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Roundup: 10 David’s Bridal Dresses That Don’t Suck

Just because they're kinda killing it right now

by Maddie Eisenhart, Digital Director & Style Editor

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1. Short Lace Dress with Feather Trim Detail $159

1. Short Lace Dress with Feather Trim Detail $159

Available in sizes 2-18

2. Halter Crepe and Lace Jumpsuit ($199)

2. Halter Crepe and Lace Jumpsuit ($199)

Available in sizes 0-26

3. Cap Sleeve Long Beaded Sequin Dress ($299)

3. Cap Sleeve Long Beaded Sequin Dress ($299)

Available in sizes 2-18

4. Knee-Length Long Sleeve Lace Dress ($189)

4. Knee-Length Long Sleeve Lace Dress ($189)

Available in sizes 2-18

5. Sheath Gown with Beaded Cutout Bodice ($650)

5. Sheath Gown with Beaded Cutout Bodice ($650)

Available in sizes 0-14. Petite sizes 0-14 and plus sizes 16-26 available by special order.

6. Jersey Sheath Dress with Illusion Back ($229)

6. Jersey Sheath Dress with Illusion Back ($229)

Available in Sizes 2-18

7. Double Faced Satin Gown with Front Slit ($675)

7. Double Faced Satin Gown with Front Slit ($675)

Available in sizes 0-14. Petite sizes 0-14 and plus sizes 16-26 available by special order.

8. 3/4 Sleeve Lace Gown with Godet Skirt ($1150)

8. 3/4 Sleeve Lace Gown with Godet Skirt ($1150)

Available in sizes 0-14

9. White By Vera Black Lace Column Gown ($499)

9. White By Vera Black Lace Column Gown ($499)

Available in sizes 0-14. (Editor's Note: That flower is on a belt, so you can totally take it off.)

10. Cap Sleeve Beaded Lace Gown with Slit ($199)

10. Cap Sleeve Beaded Lace Gown with Slit ($199)

Available in sizes 2-18

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a David’s Bridal snob when planning my own wedding. Despite having a very modest budget for our affair (a.k.a., we were broke), I convinced myself that our hip, indie wedding was way too good for any big box retailer that specialized in cupcake dresses. But then, surprise! I learned the hard way that a few hundred dollars doesn’t actually take you very far with traditional wedding dresses, and found myself inside a Manhattan David’s Bridal store, just weeks before my wedding, praying for a miracle so that I wouldn’t have to walk down the aisle naked. Lesson learned: moral superiority doesn’t increase your budget.

The joke was on me, obviously, because David’s Bridal kind of has their shit together (once you get past all the polyester). And lately they’ve been doing some really cool, fashion-forward stuff with their wedding dresses (on top of their normal radical-for-the-wedding-industry practices like selling dresses in your normal street size instead of four times bigger than what you normally wear, and by offering most of their dresses in petite and plus sizes, from zero up to twenty-six, and by having dresses in all sizes in-store.)

When all the new wedding dress collections came out for fall, it was David’s Bridal who surprised us by pushing the (white) envelope. So today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite designs from the new David’s Bridal collection. Because if you’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget, you might as well get the champagne of beers. By which, I obviously mean sequins.

This post was not sponsored by David’s Bridal. I’m just into the #bridesinpants-up-to-size-twenty-six situation they have going on right now.

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Digital Director and Style Editor. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and the future of Miley Cyrus’ career. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • Cleo

    at first, I thought “where are the dresses?” but then I realized the image at the top is part of a slideshow.

    The new format is great (as is the content!), but a little warning would have been useful!

  • macrain

    Hot damn. The jersey dress with the illusion back is spot on.
    Also, methinks some of those short dresses (or that jumpsuit) would be sweet for a rehearsal dinner ensemble.

    • River

      My thoughts, exactly – maybe when they go on sale? Two-hundo is more than I can spend on a rehearsal dinner ensemble, since I blew my budget on my wedding gown, heh.

  • Corrie

    THAT JUMPSUIT!!! I don’t even normally like jump suits, nor am I engaged yet, but I want to run out and buy that RIGHT.NOW.

    • laddibugg

      yeah I said I really want it just to have in my closet for a formal event.

    • ART

      I’m already married and I want it, bad :)

  • Angela

    I had the white version of #9, the Lace Column Gown, and loved it! Vera Wang’s collection for David’s is pretty fabulous.

    That said, and while I *completely* agree with the strengths of David’s Bridal Maddie describes, the experience of going in there is unbelievably WIC-driven and can be so frustrating. They make you look at bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses and tell them your colors (WHY.) before you can try anything on. There is an incredible pressure to buy. They make you fill out a bogus timeline and say that if you don’t make this decision TODAY, your dress may not arrive in time for alterations and everything before the wedding. They tried to tell me this when I was shopping for a dress last August for my June wedding!

    Then, before you put on any actual dresses, they put you in a corset-ey bra top and skirt slip (“so that the dresses fall right”) that make it feel like you are wearing another dress under everything you try on. When I found the dress I liked, my mom helped me discreetly remove all of their “shaping” undergarments so I could see what it would really look like the day of.

    Finally, I would really recommend taking your David’s dress elsewhere for alterations. They are very restricted in what they can do because of contracts with the designers. I wanted to make my straight-across gown a sweetheart, and they said they wouldn’t be able to do it. I ended up taking my dress to a lovely woman named Susy who did the sweetheart neckline and an awesome bustle.

    • Rachel W. Miller

      I went to DB for a wedding dress try on (I just wanted to get an idea of what looked good on me) and I was actually surprised by how low-key it was. They did call me a few times after the fact but only twice I think. And there was no pressure, nothing about colors, etc. So it might depend on the store?

      • KC

        As a repeat bridesmaid, definitely depends on the store (or possibly even just who you get at the store).

        • Kat Robertson

          “or possibly even just who you get at the store”

          YES. I won the personal shopper lottery with the woman who helped me at DB. She was really fun and relaxed, she respected my style and she never tried to up-sell me. Months after I brought the dress she remembered me just from my voice on the phone. Still, I’ve heard some horror stories, too. I think it’s like any customer service industry, some people are just a lot better at their jobs than others.

        • YetAnotherMegan

          It’s definitely who you get. I went in for my dress and there was no pressure or talk of colors, though I did see a sash that I loved and ended up being the color for the bridesmaids dresses. When I went in to look at bridesmaids dresses, there was no pressure, but there was no help either. The woman who was stuck with us just kind of stood there with her arms crossed in front of her and chatted up other salespeople while I held dresses, did zippers, and ran for other options. But the phone calls! I got so many and telling them to stop didn’t work so I told them the wedding got called off. Underhanded, yes. But lying to a total stranger was worth it for my sanity.

      • Michigan Sara

        I think it depends on the store as well. I had a wonderful experience at David’s and definitely didn’t have to look at bridesmaids dresses or anything like that or have them pressure me to BUY because of timelines. I actually got more questions about colors (and an awesome look from the salesman when I told him I hadn’t seen the bridesmaids dresses in person and that I didn’t have any swatches) when we went to Men’s Wearhouse for the gents’ clothing.

      • Angela

        Sure, I can see that. It’s probably unfair of me to generalize, but that was my (frustrating) experience at my local store. I actually felt bad for the associate who was helping us, because I think she could see that I was a little more low-key and still had to go through the motions of talking colors, timeline, etc. Everyone there was very nice and helpful, but I did feel a pressure to both buy the dress and buy-in to the traditional WIC model (i.e., bridesmaids and groomsmen in matching colors).

    • Erin E

      Yes, I tried to ward off that WIC pressure immediately by giving them my “retail and assorted crap” e-mail address (instead of my real one), and telling them right off the bat that I wasn’t having attendants or colors (which wasn’t true) and that my wedding was too soon for ordering, so I’d be buying off the rack. I could tell that it definitely punctured their salesperson balloons a bit, but that actually kept people from getting too pushy, or even from spending too much time fawning over me in general – I wanted more of a hands-off experience.

      • ferrous

        I think I had a good experience because I told them (truthfully) that I didn’t have attendants and wanted a city hall dress. I also gave them a fake number and email; I was warned they spam you to hell and back otherwise.

        One attendant still tried to talk me into a lot of poofy numbers, saying “you need something fancier” (EXCUSE ME?), but the other attendant was awesome and showed me exactly what I came for (dress 4 above). She also told me the special undergarments were optional, which I really appreciated. I didn’t end up buying from there, but I would have if I’d liked the fit on me.

    • Meg Keene

      I think it depends on the store. I had a SUPER low key experience that was one of my best dress shopping experiences, period. I didn’t by from them, but man it was nice. That said NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR REAL EMAIL THE END.

      • River

        I foolishly gave them my real number and they are still calling me, six months later.

      • Angela

        It’s actually good to hear that others have had more positive in-store experiences with David’s. This was one of the major conflicts/confusions I faced in wedding planning. I loved the gown, but was really hesitant about financially supporting what I saw as their WIC-driven approach to weddings. I ended up compromising by ordering the dress online (not through the local store where I had issues) and purchasing all extras (alterations, accessories, bridesmaids dresses) through other sources. I’m glad so many of you came away feeling heard and taken care of, and it makes me feel better about my choice!

    • ElisabethJoanne

      My mother, sister, and I went on a Saturday without an appointment. We were allowed to browse completely uninterrupted. But I didn’t want to try anything on because I wanted long sleeves and they only had 1 long-sleeved dress. (This was in 2011.)

    • BeeAssassin

      FWIW, I didn’t experience any of that. My experience was pretty low-key. I think it depends on the store and the specific person you work with. It may have also helped that I made it super clear (in a polite way) that I was in there to Get ‘Er Done, and that I was not into the whole “dress of my dreams” idea. (At one point, the words “cost benefit analysis” came out of my mouth about the dress I was wearing.) OTOH, there was another woman being helped by another person who was trying on lots of princess ballgown type stuff and from what I could overhear, there was a lot more WIC salesmanship happening at that end of the dressing room.

      In terms of the alterations, they were definitely on the expensive side, even though I didn’t even do anything major. I considered going to another tailor who was cheaper, but I liked their guarantee. It worked out well because the person working on my gown had worked on the exact same style multiple times before, so the fittings and alterations were a breeze since she had already figured out how to work the style.

    • joanna b.n.

      I recommend politely but firmly telling them, no, thank you, I would just like to try on some bridal gowns. You don’t let them waste your time, and you’ll be happier. You don’t have to be harsh about it, but you also don’t have to follow them around on their agenda!!

    • gingersnap

      Yep. My David’s Bridal experience scarred me so badly I ended up buying a dress off of Ebay and praying it fit instead of going into another bridal store ever.
      Super-high pressure to buy, gobs of spam, the saleswoman was horribly patronizing (asked if I needed my mother to see the dress before I could make a decision. Didn’t even flinch when I told her my mother had been dead for 15 years.) I couldn’t try on a single dress that was actually in my size (I’m tiny- 5’5 and a street size 0-2) so she kept clamping me into things so I could “see how they would look.” Absolutely horrible

  • KristiY

    Being able to try on dresses in my size was the main reason I got my wedding dress at David’s Bridal and not online or in a boutique. I had no idea what style or color I wanted (I just knew I wanted something non-white), so being able to try on 20 different styles in 20 different colors was amazing. I ended up with a navy satin ball gown that I’m completely in love with! It’s technically a bridesmaid dress, but I figure anything I wear on my wedding day will be a wedding dress.

    • AW

      I wore a bridesmaid dress for my wedding. Like you I was drawn toward a non-white dress. I absolutely loved it and because it has the word “bridesmaid” instead of “wedding” before dress, it was a much cheaper option. Best of luck to you!

      • KristiY

        What color was your dress? You’re right that bridesmaid dresses are so much less expensive – mine was under $200! And I’m going to have it cut from floor-length to knee-length after the wedding so I can wear it in the future as a cocktail dress. My wedding is in 5 weeks and I’m so excited!

  • JDrives

    #4 has Khaleesi written aaallllll over it.

    • River

      I already wanted it for my rehearsal dinner but you just made me want it even morrrreeee

  • Sarah E

    I was like “Damn, love the feathers!” and then THE JUMPSUIT was there, followed by more rad-ness than I ever expected. If I didn’t already have two wedding dresses in my possession, I’d be all over that shit. Totally searching for my next evening wear event. . .

    • laddibugg

      That jumpsuit is NICE! I would love it for a non-wedding dress occasion.

      • Sarah E

        Right? It’s my new dream to wear a tailored suit (or jumpsuit) the the next wedding I attend on the conservative side of my family. Not that one or two of my aunts don’t wear pants to fancy occasions, but I just like to throw some spice in when they don’t expect it. (too bad I grew out my pixie cut, or I would really go for the androgynous look)

        • ART

          that is a really good idea…i honestly wouldn’t know where else (given my personal style) to wear one, but as a guest at a wedding, i think i could pull it off – maybe?

          • Sarah E

            You definitely can. The key is to either A. act like you’re wearing your normal deal or B. act like you own the place. As a wedding guest, option A is probably better. But if you happen to go to a really fancy other event (professional cocktail thing, gala, New Year’s Eve dinner, idk what fancy things people go to), go for option B ;-)

  • MC

    Is the slideshow being weird for everyone, or is it just me? It goes 1, 2, 3, 7, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10.

    But damn. Short dresses for less than $200? Amazing.

    • Rachel W. Miller

      Oh…yep, me too!

      • Lucy

        Just fixed! Unfortunately, the numbers that people said were their favorites in comments may now be wrong.

        Is it Friday yet? ;)

  • Rachel W. Miller

    Love #7! And #1 is so fun!

  • Caitlin_DD

    What, those are amazing! That first dress… On an unrelated note, I hope you guys are not planning to start putting *everything* in slideshow format. That’s one thing that really irks me about almost all fashion/wedding sites.

    • Meg Keene

      I don’t think we are. We’ve been playing around with it, and it means we can do a roundup in 1-2 hours, instead of about 5. And obviously, saving 4 hours of staff time is a huge deal to me. Because that’s what the full graphic layout plus text, plus everything takes. So I think they’ll show up now and then, particularly since it means you can pin particular images, which is what you want for Pinterest.

      But it’s not like we’re going to be putting real CONTENT in slideshow format, unless it REALLY makes sense, like in day in the life.

      • KC

        Can you just do lists (basically: slideshows, except vertical, without the clicking…)? Because while the clustered-graphic format is lovely and all, it’s not necessary, I think?

        • Meg Keene

          It’ll probably be a mix of graphic and slideshow. I VASTLY prefer slideshows for consuming fashion content, though I think they’re awful for consuming wordy content. Maddie doesn’t like slideshows at all, so we’ll go back and forth. We also haven’t built a custom slideshow yet, so when we figure out what we need, that will change a bit (we’ll add thumbnail view for sure).

          I doubt we’ll do lists though. I just don’t think they look very polished, and I actually hate the endless scroll, like, a lot.

          • KC

            For whatever reason the APW slideshows so far that I’ve clicked through (all… um… two) have been too tall for my screen (given the APW bar clipping the top and my browser tabs above that, etc.), requiring me to scroll down for every single slide, so I’d vastly prefer just scrolling down the page rather than: see the top part of the photo, scroll slightly down to see the bottom part and the caption, click to next slide, scroll slightly up (to see the top part of the photo as well), scroll slightly down (to see the caption), click to next slide, repeat.

            That said, I could just shrink the screen a bit, and will probably do that for future APW slideshows. I just prefer only having to scroll in one direction (and for slideshows to be clearly marked as such), therefore, feedback. :-)

          • Sarah E

            The slideshow size is an issue on my laptop, but not on my desktop, so probably screen shrinking is the best bet. YMMV, of course.

          • Another Meg

            From a developer standpoint, btw, this thread is super interesting. Also proves that testing for everything is basically impossible.

      • Amy March

        The slideshows aren’t functional on a mobile device. At least, not on mine. Repeated crashing, pictures get stuck in inbetweenland, can’t read the text and see the pictures.

        • Meg Keene

          What mobile device are you using, and are there sites where slideshows work well on that mobile device?

          • Amy March

            iPhone 5s, none that I’ve found are good, gofugyourself is the best I’ve found. Switching to slideshows to me looks like a grab for page views and makes the site less usable/appealing. I understand the rationale to save staff time, but personally my favorite way to look a fashion-y things is a la caphillstyle.

          • Meg Keene

            Nope. Look at the URLS. Our URLS are not switching (which is something google HEAVILY penalizes). This page is all one pageview. This is an editorial choice. The whole staff liked it better for consuming content in this roundup. It was heavily discussed.

          • Amy March

            Like I said, I understand that’s not what’s happening here, but as an end user to me it feels like making the page less accessible.

          • Meg Keene

            I get you feel that way. That said, sometimes we make changes because they work for us, and sometimes some of you won’t like all of them.

          • Joy

            Works great on my Xperia. Had to zoom out but really no big deal. And yes loads of gorgeous David’s bridal. While my mom sewed my dress, we did end up having to buy the bustier (long line bra? Not sure what its called) at David’s bridal since they were the only ones who carried it

          • Jen

            The slideshow worked ok on my 5s, though I preferred it on a desktop. I’m using safari and am on wifi.

          • Kayjayoh

            FWIW, most of APW is unreadable for me on iPhone 4S, on both Safari and Chrome. I don’t even try to read the comments from my phone anymore, and can barely read the main part of the site.

          • Another Meg

            Also, the browser you use on a phone makes a difference. Some are friendlier to slide shows than others.

      • ediblesprysky

        I love that you guys will actually engage in conversation about the site’s format :) I agree that, as a consumer, slideshows generally make me sigh with irritation. I’ll do it out loud if it’s one of those that eats the entire screen once you click through. But this one isn’t bad, considering it doesn’t load new pageviews and it doesn’t expand over the entire page and make your browser freeze. And really, it doesn’t stop me from reading content I really want to read. I’m really glad you explained why you wanted it, because I’ll keep it in mind now when I see them. That’s the personal APW touch!

    • Giggles

      When I read the post on feedly it isn’t in slide show format, if that helps.

      • Meg Keene

        That’s AWESOME. Normally slideshows just don’t read in Feedly, and I actually love what it did with this. Vote for this slideshow maker, right there.

    • Sorry!

      There’s a slideshow? Oh, THAT’S why I could only see one dress instead of 10. ;)

      I hate clicking. If I don’t see all the pics on the page, I won’t bother viewing them.

  • KC

    So, “illusion back” – does that mean that this is a dress you can or cannot wear a just-plain-regular bra underneath? I can’t tell how see-through the back is or isn’t… but that could otherwise be magic for “please no strapless bra” people…

    • Sarah E

      Probably fairly see-through, but the sparkles would distract enough that I think you could get away with a skin-toned bra if you could find one.

    • Amy March

      It will be pretty see through and probably show a bra.

  • Lauren

    I notice that 6 out the 10 pretty great options have a sleeve of some kind. When I went to David’s (in Canada, mind you) not 3 short months ago to try on dresses, the salesperson looked at me like I was an alien when I asked for something with a cap sleeves and no pouf.

    Needless to say, I didn’t find my dress there, but these ones are rad, and it makes me happy for all you future brides who don’t want to do sleeveless or strapless!

    • Erin E

      YES! I agree – last year at this time, when I was looking, there was not a sleeve to be found – nor even a strap. No one had anything but sweetheart strapless dresses to show me and that was exactly the style I DIDN’T want!

    • Meg Keene

      I know, I know. This is part of why we were so excited with the new stuff.

    • Eh

      I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I also went to a DB in Canada and had similar requirements (this was almost two years ago). They did not have many options then either (though the salesperson did not look at me like an alien). She was very helpful and gave me some different options. I did end up finding my dress there and it ended up being perfect.

  • Ellen

    Just a friendly reminder/warning to all my APW lovelies- David’s Bridal is pretty notorious for selling your information to other WIC vendors. My bridesmaid dresses were from DB and while I loved the dresses (as did my girls), I really did not love getting a huge number of calls (probably 40+) from area vendors trying to convince me I needed to use them for various wedding-related stuff. I knew it was as a result of going to DB because of the geographic area where these vendors were based out of.

    • E

      Set up a retail or wedding-only e-mail address and give them that – it was a lifesaver! And (I kinda feel bad saying this), I also gave out a fake phone #. It’s not a real number, so no one else is getting harassed by my wayward calls… it’s the fake # I used to give out in bars in my single days ;) I just didn’t want to deal with the salespeople. I made sure to get THEIR name and # so that I could call the store if I wanted more information.

      • Ellen

        I totally got suckered in by the “we need your phone number in case your girls don’t pick up their dresses!” schtick. It ended up coming in handy- one bridesmaid had a bunch of stuff come up and I had to remind her to pick up her dress- but UGH. It got to the point where I didn’t even answer my phone when it was calls from a certain area code.

    • Natalie

      Huh. After buying my dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses at David’s I haven’t gotten any vender calls, but definitely have several spam emails a day from David’s and their friends. They go straight to my spam folder, so they don’t really bother me.

    • Kelsey

      We used a Google voice number for our RSVPs, but it occurred to me (unfortunately too late in the game to give out to vendors) that it also would have worked to give to vendors who I wanted to be able to contact me in case of unexpected issues, without giving them my cell number.

    • Meg Keene

      Yeah. It’s bad. Do NOT give your real email or real phone number.

  • vegankitchendiaries

    Funnest idea for a round-up ever!! ALL RAD!

  • Lauren

    I want to wear those all!

  • Lauren

    where is the dress that is on the facebook link to this article? am i doing something wrong?

  • Laura

    Wait – wow! Surprised/impressed.

  • Giggles

    I think I need #3 in a deep forest green and then a rocking Christmas party or something to wear it to.

  • Natalie

    Oh, man, these are gorgeous. I wish I could wear all of them for my wedding. And I already have a dress.

  • Hannah

    As a bride who got her dress from DB, it’s so fun to see them getting a little lovin! Some of the crap they get is admittedly deserved (helllooooo spam emails) but they have some fabulous finds as well!

    • Kris

      My dress came from DB too. I’ve seen a ton of people complain about spam, but I never got ANY. Good gmail spam filtering? Or maybe it was because I walked out the door with my dress in a bag the day I went to the store (bought one off the clearance rack). I also didn’t use their alterations service, it came strongly recommended against by a bridesmaid with personal experience with that DB.
      Here’s the dress, and the bridesmaid (also in a DB dress) that said DB’s alterations stink. My favorite thing about the dress is that it has no train!

  • Grace from England

    Love these! Particularly number 7, though sadly I doubt it could safely contain my FF rack. There’s a David’s bridal in London now!! The UK seriously needs a decent big-box bridal chain – the boutiques are waaay out of my budget and have a stuffy reputation. I’m already looking forward to taking my mum and MOH once we go official (by the end of November, this is really happening)!!!

    • EF

      Feeling you on the UK and dress shopping. I went up and down the shops on Regent Street just to get comfortable with different styles of dresses….and then went ahead and ordered one from the USA that my aunt will bring over early. It was a little rough trying to find anywhere with options that was affordable in the UK!

  • Fay

    Not a fan of DB after a not so fun experience wedding dress shopping there. They “say” they carry plus size samples in the store, but when you’re repeatedly told the dresses you want to try on are “Not available in a plus size sample in the store for you to try on.” you get very discouraged, very quickly. Why advertise that you have plus size samples, when the largest sample size “plus” you have is a 16/18? For many of us plus ladies out there, that size ain’t going to cut it when trying on wedding dresses.

    However, I will admit that the new line of dresses you shared above Maddie are on point. A few of them I would have loved to have worn (or even just tried on for fun!) for my wedding day. The 3/4 Sleeve Lace Gown w/ Godet skirt? Shut it down, I’m done. Gorgeous.

    • Meg Keene

      I think it depends a bit on how big the store is. Maddie and I were talking about this before the post went live, and you pretty clearly can’t carry 300 dresses all in size 0-26, or you’re just in… the David’s Bridal warehouse. However, if you go to one of the flagship stores (Manhattan, oddly Newport Beach, etc.) they have a shit ton of dress in a shit ton of sizes, that you can buy on the spot. The smaller strip mall stores have much smaller selections of everything in store, and I think work more on sample sizes, instead of “buy this today.”

      In short, as we covered in our dress shopping post: CALL BEFORE YOU GO. Call, ask the store specifically how much they have in your size. And if it’s not a lot, ask what store might have more.

  • iames

    I had an awesome consultant at my DB and ended up buying my dress there. It’s pretty basic but I’m planning on customizing it because I got it for such a steal! Despite how much I love the dress though, I’m still trying to let go of how much I hate that it’s from DB. I only stopped in that day because I had a horrible salon experience and just wanted to be able to try on more dresses that day without having made an appointment…

    Side note, I tried on #7 and it was drop dead GORGEOUS but it looked terrible on my short, curvy frame. I would have bought it in a second had I been tall and thin!

  • pajamafishadventures

    I have been coveting this dress:
    from DB since I saw it on a random ad and am surprised by how many things there I currently like! But I have dreams of wearing that dress to a fall wedding with an amazing kokoshnik… le sigh

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      That one ALMOST made it in. It’s sooo pretty.

  • light0a0candle$400-$799.99

    This one from Davids looked stunning on, the ruching is fabulous and the off the shoulder sleeves are great.

    Overall, in my experience, they had a few great dresses but it was an awful ‘bridal experience’, the consultant was young and inexperienced and got me stuck in dresses! Ya, it was bad. Didn’t buy from there, but if I had been on a tighter budget I would have gone with this one!

  • Jennifer Cary Diers

    I got my wedding dress from David’s Bridal. I didn’t want to shop for a wedding dress because, to me, all white wedding dresses look pretty much alike. I was an actress by trade, and wearing a wedding dress just felt like another costume to me. But my husband requested a white dress, and I was accommodating him. I tried several stores with no luck, so when I found a dress I thought was pretty at DB for very little money, it seemed like really good luck.

    Then I went to the wedding of one of my husband’s best friends. And his wife, now a good friend of mine, wore the exact same dress I had just ordered. So our wedding, six months after theirs, would be attended by many of the same people, including the bride and groom themselves. And I’d be wearing the same dress. I was mortified.

    I called David’s, and they were actually really understanding. They were totally willing to let me pick out something else and order it right away, so it would arrive in time to be altered. The sales lady was so kind. I gave it a good, long think and cried to my mom and my best friend about it. Ultimately, I decided to keep the dress–not so much because I loved it, but because I really hated wedding dress shopping.

    On my wedding day, I felt beautiful but utterly ordinary. Pre-packaged. My accessories helped, because I loved them, and my wedding was awesome. The dress is, by no means, a bright spot for me.

    Two things I took from this experience:

    1) Don’t wear the white dress if you don’t like white wedding dresses. Don’t wear anything you don’t want to wear on your wedding day. If there is one day to be selfishly attired, it’s that day.
    2) David’s Bridal has lots of beautiful dresses, but they also sell lots of those beautiful dresses. So be prepared to see your dress on other people. If you’re competitive in any way or super body-sensitive, this is not good. Since my own wedding, another friend’s (now) wife wore the same dress that I and my friend did. That’s three people in a relatively limited group of friends. And the sales lady told me it was not one of their more popular dresses.

    That’s my David’s Bridal advice.

  • Bsquillo

    These dresses are awesome, and I personally found my wedding dress at DB, which I loved. But is it just me, or is their photo styling terrible? My dress looked WAY better on me than it did in their lookbook, and I would say the same for other brides I’ve seen in DB dresses.

  • Huh

    Does David’s Bridal have an Adrianna Papell knockoff line? When I was shopping for dresses recently, I noticed that all the AP dresses I loved had a David’s doppelgänger. Number 3 is exactly like my wedding dress, except I bought the off-white version at Dillards with a keyhole back for around $140…they are knocking it out, but I feel like the dresses they’re really hitting hard with are versions of other designers! Do the designers do special versions for them or something? O_o

    • Meg Keene

      Nope. As far as I know all of the bargain stores (Forever 21, DB, J Crew up to a point, you name it) do variations of runway knockoffs, and they do them fast. Long story short, it’s very hard to trademark designs, so as long as they do it right (and you know they have huge legal teams) it’s all legal.

      • Huh

        I only ask because I started to feel like I was seeing these same few designer dresses everywhere, and I was terrified of paying for the expensive version of essentially the same design (silly wedding stress paranoia blowing everything out of proportion). At the end of the day, I guess I can’t complain that the world is temporarily full of dresses I love :)

  • penkwin

    Though none of the styles above would really work for me (though they are cool and pretty), I did go to DB recently with low expectations. I ended up finding 2 dresses I really liked, and the one I liked a teensy bit better was only $250 due to the online sale they were just having (I think it’s over now). Anyway, I was surprised and that dress is definitely a contender. I’m just not ready to pull the trigger yet because I’d like to try some knee length styles, and the DB I visited had a very small selection of those compared to what’s on their website.

  • anonpsu

    I got my dress from DB, it’s a pretty poufy number from the White by Vera Wang collection. Honestly, both experiences there were low-key and I have gotten zero calls from area vendors. They were totally fine when I said I wasn’t ordering the first time. I liked being able to try on dresses in my size, and I didn’t see any problem with the quality for most of the dresses. SOME of them look cheap, but so do some really expensive dresses as well.

  • laurasmash

    I went to DB with my mom expecting to hate it and just make snarky comments the whole time, but I found a dress that I LOVE there, and it’s discontinued and on sale.

    Sadly it was discounted a lot more when I tried it on and wasn’t quite ready to buy and now the sale isn’t quite as good. Trying to decide whether to buy now or wait it out for a better sale.

  • Rachel

    My bestie wore their tea-length Cassini dress for her wedding (~600$ on sale) and I loved it (she did too).

  • Stephanie

    I went to David’s Bridal mostly because I didn’t want to spend much money on dresses. I also liked knowing that my bridesmaids could get dresses from there, too. I know some people have issues with their practices or setup (and I definitely felt ignored at one of the David’s Bridal locations, but was helped really well at another location), but I was happy to get a dress for just $250.

    I bought this short dress there:

    And made it even more fun with a crinoline underneath to poof it out. I loved it! I also had a blue bow (matching the bridesmaids) tied around my waist.

  • Stacy {Woodsy Weddings}

    I am happy to see David’s Bridal changing it up! I love dress #5, that bodice is gorgeous!

  • Caroline

    Chiming in with another overall positive David’s Bridal experience… I planned my wedding in 7 weeks and picked DB as the easiest, least expensive option. I found the dress I wanted (basically the short-sleeve version of #4 above, though I wish #4 had been available because I love the long sleeves) online, told them which one it was when I made the appointment to make sure they would have the dress in stock since I didn’t have time to wait for it to be ordered. The attendant was really low-key & relaxed, though her supervisor gave me the LOOK when I told them my wedding was in less than two months (I certainly got used to getting that look, though). It may have helped that, like some of the others who commented, I went in with clear expectations of what I wanted (knee length, lace, and requiring minimal alterations) and made that obvious to the attendant Two of my bridesmaids bought their dresses there as well thanks to the range of sizes and colors they carry in store. One of my bridesmaids truly adored her dress (and it looked amazing on her) and has worn it to other events.

    I got a few emails from them but I clicked “unsubscribe” and they stopped pretty quickly. No phone calls outside of the necessary ones confirming my appointment, letting me know my dress was ready for pick-up, etc. I did use their alterations service, which was a tad expensive (but my dress still came in under $300 all told, which was the important bit for me) and not fantastic, but again, seemed the easiest option at the time.

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  • daina94

    I like all of these dresses. Not really a style that I think would look great on me, but they are to die for. I’ve booked mine from HouseOfBrides. com, I loved it the moment I saw it..

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