Sponsored Post: Holly & Mark’s Wedding by Stonehouse Photo

Today, I’m thrilled to get to post about Hannah, the talented lady behind Stonehouse Photo, and long time APW reader and sponsor. More particularly I get to post a really wonderful simple (yup, I’m going to use this word and mean it) radiant wedding. But first I want to talk about how much I like Hannah. So. First off, Stonehouse Photo is located in Wisconsin. WISCONSIN! This is tremendously exciting to me, because it’s so rare that I get to offer amazing wedding elves to all of you practical couples in the Great Lakes area. Second of all, Hannah shot one of the all time coolest weddings I’ve ever run on this site, the amazing joyful, simple wedding on a frozen lake (yeah, if you haven’t checked out that brave couple, you must). And third of all, I just plain LIKE Hannah. She’s fun, grounded, and kind, and someone I’d like to have on my team on a wedding day. (And you know I wouldn’t say that unless I really meant it, right?)
But now, on to today’s wedding. Sometimes I feel like even the simple wedding blogs do you a disservice by focusing on the hip-hip-hip weddings. And today’s wedding is just simple and real and wonderful.The couple’s family and friends pitched in to make this wedding happen, baking cakes, growing flowers, doing the catering. There are a trillion things I love about the wedding, but mostly I love the literal glow on the brides face. It’s the same glow that I’ve seen on girlfriends at their weddings, and it is the best thing in the world.That, and the littles. The little girls dancing, sitting on the brides lap, laughing as they watch the kisses? That, my friends, is what love feels like. So now, a wedding full of joy and family in Bayfield Wisconsin. Get out your tissues.To Holly and Mark, I wish you many many happy years. I don’t need to wish you love and family, because it’s so clear that you are enormously blessed with both. So hold each other and your community close, and thank you for sharing your tremendous joy.

As for Stonehouse Photo, well, Hannah, Hannah, hooray Hannah! Non-coastal US couples, hie thee to Stonehouse Photo. And then send me some pictures and stories, yeah?

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  • Liz Woodworth

    I have been fortunate enough to see Hannah in action at weddings (I'm a musician) and you would never know she was there. She is invisible and not at all instrusive AND she gets that amazing shot. She's wonderful.

    Liz Woodworth
    Bayfield, WI

  • Leah Sugar

    Hannah is amazing! She shot our wedding in September and the photos turned out fantastic. She is fun, flexible and very talented.

  • HIP HIP horrrrraayyyyy for Hannah !!! she is One of the best I have seen !!!!

  • April

    Lovely photos – looks like a joyous time was had by all! Oh, can I borrow those adorable children? Such sweet faces!

  • All I can say is Holly & Mark are awesome – and THANK YOU for the kind words!!