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Monica Roy: Affordable Bay Area Wedding Photography

One of the things that APW has always been all about is supporting rad (and sane) up and coming wedding artists while they build their businesses. It’s something I know that APW-ers are deeply proud of, being able to point to hot talents in the industry and say, “We knew them when they were secretly awesome, and we made them famously awesome. (And, also, because we were the cool kids that did it, we got some seriously amazing wedding photos for some super killer prices.)” These says, the APW photography team in the Bay Area is pretty darn established (thanks in large part to you guys), so I’m thrilled to get to introduce to the scene the excitement and amazing value that is a really killer up-and-comer (watch out, Bay Area). I’m beyond delighted to introduce San Francisco’s own Monica Roy Photography. She’s a super talented photographer, loves APW-ers, super affordable prices. Let’s do this.

Monica Roy | Bay Area Wedding Photographer (11)

First, let’s talk about Monica’s background. Monica is in one of those amazing periods of creative growth where she thinking about nothing but photography day and night. The amazing thing about hiring someone who’s whole life is about honing her craft is that you hire them based on amazing pictures, and the pictures they take of of you a few months later blow your mind, because their work is changing every single day. (Hot tip: hiring someone who’s on fire developing their work is often a smarter hire than going with the super established photographer who is no longer thinking about their craft every second of every day.)

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Plus, Monica Roy Photography has spent the past few years carefully building a business that will allow Monica to provide you with the best possible service. She says, “I’ve been slooowly and organically building my business since end of 2010. Because of the slow growth, I was able to lay down a solid foundation, which involved deliberately establishing my style and an efficient workflow and thoroughly learning the workings of the wedding industry. I achieved this through attending a workshops, reading everything I could, and lots of second shooting with different styles of photographers. Not only this, but I’ve photographed for the SF Arts Commission and a local SF Newspaper (Richmond Review), which honed my photojournalism skills. I’m continually pouring over non wedding related magazines and films to gain inspiration for artistic portraits. I want to ultimately establish a boutique business, in which I have a limited number of clients upon whom I can heap loads of attention and who prioritize photography.”

Monica Roy | Bay Area Wedding Photographer (26)

But brass tacks. Let’s talk rates. Monica Roy Photography offers dead simple pricing. Her wedding package is $2,500 for a whopping 10 hours (that’s basically unlimited coverage), culled and edited photos on a wood engraved flash drive, a copyright release for anything other than commercial use (this is almost unheard of), and an awesome slideshow set to music for sharing (years later, this is still one of my favorite things from our wedding). If you want to add a second shooter, it’s $500. Oh. And she’s offering APW readers 10% off. WHAT? Monica offers a $790 city hall package, and also shoots portraits. (Her kid and maternity photos are to die for, and are just $300. Ladies with babies, get on that already!)

Monica Roy | Bay Area Wedding Photographer (17)

But there is more: Monica loves APWers, she has a style that’s the perfect blend between unobtrusive and making you feel cared for, and she’s damn organized. But let me let her tell you in her own words:

I <3 Thoughtful People

I love working with people who are multifaceted—couples who are genuine and thoughtful, yet at the same time, not afraid to have fun and express their own style (whether it’s about aesthetics or ethics). APW content has a lot of meat on its bones, and people who appreciate that are my kind of folks.

Photography and Service (and Empowerment)

I’ve always loved learning and helping people with my knowledge.  Everything I do, I do in a spirit of service.  Photography allows me to use my experience and skills to help people see the beauty in themselves and their relationships.  Not only that, but just like APW, I want to educate and empower people about the wedding process.  In the past, I’ve helped couples plan their timeline, informed them how other types of vendors typically work, and have demystified the posing process so that they know how to look great in portraits even after the wedding day.

Monica Roy | Bay Area Wedding Photographer (20)

Ephemeral + Posed = Magic

I believe that everything has an inherent beauty/essence and this is what I aim to draw out in my photography. I make a point to craft beautifully posed, flattering portraits so that my clients can look back on themselves at their most stylish and glowing. For the majority of the day, however, I shoot discreetly to capture the many touching, ephemeral moments that occur between the couple and their family & friends. At the end of the day, I want to tell a well rounded story so that the couple can re-experience the full gamut of colors, loved ones, ambience, and emotions that characterized their wedding…

Let Me Organize that for You

Being super organized up front frees me to show up on the wedding day and focus on artistry and being a positive presence for the couple and their guests. Pre-wedding, I take time to ask my clients their priorities in terms of photography and help them to plan a photography timeline which helps to achieve that. Many times, couples don’t know what to ask or plan for, in which case, I offer suggestions. From the booking to the wedding, I am with the couple every step of the way, guiding them towards realizing their vision in a tailored way. Some clients are hands off  while others like to be more involved; both approaches are welcome. I look at my couples as partners with whom I share the same goal.

Monica Roy | Bay Area Wedding Photographer (12)

What do you say, APW? It seems to me it’s about that time. Time for APW-ers of the San Francisco Bay Area to make Monica Roy Photography a non-so-secret sensation. (But not before y’all snap up her unbeatable rates). Seriously, go!

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  • Emily

    …and she’s a doll, too!

  • Viv

    YAY MONICA! She’s awesome! :)

    • casey

      Well said, Viv. Monica’s great!

  • Monica

    Thank you, Team Practical, for this amazing write up :). You have outdone yourselves!

    • SarahHoppes

      Your work speaks for itself, but your quote at the top is such a great explanation of why photography is so important!

      • Monica

        Sarah, I’m glad it resonated with you. It’s actually something I realized only recently after I slowed down to reassess the “why” of what I do. Moving forward, I can make sure that everything I do jives with that purpose.

    • Heather

      Such beautiful pictures! I just requested more information from your site!

      • Monica

        Heather, I’m on it!

  • Jasmine Lee Photography

    Congratulations, Monica! I am so proud of you!!

  • Sara

    Editz: First, lets talk about Monica’s background –> First, let’s talk about Monica’s background

  • Lightworks photography

    Great to read about someone so committed and passionate about honing their craft. There are too many people in photography (and life in general!) looking for a quick fix and being only very superficial in their approach. gGeat work, keep it up!

  • HenorStag

    I love your quote on what you believe photography is.. Fantastic! I’m sure your work is great, and some of our bride to be’s at would love to have you as a photographer!

  • ellebee

    I’m very recently engaged, live in the Bay Area, doing an SF City Hall Wedding/Oakland Afterparty, and I will definitely be contacting you, Monica! Your work is beautiful, natural, and pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. When we nail down our official date, I will be calling. :) Thank you so much, APW!

    • Monica

      Looking forward to touching base, Elle! And I echo that thanks to APW.

  • Kim

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. And that price is the best I have seen so far , I thought the best was $3800 for 10 hours with a second shooter, but this beats it.

  • Kim Kennedy

    Hi, beautifully captured the wedding pics. Awesome collection of wedding photographs. Really great efforts by the wedding photographers. also captures such beautiful moments that you will cherish for lifetime.