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Bridget & Kevin

San Francisco Elopement For Introverts

* Bridget, Soon-to-be Mama Bear & Kevin, Video Editor * Photographer: Hart & Sol West (APW Sponsor) * Soundtrack for reading: “You And I” by Ingrid Michaelson *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Two introverts promising themselves to each other in a perfectly private, romantic, and personal ceremony.

Bridget & Kevin | A Practical WeddingBridget & Kevin | A Practical WeddingBridget & Kevin | A Practical WeddingBridget & Kevin | A Practical Wedding Bridget & Kevin | A Practical WeddingBridget & Kevin | A Practical Wedding Bridget & Kevin | A Practical Wedding Bridget & Kevin | A Practical Wedding Bridget & Kevin | A Practical WeddingBridget & Kevin | A Practical WeddingBridget & Kevin | A Practical Wedding Bridget & Kevin | A Practical WeddingBridget & Kevin | A Practical WeddingBridget & Kevin | A Practical Wedding

The Info—Photography: Hart & Sol West (APW Sponsor) / Venue: San Francisco City Hall / Bridget’s Dress: Her mom’s / Bridget’s Sweater, Shirt and Accessories: AnthropologieKevin’s Wardrobe: The Gap / Flowers: Trader Joe’s

Other cool stuff we should know about: We decided to scratch our plans of a larger traditional wedding after realizing it just wasn’t really us. Once we decided on a secret elopement, wedding planning became so exciting! We found getting married, just the two of us, to be incredibly romantic and meaningful.

I was thrilled to find out my mom still had her wedding dress and had it altered into a skirt. I sewed a heart shaped piece of my Dad’s necktie into my skirt. Lastly, I used a doily from my Grandma to wrap around my bouquet. Kevin and I are both very sentimental, so having touches like this meant a lot to us.

Everything was very laid back for us. The night before we walked to Trader Joe’s and picked out some flowers. We watched You Tube videos of how to do an easy updo and without girlfriends or my sister around, Kevin quickly learned how to help with bobby pins and hair spray. We walked to City Hall and texted our lovely photographer on the way asking, “Will you be our witness???” Everything worked out—even with forgetting about important things like a witness and our rings—perfectly.

When the wedding was over and while we walked home, we got tons of congrats, marital advice, and even a group of construction workers singing “Here comes the bride!” We went and got a big basket of fries and Coca-Colas and celebrated being husband and wife. Things like this made the day so fun and lighthearted. We were never stressed.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Who we married.

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  • Joelle

    I don’t know why, but everything about this makes me smile! What a sweet couple, and a sweet wedding!

  • sandyliz

    “Favorite thing about the wedding: Who we married.”

    This is so sweet, and perfect, and straightforward that it made me teary.

    Such a beautiful wedding, which obviously reflects the two of you very well.

  • kyley

    “Favorite thing about the wedding: Who we married.”

    This made me totally tear up, in a punch to the gut kind of way. Thank you for sharing. <3

  • Margi

    I love everything about this wedding! It made me tear up at work because it confirms what I know deep in my heart that I want an elopment and I want it at SF City Hall. And the fact that my boyfriend would never ever want to elope further confirms in my heart (along with a million other facts that I am trying to repress) that he is NOT the one for me. Congrats!

  • Lauren

    A bride with glasses! A bride with glasses! A bride with glasses!

    Many many manymanymanymany happy returns to you both!

    • rachel

      Serious! What a cutie. The hair, the dress, the sweater- I love it all!!! :)

  • jenn

    ohhh so glad to find this site today, what a perfect way to start 2013!

    this post tears me up. the simplest things are just the most beautiful. and the favorite thing about the wedding, just perfect! congrats bridget and kevin!

  • Jessica

    I love her skirt-so pretty and fun! The fact that it came from her mothers wedding dress just makes it perfect :)

  • Amanda

    I love the dress and how it had all those meaningful details hidden within.
    This was a super cute wedding.
    All the best wishes to you both. Love , happiness and joy.

  • mimi

    I love this. It’s the perfect way to start off 2013. This wedding and post are both so sweet and lovely! I love the idea of a wedding skirt too! I’m considering using my mom’s dress (which was also my grandma’s) and this idea hadn’t even occurred to me.

  • Megan

    Love this! Congratulations!
    I had no idea how beautiful SF city hall was. I’m going to have to check it out.

    • Maddie

      The pictures don’t even do it justice, it’s so beautiful.

  • Rachel Wilkerson

    Can I just say how much I love when brides rock sweaters?! SO MUCH!

  • AmandaHelen

    Maddie, I am starting to recognize your photos before I even see the credits! Beautiful! So in love with everything about this post. Looks like a wonderful start to a long life together.

  • Sheryl

    Such a beautiful wedding. I always squee a little bit when an elopement shows up on APW, and this looks just about perfect.


  • garli

    I secret court house eloped myself (no one even knew we were planning on getting married) and it was the best decision I ever made. Congrats!

  • LM

    This is so beautiful! Reminds me how much I missed APW! Way to kick things off with this awesome wedding! Congratulations!

  • mere…

    Your walk home sounds like a fantastic way to start a marriage. Congratulations to you both!

  • Emily

    I am DYING over how much I love this!

  • Manda

    I love it when brides rock cardigans. And glasses. It makes my heart happy. Sentimental touches are always wonderful as well.

    Your wedding day sounds as if it was a perfect representation of you as a couple. Congratulations!

  • nyfika 2013

    Very cute couple

  • Wedding Wardrobe

    This is a lesson for how to be original, how to be you without counting the traditionalism and conventional part…congrats from the heart!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Congrats for staying true to yourselves! What a sweet and special day for you guys.

  • Meg

    What a sweet, gorgeous day! Absolutely love the small touches, and the photos are gorgeous. Very happy for them. Congrats!

  • ashley @

    What an adorable elopement! And I love your style! Looks so romantic!

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  • David

    This is such a beautiful wedding! The photography captured the true sentiment of this special day. The bride looks so amazing in her long, elegant gown. I think the San Francisco Hall wedding is a great venue for couples who prefer a private ceremony. Thanks so much for sharing this post!

  • jones

    Ok so I’m usually a lurker on this site, but as a fellow introvert I have to post my congrats and love for this ceremony – this is similar to how I would want my day to be. Beautiful and personally meaningful.

  • Jaime

    Congratulations on your wedding! San Francisco City Hall is such a magical place for me. Every time I pass it I get chills. What a beautiful place to be married :).

  • Rachel

    I LOVE how the bride re-fashioned and incorporated things from her parents to use in the wedding. I’m a sucker for sentimental touches like that : )

  • Lily

    This is easily one of my favorite weddings ever :) It just sounds so *perfect* for the couple, and a perfect day to spend together. Gotta love being serenaded by a construction crew!

  • Amanda

    Love this. It’s touching to see two people doing what is right for the two of them. Adorable couple!

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