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Guerrilla Wedding: Angie & Rohan

* Angela, Pursuit Coordinator & Rohan, Retail Clerk * Photographer: Melejane Latu Motulalo * Soundtrack for reading: “Out On A Limb” by The Los Dos Bros * Venue: Rivertown Revival and their $5 weddings (rad) *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: It was a fun, relaxed, festive, “go with the flow” type of day; we got to play dress up and so did our guests!

The Info—Photography: Melejane Latu Motulalo / Venue: The Hitching Post at Rivertown Revival / Flowers: Done by Angie and her BFF using supplies from her own garden and Sequoia Floral in Santa Rosa / Angie’s Dress: Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dress purchased in 2008 (bought for the pockets!), which was then altered by a local seamstress, Dorothea Couture / Angie’s Shoes: Forever 21, with shoelaces made from ribbon purchased at Carolina and Company / Angie’s Hat: H&M, customized by Angie / Angie’s Jewelry: Vintage and/or handmade by Angie / Angie’s Gloves: Zen and Coffee with buttons added by Angie / Angie’s Parasol: Poison Apple (who will actually be a vendor at Rivertown Revival this year!) / Angie’s Hair & Makeup: Both were done by the lovely Rod Schmittou of MoonEssence Salon and Spa in Petaluma / Rohan’s Vest: Funk and Flash in Sebastopol / Rohan’s Shoes: Classic Sperry Top Siders / Rohan’s Suspenders: Thrifted for about a dollar! / Rohan’s Pocket Watch and Chain: Belonged to his grandfather

Other cool stuff we should know about: Our wedding ceremony cost $5 including venue, musicians, and officiant (they even offered us a photographer, but we already had one). I paid for our wedding and bought a Rivertown Revival hat with a $20 bill! They even announced our wedding on the main stage after we got married we were the first couple to ever get married at the RR and there was an article about us and the festival in the Press Democrat the next day. We encouraged our guests to wear costumes, or at least hats—and they did! Also, random people witnessed our ceremony because it is open to the public. I got a lot of hugs from strangers and found pics of our wedding on lots of different facebook pages!

Favorite thing about the wedding: Our outfits.

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  • Elissa

    I want to hug this wedding. Eee!

    • ANGIE

      :D thank you! Hug back!

  • Jessica Schilling

    Gorgeous and fun and joyful! Congratulations!

    • ANGIE

      Thank you so much!!!

  • Cleo

    Love the outfits (especially the hats!!)

    What is a “Pursuit Coordinator?” That is an awesome job title.

    • Sheryl

      I know! The wedding outfits are too cute. I’m loving the bride’s shoes and hat especially.

      • ANGIE

        Thank you Sheryl :) I totally found both looking plain and I spent a decent amount of time customizing them with items I either had or people gave me. The shoe tips are vintage silver and turquoise that were given to me by a friend and they happened to fit perfectly (I hot glued them on!)
        The hat came with a plastic flower and plain ribbon on it so I took that off and I added silk ribbon layered with cotton lace, then made the centerpiece out of tule ribbon, an abalone shell button, and a plastic cabochon flower…topped it off with an albino peacock feather my friend had leftover from her wedding.

    • ANGIE

      Thank you for the compliment :)
      Pursuit Coordinator means I do business development and marketing for a global engineering and environmental consulting firm. It’s more commonly called a “marketing coordinator” but that’s how my company rolls…

  • Theresa Hughes

    Angie was the perfect client to work with. Creative, open minded and fun. She came with her dress and was open to all kinds of possibilities. It was so fun to see the whole outfit reveal itself! It’s so important to remember to enjoy the process of your wedding and not let it wear you down!

    • ANGIE

      Thanks Theresa! I felt like you were my fairy god mother! I can’t imagine pulling off this look without your expertise! <3

  • Nat @ Dear Little House

    Looked beautiful! Well done and congratulations :)

    • ANGIE

      Thank you!! :)

  • Emily

    This looks like so much fun! I love it. :)

    • ANGIE

      It was sooo much fun!! And our guests were definitely entertained while we were off taking pics! :) thank you!

  • Paula

    lovely wedding! the bride dress is so sweet :X love love love this wedding

    • ANGIE

      Thank you thank you thank you! I loooooved my dress too and it was totally plain before Theresa customized it. (it was actually a white bridesmaid dress, so it was much cheaper)

  • Helen

    SO awesome. Congratulations!!

    • ANGIE

      Thank you so much :))) we felt pretty awesome that it all worked out and if something didn’t, oh well we didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it!

  • Arlene Salt

    Angie is my Best Friend & Sister for life!!! This wedding was so fantastic and such a great day to share with her and Rohan. Very much their style, festive, fun, creative & easy going. So happy to see her wedding on your site for others to see and enjoy. She is a beautiful person inside and out!! Reflected in her wedding this day. Love you gurl! :) Happy to see this ~ 1 year later!! its still a hit. oxoxo

    • ANGIE

      Awww I love you my Arlene :) I could never have been so stress free if it wasn’t for all of your hard work! A BFF like you is priceless!!!!!!! xoxoxo <3 <3

  • they often wear herve leger dress in many occasions12

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