towards those silly things.

    We didn't do much DIY in our wedding, as we're neither creative nor crafty, and the flowers were our one big effort on that front. It was stressful, sure, but it also felt like one giant love-fest.

  • Oralea

    Great post… thanks for sharing your experience! I am definitely thinking of doing our own flowers (Portland, OR prices…) and you provided a lot of food for thought here. I've shared it with my bridesmaids to see if we're all up for the fun/challenge!

  • Amy

    I absolutely love DIT week! These tips are wonderful! I'm printing them out and adding them to my wedding notebook. Thanks, Meg!

    I <3 Team Practical

  • faith

    Ahhhh! I love your flowers exceedingly! How beautiful and gorgeous, and what a serendipitous last-minute find of jasmine. How lovely and amazing!

    I had armfuls of dahlias too, so this takes me back to my wedding a year ago; we did a "brunch" i.e. chain gang flower arranging party too. Haha.

    I still love dahlias; I put several heirloom varieties in the garden this year and they remind so much of the wedding.

    Fabulous fabulous look to everything — thanks so much for sharing it all!

  • Bookbag

    I loved DIT-ing our flowers. It was easy and fun and they came out gorgeous. That, and it was so lovely to have a basement filled with beautiful blooms so that I could literally stop and smell the roses the days before and of the wedding.

  • Anonymous

    I can't find a flower market in my area (Southern Ontario), where I can buy wholesale flowers. Otherwise I'd totally be doing this. I love the idea of growing your own flowers too, and if I had a backyard I would be all over that!

  • Emmalinda

    We did our own flowers, too. We drove up to a farm and picked out our flowers growing in the ground (local flowers were v. important to me)–possibly my favorite wedding chore.

    I was originally planning on taking charge on flowers, but it began to stress me out and a friend volunteered to be in charge. We borrowed vases from my parents' church for the centerpieces (we did 25 small ones), she made 3 large arrangements, and I made my bouquet. My mother in law also purchased flowers for the rehearsal dinner, which we reused. Our flower total was $69.00! Ridiculous. I didn't use floral tape or wire on my bouquet, just rubber bands and ribbon. We just asked folks to show up and help w/flowers if they wanted, and I think they had a great time.

    Thanks for demystifying doing your own flowers. I kept reading wedding blogs and hearing, "Oh, making a bouquet is so difficult! Pay to have it made professionally! In my head I thought it couldn't possibly be that hard. And you know what? I made my bouquet w/o ever doing a test run and I loved it.

  • Emily

    I took a wedding flowers class at a local community college and the take-home message after 4 weeks of funny class creations was: Flowers are not that tough. Stop being intimidated and just put them together so they look pretty. Guidelines like odd numbers looking better than evens are helpful, too, but really I spent $100 on a class that taught me what this post says :)

  • DITWeddingFlowers

    We also did our own flowers for the wedding…12 centerpieces, 3 bouquets, 3 bouts, little arrangements for the ceremony. We had garden roses, dutch tulips, regular roses, orchids, jasmine, ivy, eucalpytus, gorgeous lavendar-green hydrangea…and all kinds of other cool fuzzy looking blossoms. It was about $700 total (including vases) from the NYC flower market. Would have maybe paid 5x that for the same flowers if a florist had done them. I had about 10 girlfriends help me strip the flowers down and then my sister and I did the arrangements. The only tips I can add to this are: 1) talk to someone at the flower market — they have lots of experience and can help you with quantity (we ended up having lots of leftover eucalpytus, but everything else came out exactly right); 2) get different greenery (very important for filling in on the cheap) — we had geranium leaves in the bouquets, which were soft and smelled amazing; 3) get big plastic bins or boxes for transport (we used paper, and it was kind of a mess when the water spilled in our friend's car); 4) if you have unconventional vases or flower containers with big openings, it's sometimes useful to make a triangle out of scotch tape over the mouth of the container — this makes the space you have to fill with flowers smaller and more manageable, and you can fill in with greenery on the side; 5) don't be afraid of bargaining even if you are buying wholesale, prices are just prices; 6) sometimes order in advance (like two weeks) can save you some sanity, because things get so busy around the time of the wedding that it's nice to have this out of the way. One of my favorite memories of my wedding is doing the flower arranging with my sister. She made my bouquet and it was the most beautiful one I'd ever seen.

    • Jessica


      Future bride here who also lives in nyc, and i was wondering what wholesale place you went to? I’m researching and cam across your comment! Would love to know! and thanks for the heads up! will def. take your advice when I do my flowers..


      • Kat

        I am a floral designer in the NYC area- Go to the 28th street markets. Not all will accommodate someone retail, but for the most part, there is no better place to go.

        That being said, and maybe this comes from innate perfectionism, and training, doing my best friends flowers for her wedding, buying everything wholesale, and mostly doing just candles/petals for centerpieces, we still spent roughly $500 and I worked from 6 am until midnight to have everything done, arrived at the hotel to stay up with the bride for another 3 hours, and woke up that morning at 6 to make her bouquet in time to shower and be ready to make it to our 8 am hair appt (fresh tulips grow an average of an inch overnight, so if you want smooth pave styled bouquet, that poses a minor logistical issue for day before assembly).

        Working as a high end floral designer, I have learned what it takes to put together weddings, and it is usually a significant number of manhours. If your venue has a tight load in load out schedule (most places near NYC) it would be worth having someone you don’t need to look pretty that day, to be involved in setting up the room.

        I haven’t picked my venue yet, but, I honestly will not do my own flowers even though I have the connections and the training, and the tight budget, the DIY on almost anything else (e.g. I’m making my dress) and a sort of expectation that I would…

        It really depends on the look though. Also, potted orchid plants (trader joes sometimes has them for $20 or less) or other plants can be awesome centerpieces with a little moss/attention to planting, and will save a lot over the average centerpiece. Also can double as a nice favor.

        Also- Sidenote. Boutonnieres can be made the day before and refrigerated if you use long lasting flowers, like spray roses, wax flower, callas, some orchids (but not phaleonopsis) lisianthus, billy balls, (most textural stuff) certain berries, etc. Make sure you wire the flowers though!

  • Rachel

    You are saving my life right now. Ok, that's dramatic. But my fiance and I have been brainstorming ways to cut costs for our DC wedding next September and doing our own flowers and using an ipod (yesterday's post) were so timely. Everytime I bring up having my girls do flowers with me the day before the wedding, people's eyes seriously bulge and then they tell me I am nuts. It's good to know that you did it, which I think means that I can do it, too. So thanks for the positive reinforcement!

  • Christy

    We did our own flowers too. 1 big arrangement to cover an old capped well at our wedding site, 12 centerpieces consisting of 3 vases each, 4 bouquets, 3 boutonnieres and a handful of corsages.

    We bought our flowers at Costco the morning before and my aunt oversaw the whole thing. We actually did flowers and produce at the same time. All the available ladies in my family and wedding party went to my aunt's house and took up stations: flower arranging, washing lettuce, tearing lettuce, cutting fruit, etc.

    We actually did the same thing for both of my brothers' weddings. We're a DIT kind of family and I love it.

    Our vases cost maybe $15 because we used bud vases and jelly jars that we already owned, and bought a handful of dollar vases at a craft store. We didn't use foam, we just packed the flowers vases tightly together in coolers.

  • Rianna

    This is the post I've been waiting for! I live in the Bay Area but am having my wedding in Toronto Ontario, and I've been quoted prices for floral that have nearly caused me minor heart attacks ($50.00 for three calla lilies? Really?). So my husband-to-be and I are looking into DIT flowers. Thanks for all the tips :)

  • qasiaraine

    Definitely do a test run before you decide to do your own flowers! It obviously can be done (your flowers are great Meg!!) and it really truly doesn't seem like it should be impossible…but I tried…multiple times…and never came out with anything decent. And I'm crafty…I made pretty much everything else for the wedding…but flower arranging apparently is not a talent I have.

    So I definitely say go for it…but do a test run to make sure you're not like me! :)

  • Anonymous

    I love this post. I was already intending to do my own flowers. I think you have blogged about, and I also like for ideas and pictures of the flowers- these give me an idea of which flowers come in which colors.

    Do you happen to have any pictures of your bouquet, or your bridesmaids bouquets? I'd love to see how beautifully they all turned out!

  • Al

    It just dawned on my yesterday that dahlias would make the perfect bridesmaid bouquets for our wedding next October…but I still felt uncertain about DIT-ing it, despite the huge savings… I'm thinking now it won't be a problem!! Especially because we're getting married out of state and probably more than half our guests will be in town the night before…captive audience, heh heh heh. Thanks for the great advice!

  • Marie-Ève

    Amazing! They turned out wonderful. Love the dahlias, they're among my favorite.

    Love the star jasmine story. I love lilacs, but thought we wouldn't get married in the right week. Well, the white lilac tree on my front yard suddenly got covered in wonderfully fragrant blooms two days before. So, needless to say, even if it had not been planned in my DIY flowers, lilac it was.

    Since I've now done the flowers of all my relatives, friends, and then mine (and now that everyone is married), I started taking contracts for wedding flowers. Loved it so much I thought it could be a fun sideline…

  • Erika

    Your flowers turned out great, Meg. I love dahlias. That is excellent advice about not doing DIT flowers on the wedding day itself…yeah, that was me at 6:30am on my wedding day. Not our best idea. But, one of my favorite memories from the day is watching my soon-to-be-husband make my bouquet.

  • Emily Takes Photos

    Thanks for the tips, a very helpful post. Did you find dahlias difficult to work with? I've heard they can be flimsy and fragile, though I haven't done a dry run yet.

  • Meg

    Dahlia's are super tough as long as they are in water. They fade really quickly out of water though. Out of water = sad in three hours, In water = fresh for five days.

    And no, they're definitly not fragile to work with.

    Anon #1-
    You can get flowers shipped to you if you don't have a local flower mart (and flower marts do tend to be big city things).


  • Elissa

    Lucky you! Star jasmine is a flower of dreams. Thanks for the DIT tips.

  • Sadie

    Thanks so much Meg for this super-informative post.

    I really want to do our flowers DIT. It sounds like such a fun way to spend some time with the ladies in my life before the wedding. Also, I don't trust a florist. I think they will make them look too styled.

    Only one aspect of DIT flowers is hurting my brain: how do I get them to the wedding venue intact? My dad has a pickup truck to transport them in, but how do we keep the flowers from spilling over or crushing each other? We want to use glass vases and no floral foam. Does anyone who has done their own flowers this way have tips for getting them to the venue?

  • DITWeddingFlowers

    Hi Sadie,
    I think any kind of low rectangular plastic bin would work. We packed lots of loose newspaper/bent cardboard/etc. around the vases so they wouldn't shift too much or tip over. There was some spillage, but we had it packed into cabs and cars and driven throughout NYC traffic. Just make sure someone checks the flowers and refills water once they arrive. Oh, another tip we got was to put an ice cube in occasionally. Maybe it won't matter for fall weddings but in the heat of summer it helps the flowers last longer if you want to do them before.

  • an aqua juel

    you're my hero.

  • Fatale Femme

    I was a florist and did my own flowers, and though they're not hard, flowers take a lot of time, so I definitely don't think they're for everyone. P.s.- You can totally do bouts and corsages ahead of time, just keep them refrigerated-I've never done them the day of!

    They definitely can be cheap though, we just spent $150 wholesale and five hours (just me) working on flowers for my sister's weekend last weekend and this is what we ended up with: Her bouquet, a bridesmaid and toss bouquet, 2 bouts and 2 corsages and 8 table arrangements.

  • Krista – BecomingMrsDial

    I'm doing my own flowers, so this info is GREAT. Thanks for sharing!

  • nina@mount pleasant wedding

    You are a godsend!! I had already decided to do my own flowers, but was only going to do my bouquet and my sister's bouquet. I'm planning on planting herbs for the centre pieces, but I may do some very casual flower centrepieces too. I have my mom collecting jars just in case! And I may be crazy but we're doing the food ourselves too!! Its almost a year away, so I'll let you know if I go completely around the bend!

  • Jill Griffiths

    It's not for people who have a particular thing in mind, but I went to the farmer's market in town the morning of the wedding with a few close girlfriends. We spent about an hour and less than $100.

    We found lovely wildflower bouquets that were perfect for myself and 3 bridesmaids to carry already arranged (we just tied on some ribbon and they looked great).

    For the table centerpieces I had mason jars, we just got dahlias and put a few stems in each (one bunch of the dahlias was a hybrid the flower seller had created for his wife, awww).

    We got simple flowers that my mom and an aunt turned into corsages and boutonnieres that afternoon.

    Lastly we bought about 3 large arrangements to place in vases around the hall.

    So, if you're not too particular, you don't really have to actually do much to do your own flowers, and they can still turn out beautiful.

    Hope that helps!

  • future.mrs.m

    Thank you for this post and everyone's comments!! I am encouraged :)
    It's great to hear from people that have been there, done that.

    I am also growing my flowers and also using some from my FMIL's already established (and gorgeous) perennial garden! Also self-catering.
    Also doing invitations.. am I nuts?

  • penn

    I never did wedding flowers, but I did do funeral flowers once. The new widow brought a ton of flowers from her garden, and we arranged them in any sort of recycled glass jar we could find (we helpers were all instructed to bring jars. the baby food jars were particularly awesome). At the venue, we arranged the flowers ahead of time. It took perhaps 30 minutes for 4 or 5 of us to do enough for 10-12 tables. We were a bit cheater tho — since all we had to do was carry them to tables, we didn't need any floral tapes or foam or anything. Just water. It looked really lovely.

  • Audrey

    Just happened across this while browsing archives this morning – I’m going to the Flower Market on Friday for my wedding (with a friend or two!). Didn’t realize you had done this too, yay! Gives me courage.

    (and I’m only doing bouquets & hopefully bouts)

  • Lynsey

    Loved this post! I’m also in the Bay Area, having a small wedding and probably only my bouquet and maybe few bouts to worry about. It’s a DIY thing fo rme, although I’m sure I could get a few members of my family to help since we’re having an at home reception. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Ros

    I’m planning to buy flowers at a local flower farm on Friday AM for a Sunday afternoon wedding (indoors in Washington, DC in August.) Feasible to make the arrangements/bouquets on Friday & transport them Saturday afternoon to be used Sunday? Or is this too far ahead of time? Thanks!

  • bria leeann

    This post helped give me the courage to be my own florist for my wedding. The outcome was great…maybe even amazing!

    Not because i turned out to be a floral enigma, rather it created a whole new depth to our blooms. a few of my gals and i sat outside and had a swell time gathering our boquets. My new 10 year old niece helped us and just seeing her delight in being a “wedding assistant” was reason enough and really helped us feel like a family (she lovingly reffered to me as her “brand new cousin” for the rest of the weekend) Plus everytime i see a picture of my boquet i feel a flash of pride i dont imagine i would have if i had just pointed to a catalog picture.

    we skipped bout’s too…my hub was skeptical at first but when i threw down “this isnt a PROM afterall” he saw the light…so thanks David.

    we cheated on centerpieces and planted them about a week before hand. set it and forget it. They turned out great and are still living on my front porch…

  • Analise

    APW just saved my cookies!!
    I was asked last-minute to do the flowers for a friend’s wedding (in 5 days) and, though enthusiastic, don’t know the first thing about ‘professional’ arrangments or bouquets. This is the most concise, comprehensive, and calm-inducing tutorial I found — and the interwebs are big, friends. THANK YOU Meg!

  • kelly

    wanted to give two more sites with the best prices I’ve found

    both have good bulk prices and free shipping over certain amounts. I’ll be using both!

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  • Rimmy

    Are there anyboday who can send me videos to teach me how to DIY flowers. I will appriciate! I want my flower be unique. I love the third picture of flowers. I may refer to make my own wedding flower.

  • Anna

    We did our own flowers & it was really straightforward.

    Caveat; we aimed for casual cottage-y posies so it wasn’t hard to stick them in the container, might have been more complicated had we had more of a vision. We picked out the flowers that were cheap & could be all mixed together.

    We spent £200 on flowers4florists website, which is the minimum spend, & put had spent about 6 months collecting jamjars, bottles (a particular wine bottle – Paul Mason I think – which was cheap & drinkable from our local offlicence had fab bottles) & tin cans (in the end we didn’t use them) for containers. We bought floral foam (far too much) for about £20.

    The day before the wedding us, my parents, my mother in law, & 2 friends stuck them all in place. Done.

  • mona

    hey meg,

    thank you, i love this post and i love your style :)

    i realize this is now years later, but if you don’t mind telling me how you constructed those cute little tin pot arrangements (did you use foam? etc) i’d really appreciate it!

    also, if you or any of the other readers out there have advice about where to get little tin pots like that in bulk/on the cheap…or tips for collecting cute bottles/cans for making simple arrangements that would be very helpful.


  • Erin

    Can anyone estimate about how long this takes on average? I am loving this idea but don’t really want to have to get up at 6am the day of the rehearsal dinner, but still want to have time to get a manicure afterwards! ;)

    • Kathi

      I would plan for about 15 to 20 minutes for the bouts. It probably won’t take that long but that’ll give you an estimate for time management & planning. They can easily be made the day before & keep well in the frig. The rest will take a bit longer depending on what you choose. For an estimate, plan 40 min per item for larger pieces.

  • India flower delivery

    You may already know flowers are perfect for most occasions, if you be on a single; just tell your preferred flower distribution company and it’ll send your Flowers by mail to the person you care about, whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, mother, friend…etc.

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  • carol alberti

    You’ve given me, a M.O.B., hope for my duaghter’s wedding next May!

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  • jessica

    hello my name is jessica at first i had no idea what to do for centerpieces for my wedding but thank goodness i found your website i have a wonderful idea now of what to do for my wedding thanks

  • Kelsey

    I used for my DIT wedding flowers! I do not have a flower market near me and I found Blooms here so I decided to go for it! I saved myself over $1,000 dollars and my bridesmaids and I had some seriously proud moments because everyone was complimenting us on the flowers! It was fun and creative! Some suggstions I have are 1. Strip all the flowers the day before you make arrangements, this saves a whole lot of time during arranging and allows you to knock out the flowers in 2 smaller blocks of time instead of one. 2. PLAN FOR TRANSPORATION, if you have to put arrangements in your care get ready to use boxes! 3. Take pictures – they will be proof to your guests you did the flowers!

    AWESOME post! I love and they had the best customer service and talked me through the whole process! Call them if you want a free how to consultation, that’s how I decided to go with them.

    Have fun everyone!

  • Kathy Donchak

    This is a wonderful post for brides considering creating their own flowers. I completely agree with the fact that you have to have a team. Team meetings and mock-ups ahead of time will give you a really great sense of how your day will go.I also agree with the comment about refrigeration. Your flowers need time to bloom, so if you have a Saturday ceremony have them arrive Thursday and put them together on Friday morning. What a wonderfully informative blog!

  • Stephanie

    I will be doing flowers for my sister-in-law in July. Where can I get flower supplies and flowers? Were you able to purchase them from a wholesaler?

  • Stephanie

    I am just writing this comment so that I will be notified via e-mail if you respond (I forgot to do that the first time).

  • terry fitzpatrick

    How about tulips. should I insert a stick through the stem and will they keep over night? Plus a single tulip for the men. Do you suggest the green water holder covered of course. Thanks I am the mother of the groom.

    • Chris

      don’t use a stick…use Corsage wire and wrap the stem…this is a fairly technical process. Although we always encourage DIY floral designer brides, boutonnieres and corsages can be bought fairly cheaply and can be a nightmare for someone who is new to creating them

  • Jessica McCormick

    Wow I know I’m a little late on reading this but this article is JUST what I needed. Being a wedding planner myself and a DIY bride I found this most helpful- love your writing style and sarcastic undertones- was actually upset when this post was finished! haha Thanks so much for the input and I look forward to tackling this come September!!


  • Jennifer

    Where did you order your flowers from…online? direct wholesaler? that is the issue i am running into now, is finding a cheap place to order the flowers in bulk from.

  • deanna

    Im thinking about doing my own flowers but i would like to get them from a place that is about 7 hours away (driving) from the venue im using…would this work? how will i transport them?

    • Chris

      a lot depends on the flowers you chose and the time of year. Avoid transporting fresh flowers (especially the more delicate varieties) by car in the summer for more than a few hours. There are options however if you’re really determined – cool packs (ice wraps on the stems) and keeping them super hydrated may help you out. Good luck and email if you have any questions.

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  • Chris

    I’ve read this all with a smile on my face. As a floral designer and a advocate of DIY floral design for weddings, we encourage Brides to DIY (counter-intuitive to our core business – I know). The fact is, floral design isn’t rocket science and we’re always delighted to share what we do with people., especially our Brides. Another fact is that if a Floral Designer tries to push a Bride into expensive, extravagant floral displays, she will likely walk away anyway. This is the age of Google and Pinterest – if you are determined enough (and brave enough) you can do this yourself and Florists should encourage you to. This is why since 2009, we have been offering Bridal DIY parties in the Maryland area. Thursday and Friday nights are a-buzz with Bridal parties (yep, brides, bridesmaids, MoB’s, MoGs, even sometimes Grooms and Gromsmen) who are busy learning how to create their own flowers. After everyone leaves for the evening, the flowers get stored in our fridges and we deliver and set up on the morning of the wedding. Everyone is a winner, we get to meet some wonderful people, the flowers look great, the Brides are happy and they can all brag about how they did their own flowers (in a safe and stress free environment). I’d be happy to answer any questions…please feel free to email.

  • Emerald Isle

    Thanks for this great post. I am really considering DIT for all the floral arrangments at my ceremony and reception in February. Can you proide a break down of your plan of action for the day? The order of your work process? Thanks again!

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  • Ali

    Those flowers are ugly. DIY didn’t work for you very well.

    • aly

      Your attitude is ugly.

  • Bulk Roses

    Nice Article, where did you get the picture?….

  • Lecinda

    oh THANK YOU!!! This is exactly what I needed to read, practical no nonsense approach to DIT flower arranging!! Thank you!!

    • FlowerMoxie

      I was extremely impressed with her blog, being a florist. I’ve had a lot of my friends to DIY wedding flowers, so I created a DIY floral website that might help…. . I sell DIY floral kits that take the guess work out of it so you won’t be flyin’ blind the week of your wedding.

      Hope this helps! xox

  • ivegotjewels

    This website is so helpful, I can feel a considerable amount of stress leaving my shoulders!

    • FlowerMoxie

      I was extremely impressed with this post, being a florist. I’ve had a lot of my friends to DIY wedding flowers, so I created another DIY floral website that might help…. . I sell DIY floral kits that take the guess work out of it so you won’t be flyin’ blind the week of your wedding.

      Hope this helps! xox

  • Miachel (Spiced Curiosity)

    SO helpful. Thanks!

  • Shane Castane

    Flowers play an important roll in wedding decorations. We can add value in our wedding decoration with different flowers of different colors.

  • Ashlee Adams

    did you use floral foam as the base for the rectangle wooden boxes?

  • Amber Smith

    So many other websites and message boards scare me away from wanting to DIY my flowers, but I keep coming back to this to remind myself how doable it is. *breath out* Thanks for writing this!

  • Albert einstien

    constantly emailed this site post page to all my friends, because if prefer
    to read it then my all friends will too.

  • Megan

    You did amazing and on behalf of other brides that are incredible stressed regarding their task at hand— THANK YOU!!!

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  • thomas

    It’s been
    good to see your blog when I always look for such type of blogs. It’s great
    to discover the post here.

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