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Longtime readers know that two years ago, just before I quit my full time job to run APW (Um, hold the phone… have I been working for myself for almost two years? My brain just exploded into pieces around me…) I set a goal of speaking at a conference for the first time. The conference that invited me in with open arms was Alt Summit, the yearly design and lifestyle blogging conference in Salt Lake City. Alt will always have a special place in my heart for that. Since then, Alt has only grown, and each year they’ve asked me to speak to even more people about ever more exciting topics. This year, I’m going to be teaching a full two-hour class, with Maddie as my co-teacher… yup… with a very little baby in the wings (thanks supportive partner!).

So when Alt asked me to take the Bing Blogger Challenge for them, I jumped at the chance. During this week, I’ll be using Bing (who’s sponsoring Alt this year, we love them, yay!) as my search engine instead of Google, and reporting back. Since I’m someone who is over-the-moon excited to give my opinions on anything (cough), I’m perhaps overly thrilled at the idea of getting to try something new and tell you what I think about it. (Plus, since Alt and Bing are sponsoring this week, I get to give you my opinions and support the APW mission. Win!)

If you’d like to take the Bing challenge with me, head over to Bing and set it as your default search engine for the week, then you can weigh in with your results on Friday. Or even easier you can take the super easy, and totally entertaining Bing It On Challenge, where you blind test five searches on Bing and Google, and pick your winner (results in our household were, interestingly, totally different). On Friday, I’ll report back.

**This post was sponsored by Alt Summit & Bing. Thanks for helping make the APW mission possible!**

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