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Ashley & Minh

I never introduce Wordless Weddings, but today I am! This wedding was shot by my good girlfriend Jamie, one of the first friends I made through blogging (and one of APW’s first ever wedding graduates) and her partner Michelle, as part of their brand new collaboration Rad + In Love in Southern California. J, I’m so proud. —M

Ashley, Artist and Part-time Treasure Hunter & Minh, Student and Part-time Treasure Hunter * Photographer: Rad + In Love * Soundtrack for reading: “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys, or if you’re the crying type “Welcome Home” by Radical Face

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe of the wedding:  Come hungry, leave happy.

Rad + In Love (8)

Rad + In Love (7)

Rad + In Love (9)

Rad + In Love (11)

Rad + In Love (12)

Rad + In Love (13)

Rad + In Love (14)

Rad + In Love (15)

Rad + In Love (2)

Rad + In Love (16)

Rad + In Love (4)

Rad + In Love (18)

Rad + In Love (19)

Rad + In Love (20)

Rad + In Love (22)

Rad + In Love (21)

Rad + In Love (25)

Rad + In Love (38)

Rad + In Love (37)

Rad + In Love (27)

Rad + In Love (28)

Rad + In Love (24)

Rad + In Love (30)

Rad + In Love (31)

Rad + In Love (33)

Rad + In Love (34)

Rad + In Love (35)

Rad + In Love (36)

The Info—Photography: Rad + In Love / Videography: Evan KoesterVenue: Private residence in Buellton, CA / Rentals: Elite EventsCatering: JR’s CateringCheese, Bread, and Sweets: Trader Joe’s / Flowers: Josh Wataru from Fanny’s Flowers / Ashley’s Dress: RawHemline and MtCoffinz / Ashley’s Shoes: Blowfish / Minh’s Jacket: Banana Republic / Ashley’s Rings: RawHemline and Tooriginal / Minh’s Ring: Wedgewood Rings

Other cool stuff we should know about: Minh’s only request was that he not be forced to wear a cummerbund. Or white patent leather shoes. We had a private ring ceremony with a public handfasting, and instead of anyone walking down the aisle, we asked friends and family to light candles while we played “Hail to the Lord’s Anointed” by the Welcome Wagon. We had a big piñata filled with candy and Kidrobot toys instead of a garter or bouquet toss and a third of our guests were young males under the age of twenty-one. Oh and I finished (almost!) sewing my dress together two hours before the ceremony.

Favorite thing about the wedding:  Ashley: Having everything important in my life distilled into one place at one time for one purpose. Minh: The sparklers!

I think more than anything the process of planning a wedding made me so grateful for God’s providence, my husband’s steadfastness, and the kindness, talent, and generosity of so many friends and strangers. This wedding was like a giant love gift from us, from our friends and families, for each other. So many blessings. People whom I’ve never met (but now love dearly!) sewed my dress, cooked our incredible food, and made our rings. People I’ve known all my life worked tirelessly rewiring barns (thanks Dad!), stringing lights, arranging flowers, picking apples, cleaning, decorating, assembling, innovating, praying, and encouraging. Having that kind of love and support from so many people was pretty powerful… and making all that stuff was fun too!

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  • I love it! Your photos are so dreamy.

  • Faith

    i love every. single. thing. about this wedding and your words. love.

  • Amy

    Love love LOVE the pinata!

  • Love the details, Jamie has a great eye!

    • Ashley

      Jamie and Michelle were amazing. I’m seeing the pictures just now and the shots are astounding. They were completely calm among the craziness and got so close you didn’t even notice them they were like ninja cats.

  • Wedding pinata? Yes, please!*

  • PA

    I *LOVE* the black-and-white picture of the two of you looking into each other’s eyes. The whole wedding looks so meaningful, and so filled with laughter and joy!

  • AMAZING photos!

  • These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding. Thank you for making me a part of it.


    WedgeWood Rings

  • Valeria

    Love the dress!!!;it just goes perfectly with the vibe of the wedding.and I want a pinata as well.

  • A pinata?! AWESOME. Love these photos, love the “come hungry, leave happy” vibe even more. Congratulations!!

  • My favorite picture is the boy with the accordion (tied with the one that’s mostly sky). It seems journalistic and serious, but captures something humorous at the same time.

    • Ashley

      That’s my new nephew! You’re describing his personality perfectly:)

      He and my brothers and dad played some pre-dinner tunes including an impromptu first dance. Squee!

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwww. thanks meg for the sweet introduction!!!!!!! i <3 you! thanks maddie for putting this together! thanks APW community for having us, and your kind words! thanks a + m for letting us be a part of your day! yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ashley


  • Denzi

    Yup, the crying music made me cry. Congratulations, you two!


  • You made your dress? I kept thinking how awesome your dress ensemble was as I looked at all the pictures….then I read that you sewed it. Wow. And your wedding looks beautiful (in a style way and in an emotional way). Congrats!

    • Ashley

      I didn’t so much sew it as I did sew it together :)

      Holly from RawHemline on Etsy made the outer layer but we knew I needed to find some sort of petticoat to keep the chiffon looking floaty. That’s where MtCoffinz from Ebay came in with the most spectacular tulle ball gown skirt EVER. So I cut the chiffon up, attached it to the top of the tulle, and then had my friends wrap the extra chiffon around to make the “corset” part.

      Things got complicated but it all worked out! And this really is a dress I want to wear every day. For real.

  • Ashley

    The picture of Minh’s uncle smirking at the polaroid just made me crack up again.

    Everyone’s personalities here are just captured to a fault. Amazing.

  • crying type. I was already playing “Welcome Home” when I opened this post. Can I re-do my wedding and have a pinata?

  • Ashley

    And YES! Thank you APW for featuring us here!

    This is a true treat :)

  • Susanna

    Ashley, you and your ensemble are knockouts! Also, props for the Welcome Wagon. Wishing you every happiness.

  • LPC

    Just beautiful. And then some.

  • Tamara Van Horn

    Lovely…just lovely. And this: “…the process of planning a wedding made me so grateful for God’s providence, my husband’s steadfastness, and the kindness, talent, and generosity of so many friends and strangers.” I started crying.

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  • Ashley

    I figured I should comment since I’ve only looked at like 500 million times.Every time I look at I sigh because this wedding looks the way I hope mine would feel! Congrats!

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