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It’s time to re-introduce you (as if you forgot) to long-long-long time APW sponsor MagnetStreet Weddings. I’m always thrilled to remind you about MagnetStreet, partially because they offer such simple no-stress cute save the date and invite options, but also because so *every* time I post about them, a bunch of you always pipe up to say that you’ve had such good experiences working with them. As far as I’m concerned, good customer service trumps is pretty much everything else in wedding shopping. Because right about now you want things to be simple.So! For those of you are wandering around the house muttering, “D*mn Save-the-dates, what the eff, why do I have to keep thinking about you, ack ack ack” under your breath (or am I the only one who started swearing at myself during wedding planning?) Anyway, just for you ladies, I’m reminding you of MagnetStreet’s cute Save The Date magnets.Because here is the deal: they are affordable, they are pretty dang cute, it will take you all of five minutes to order them, they come with envelopes, you get them quickly, you send them to your loved ones, and they go on the fridge…. FOREVER. Because as much as we all over-think the Save The Date thing (oh! I’ll include a tiny jar of sand from the beach that we’re getting married at!) what your relatives really want is a magnet with a picture of the two of you, so they can look at it and sigh and say, “She looks so happy,” and “What was the date again? Oh, right.”Oh! And they also do Save The Date postcards, for those of you who’ve decided to throw your resources at invitations, and keep the Save The Dates really simple (smart ladies)And then, of course, MagnetStreet Weddings does really lovely invitations. PAIN FREE invitations. Which is worth it, just for the painlessness, not to mention the cute painlessness! And finally, on October 31, they are doing a one day only 31% off sale (RAD!), you just need to used the code “WSALE31″ at checkout. So go look already!

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  • SG

    I got our Save the Date magnets from Magnet Street and everyone loved them. They were super easy and great quality.