Winners! Chi-Ling Wang Photography Giveaway

Winners! Chi Ling Wang Photography Giveaway | A Practical Wedding

You guyyyyyysssss. I get to do a giveaway today, which I love, but today is a tiny bit better, because Chi-Ling Wang Photography in Los Angeles decided to giveaway two free photo sessions instead of one, because she loves you guys. So! Read on, because the winners are going to make your day.

The first winner was the one exactlyed and cried over in the comments, and what can I say? It made me weepy too. So, our first winner is “Mariela’s Edward Ryan,” and of course Mariela herself. He said:

Hi Chi-Ling. My name is Edward Ryan and I’m writing this for my girlfriend Mariela. She’s a regular here on APW, and maybe almost a little bit obsessed with it. She mentioned this contest this afternoon and I know she’s not entering because she hasn’t won a contest since she was 12, and she’s convinced that she has terrible luck. The woman’s been hinting that she would love a couples photography session as a gift for her last 3 birthdays and the last 2 Christmas’, but it’s just not in the budget and I figured, what better way to show her that I love her than enter our story.

After reading all the stories above, it’s clear everyone has a love story worth rewarding, and I’m sure that ours is no different. I know that your task is a tough one, but feel joyful that whoever you pick will surely be undoubtedly deserving and grateful.

Mariela and I met about 10 days into our freshman year of college in San Francisco. The first night we met, we spent the entire night making a blanket fort (one of our favorite activities) in the community room in our dorm, sharing our life stories and secrets (looking back, she did most of the talking…she’s a little chatty…). I can’t think of a crazier and more opposite woman to have fallen in love with. I’m a self proclaimed nerd and she is this wonderfully girly, independent and outgoing woman. I find time to really ponder things and she is the most rash decision maker I’ve ever met (driving with her is certainly both dangerous and an adventure). I walk fast so as to get from point A to point B without hesitation, and she loves to stroll, I mean really take her time and observe the scenery as she walks. She is a fiery and passionate Latina and I am…not. We don’t make sense, but I can’t even begin to tell you how many ways my life is better because she’s been in it. Almost 4 years later, here we are, still the silliest couple I know and so in love. I’m one semester away from graduating and she has fearlessly made a complete 180 from her original idea to major in Business/Economics and moved back to LA to regroup and start anew. We’ve spent the last 7 months splitting weekends between our respective homes and (being honest) it’s been tough, but we know that luck and good fortune only come to those willing to work for it. As we’re looking ahead at the steps that are ours to take (engagement, marriage…growing up?) I think we’re both nervous, and anxious (maybe me more than her), but gosh are we excited…

I really wanted to enter into this contest because I love the woman, and she deserves to know that. We have, approximately, 20 pictures together after 4 years. Which is just absurd. And she’s been wanting this for a while… We’re not engaged yet so we wouldn’t qualify for an engagement session, and I don’t know if a “portrait” is what we want. When she mentioned this post today she talked about a picture with a little boy splashing around, and a picture that portrays as much joy and love as that shot, I don’t know that we could ever ask for more…

Mariela, I think the magic behind us is that even in the past 4 years we’ve changed and grown, but we’ve managed to grow closer together. We are young and have so much left to live, but I know that I can face everything life has yet to show me, because I have you by my side. Truthfully, I thank God every day to have found the love of my life so young.

TEARY, right? Phew. And our second winner is Mariana Preciado, who said:

An LA photographer who is affordable and takes beautiful photographs… I am a little overwhelmed with happiness :)

My partner Bob and I first met when I was being recruited to enroll in the Ph.D. program in social psychology at UCLA. I did enroll and now, 4 years later, Bob and I are both Ph.D. students in the program. I consider myself lucky for so many reasons, but the one stroke of luck for which I am so thankful is that Bob and I are able to share so much of our life together: we go into work together everyday, have lunch together everyday, and drive home from work together everyday. Additionally, our little dog Cooper, our child-equivalent and the subject of much adoration, also frequently comes into work with us. I can’t imagine not being able to see the two of them throughout the entire day. The fact that I am able to spend the entire day with the person (and dog) with whom I am wildly in love makes me one of the luckiest people around.

Winners? Email me and I’ll put you in touch with Chi-Ling. Happy Holidays you guys. And send us pictures.

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  • Allison

    OMG MARIELA!!! We became friends at the San Francisco book club and I am SO excited for her!!!

    • Emily

      Mariella is a doll! She so deserves this and I’m so happy she and Edward won!

    • mariela

      Oh my gosh you guys! This is the most exciting thing EVER! Thank you so much Meg/Chi-ling!! Holy cow, someone pinch me.


      • Chi-Ling

        Pinch. I am very excited too. I got your email from Lauren earlier this week. You should have received an email from me. Yippie!

  • Shotgun Shirley

    Awwwwwwwwwww…. YAY you guys!!

  • Nikki

    WOW. Just… WOW. That Edward is a keeper.

    • TinaMarie

      Can’t tell if this is sarcasm??? Care to clarify what’s so creepy about their love story?

      • JEM

        Keeper, not Creeper :)

        • TinaMarie

          Haha ok. See that’s what happens when you have a phone with a small screen and no zoom capability :/

        • Jenny- Adventures Along the Way

          “Keeper, not Creeper :)”

          Okay, that cracked me up…. :)

  • roughit

    Oh the tears. So happy for you two!

  • emilyrose

    okay, i just need to give an extra little shout-out to Chi-Ling…

    i commented on her giveaway post, not to enter the contest, just to congratulate her and wish her luck on her business and whatnot. and then she emailed me just now to offer a discount on a portrait session. just because i commented.

    and just because she is awesome. apparently.

  • chilingwang

    I am very excited. I cannot wait to meet and photograph the two winners and their partners.

    I (and all of my inner circle) very much enjoyed the love stories. Everyone who commented should have received an email from me with a thank you and a small gesture. Please excuse my poor copy editing. I am currently under the weather.

    And if you’re reading this Edward (of Mariela’s Edward), my boyfriend called me after reading your story, and was like, “you must read this comment right now.”

  • kahlia

    *sniff* APW & its elves are the best! Congrats to both winners, and what a great way to grow your business, Chi-Ling!

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