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Indie Holiday Cards and Wrapping Paper (and beautiful Wedding Invites)

Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding (31)

One of the reasons that APW sponsors make the best wedding helpers, is that most of them didn’t start out in weddings, but rather, fell into weddings by way of their craft. Which means that when you’re working with them, you’re not going to get a lot of “But you have to do it like this…” or “It’s always done this way” from APW sponsors, because, well, their brains just don’t work that way. It also means that APW sponsors have some of the raddest side projects ever. Take designer Julie of Up Up Creative, for example. Sure, you can get stunning, modern, colorful (oh God, so colorful) wedding invitations from Up Up Creative. But did you know you can also get art prints? And holiday cards? And stunning non-cheesy wrapping paper? And, and, and…

Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding (10)Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding (17)Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding

I mean, first of all, I want that alphabet print. And second of all, that wrapping paper is ultra eco-friendly (just sayin’). When I asked Julie her motivation behind creating non-wedding work, she told me, “I create non-wedding stuff, partly because that’s how I started (I thought I would hate working on weddings—man was I wrong!), and partly it’s because holiday and art are a big part of the licensing work I do and sometimes I like to design something that’s one hundred percent purely my aesthetic and not designed with some other website’s clientele in mind. It’s also because I have had so VERY many former wedding customers ask if there’s some way to keep working with me after the wedding’s over. Plus I (not-so-secretly) love seeing my customers’ photos. Unless that’s creepy, in which case I so do not love that. Swear.”

Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding

Basically, what that means is Julie’s brain looks a lot like the drawing above. The truth is, it’s kind of really awesome when wedding professionals have creative endeavors outside of weddings. With a company like Up Up Creative, it means that Julie gets to pour her heart into work that exists just for her, and then she can turn around and create wedding paper that is just for you. Everybody comes out a winner! And you get a designer who is constantly stretching her creative muscles, working on making the next design even better. Of course, the best part about companies like Up Up Creative offering non-wedding goods, is that it means getting to put your seasonal dollars towards supporting small businesses, which is especially awesome this time of year when big corporations are doing crazy things like making employees work on Thanksgiving.

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As Meg mentioned in yesterday’s relaunch post, getting the site ready for its new skin meant going through a lot of old posts and pulling out some of the best content we’ve published to date. During that process, we were reminded time and again just how smart Julie is, especially when it comes to conversations about value, price and customization. (Remember when she did that incredible, crazy, inspired experiment where she let customers name their own price?) We were also reminded that Julie is always working on some of the coolest projects, like these rad elopement announcements, or Aper & Pink, the most affordable, customizable printing company you’ll find just about anywhere. In short, this time of year always reminds me that APW sponsors are some of the smartest, most talented people on the planet, and I’m always thrilled at the opportunity to continue supporting them, long after wedding season is over.

Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding

Okay, so enough chatter. Let’s show you the goods:

Up Up Creative | A Practical WeddingUp Up Creative | A Practical Wedding (22)Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding (33)Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding (27)Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding (19)Up Up Creative | A Practical Wedding (26)

I remember being a kid, watching my mom put together our holiday card, painstakingly collaging photos of us kids into a work of art that was worthy of framing. These designs from Up Up Creative could totally compete with that (sorry Mom). And there are tons more over in the Up Up Creative shop (and you may find Julie’s designs, like the dog one above or the colorful “Happy Holidays” card, in other places you normally shop like Minted). So if you’re gearing up for the holidays (how on Earth is it already the middle of November?!), may I humbly suggest browsing Up Up Creative’s portfolio, and saving yourself the mod podge? I think you won’t regret it.

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  • M.

    Love Up Up/Julie! We chose one of her designs for our Glosite (Abstract Geometry in hot pink). OH THE COLORS.

  • Jessica

    This is kind of perfect. I was trying to figure out if we should send a holiday card or not, given that Husband is going overseas soon. I think a card with our two addresses on them over a photo from the wedding is perfect!