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What’s New at A Giveaway, Charity Necklaces, and New Vintage Engagement Rings!

These days I try to keep my personal social media stream pretty clean (probably to make up for the mess that has become my personal inbox. Remind me again why I thought it was a good idea to sign up for updates from every retailer I’ve ever visited? Or from that one website about cake-making?) But one of the companies that I actually enjoy following is longtime APW sponsor and SuperPartner Because when there’s a update in my feed, it’s usually something awesome that benefits me just as much as them (read: giveaways and new affordable pretties.) And I’m particularly excited that has a sponsored post with us this week, because it means that I get to tell you about all of the rad things that have been popping up in my feed lately, instead of just bothering my friends and family with messages saying, “For serious—you need this.”

First up, the number one reason I am excited that‘s sponsored post falls during this week is that it comes just in time for you guys to cash in on their Mother’s Day necklace giveaway (which, if you win, you have mine and‘s permission to keep the necklace. We won’t tell your mom.) I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy one of these animal family necklaces for just about everyone in my family (because—baby animals, right?), but now is giving us a chance to win one! Actually, there are lots of chances to win. Because from now until Mother’s Day, is giving away one necklace every Friday. A new winner will be chosen this Friday, April 19th—so head over now and make sure you put your name in the hat before the month is up!

When originally debuted their animal necklaces, I was so excited that I immediately sent the elephant mom and baby necklace link to my best girlfriend with a note that said, “You need to buy this! Look, elephants!” (Her favorite animal.) To which she politely replied, more or less, “Thanks but no thanks. I don’t have any kids. But I bought a dinosaur!” So you can imagine my excitement when founder Adrianne sent me the above photo of their newest necklace, the Elephant Sanctuary Necklace. But better than just fulfilling my desire to outfit my friend head-to-toe in elephant garb, the real reason this piece rocks is that one third of the proceeds from the sale of this necklace go to benefit the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, a non-profit organization that gives a loving home to displaced elephants (many of whom are retired zoo and circus elephants that were captured and separated from their families as babies.)

I was actually sort of caught off-guard at how moving I found each elephant’s story, and how relieved I was to know that they’d found a home in the Elephant Sanctuary. It takes a lot of money to keep the sanctuary running ($133,000 per elephant per year), and I love that this necklace helps lift a little of that burden, giving these awesome creatures the chance to live out the remainder of their lives with a new family (maybe it’s just because I come from a blended family, but when I read about how the elephants have formed new families with each other in the sanctuary, I basically spent the rest of the night ugly crying at my computer.) The Elephant Sanctuary Necklace is part of a new project at, where each month a portion of the proceeds from one necklace will go to charity. So if you want to support the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, just make sure you purchase your necklace before the month is up! But fret not if you can’t, because the chance to do good with your purchase will come again next month when announces their next charity necklace.

And finally, you’ll remember how last month we announced’s dynamic pricing experiment? Well part of the motivation behind that experiment is making sure that the inventory at is always fresh. Which means that right now there is a whole slew of new vintage (oxymoron?) engagement rings to choose from at, some of which are unbelievably affordable, particularly when you compare it to the appraised price.

Like the Serena sapphire engagement ring (above) which is currently $935 (appraised value $1,650). Or the Felicity engagement ring (below) for $1085 (appraised value $1,400).

The truth of the matter is, there is always something going on at And while we’re happy to bring you monthly updates here at APW, maybe you want to get in on the action first? Well then, there are a few ways to make that happen. If you’re in the market for a vintage engagement ring and want to know when gets new inventory, then click here to receive vintage engagement ring updates by email. Or if, like me, you just want to know when might be giving something away or posting photos of their adorable dog, Turtle, then follow on Facebook for priority access to announcements, giveaways, and most importantly, photos of pups. Which reminds me.

What’s a company mascot for, if not to end your sponsored post on a high note? Turtle says he’ll see you next month.



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  • Blimunda

    Only for US residents, BOOOOO :(
    (I totally get the point, but still, boooo)

    • Kat

      Booo indeed :( I got excited about that for a minute.

  • PUPPY!

    Every sponsored post should have a puppy. Or a kitten.

  • ashley a

    ah! i want that serena ring so bad for my wedding ring. too bad 900+ dollars is so completely out of my price range it’s not even funny :( the elephant necklace is pretty cute too!

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