40 White-Hot Little White Dresses

The "little white dress" is totally a thing, right?

by Stephanie Kaloi, Content Manager


Scallop Lace Dress via TopShop ($160)

It goes without saying that you don’t have to wear white for your wedding. Spoiler alert: People will still know you’re the bride. So it should also go without saying that you don’t have to wear a long white dress to your wedding either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t flip the script with a cute little white dress either—for your wedding, for your shower, bachelorette party, or just because. So, since summer is basically the season of the little white dress, we cut through the hundreds of white dresses at our favorite stores to bring you forty of our favorites that would be perfect for any of your wedding related activities:

image1xxl (4)

Wiggle Dress in Crepe with Open Wrap Back and D-Ring via ASOS ($81)


Coppelia Ballet Dress via BHLDN ($260)

image1xxl (8)

Tailored Vest and Culotte Co-ord via ASOS ($63 each, also available in pink here and here.)


Sleeveless Sequin-Seamed Cocktail Sheath Dress via Neiman Marcus ($372)

image4xxl (4)

Lovedrobe Embellished Midi Skater Dress via ASOS ($126)


Fringe Slip Dress via TopShop ($115)


Renata Sheath via BHLDN ($500)


Acacia Embroidered Jumpsuit via Anthropologie ($188)

image1xxl (5)

Goldie Wrap Dress with Fringe Asymmetric Hem via ASOS ($97)


Roza Crop Top and Pencil Skirt via BHLDN ($230-390)


Baby Doll Dress with Blouson Sleeves and Button Details via ASOS ($69)


Halston Heritage Halter Tuxedo Jumpsuit via Saks Fifth Avenue ($525)


Side Ruffle Peplum Dress via Eloquii ($130)


Tevin Racer-back Lamé Mini Dress via Bloomingdales ($138)


Ekin Mini Dress via BHLDN ($350)


Lace Detail Swing Dress via Simply Be ($44, available in sizes 8-24)


Chanterie Ponte Sheath via Anthropologie ($198)


Come on, Let’s Deco! Dress via Modcloth ($85)


Prato Romper via BHLDN ($275)


“Heidi” Check Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress via Nordstrom ($237)

image4xxl (8)

Plus Size Embellished Collar Dress via ASOS ($81)


Lola Jumpsuit via BHLDN ($300)


Joanna Hope Sequin Dress via Simply Be ($107, available in sizes 6-28)


Your Good Graces Dress via Modcloth ($90)


Beaded Cocktail Dress with Fringe Hem via Neiman Marcus ($395)

image1xxl (7)

Plain Wiggle Plus Size Cut Out Back Dress via ASOS ($76)


Gwendolyn Dress via BHLDN ($650)

image4xxl (5)

Waffle Peplum Midi Dress via ASOS ($90)


Chloe Dress via BHLDN ($250)


Vila All Over Crochet Dress via ASOS ($68)


Sevilla Lace Sheath via Anthropologie ($395)


Missguided Premium White Scallop Lace Dress ($81)


Haute Hippie Asymmetrical Draped Lace-Paneled Silk Dress via Saks Fifth Avenue ($297)


Asymmetric One Shoulder Drape Midi Dress via ASOS ($81)


Rila Eyelet Dress via Anthropologie ($190)

image1xxl (6)

3D Embellished Waist Pleated Skirt Mini Dress ($116)


Lina Dress via Anthropologie ($295)

image4xxl (7)

Lovedrobe Embellished Plus Size Bodycon Dress With Cowl Back via ASOS ($159)


Laced Piecework Dress via Anthropologie ($330)

Stephanie Kaloi

Stephanie is a photographer, writer, and Ravenclaw living in the southern US with her husband, their seven year old metalhead son, and a crew of beasts. She is super into reading, road trips, and adopting animals on a whim. Forewarning: all correspondence will probably include a lot of punctuation and smiley faces.

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  • BSM

    I love all of these! I looked for a reception dress that I could really dance my face off in (this weekend!!!) foreeeeeever before finally deciding on this reception romper: https://www.shopbop.com/you-leave-playsuit-keepsake/vp/v=1/1565068998.htm

    Highly recommend!!

  • anotherlady

    great choices! never understood why they photograph white dresses on a white or semi-off-white background…

  • Sara

    I’m going to a party called Diner en Blanc in two weeks and desperately need a new white dress for it. This could not have come at a better time!

    • JDrives

      That sounds swanky and fun! Although I pray you don’t spill anything on your fabulous white frock! (Could just be me, but that is why I can’t wear white/have nice things.)

    • VKD_Vee

      WOAH! HOT TICKET! Which one are you going to??

      • Sara

        Chicago! On the 21st! I went last year and had a ton of fun but was so overwhelmed. I think it’ll be more fun this year

  • NewHere

    Yay for short dress love! I’m wearing one for my upcoming wedding. There are also a lot of good choices on j crew, and the big retail stores. Nordstrom even has a ‘little white dress’ section at the moment which is where I ended up finding mine.

  • raccooncity

    LOVE these – esp. the ones from ASOS. FYI, ASOS has a great tall section, and Long Tall Sally also has been rockin’ some great cocktail dresses lately – including awesome white ones.

    Just gotta keep reppin’ the tall folks.

    • Eenie

      Sometimes “cute” short dresses on average sized people can be very raunchy when you are taller.

      • raccooncity

        The eternal ‘is this a shirt or a dress’ battle of tall folks.

        • Eenie

          Although I hear short people have this same battle with things marketed as shirts. I wouldn’t know firsthand!

          • Kara

            I can whole-heartedly agree, that short people experience the same problem with shirts…”what if I cut off the bottom 2 buttons? would it work as a shirt then?”

            Take a regular button up shirt…imagine the bottom button below your crotch. :-/

          • eating words

            My partner is petite and I’m tall, and we’ve had some really amusing moments trying to wear each other’s dresses.

        • VKD_Vee

          Feel this.

    • VKD_Vee

      I feel like LTS has SUUUUUUCH “conservative” fits. They look so cute in the catalogue on the model and then I get the clothes and it’s like… mom-jean rise! I haven’t ordered from them in years, mind you… Are they better now?

      • raccooncity

        I guess so? I didn’t get into LTS until I needed a winter jacket that had sleeves that met my mittens and I happened to walk by a storefront and was like “this could work…” So I don’t know where they used to be.

        I would say that they’re a mix of conservative business clothes (tall boomers need office pants too!), stuff that matches my style (which is sort of conservatively trendy…I’m never cutting edge), and then a smattering of weirdly avant garde stuff that I don’t get.

        Weird fact: they sell crop tops tank tops. Like…is this a joke?

        Check out their instagram for a better idea: @longtallsallyclothing

  • Eenie

    I love BHLDN. I may or may not be slightly biased because I bought my dress there… But I will plug that their Chicago store was wonderful and didn’t scoff at my $500 budget! They have some great steals in the $300-$400 range. I had three dresses that beat the current favorite at the other stores.

    • raccooncity

      I went to the Chicago store too! For bridesmaid dresses though. They were awesome and I ended up buying a veil there. They were very cool about my engaged sister poking around the bridal section – very excited for her to be looking there.

      • Eenie

        Eeeeeeee! Man, the appointments fill up fast, but it’s totally worth it. I’m not sure how the bridesmaid dress experience is vs the wedding dress, but they have you in a separate private room with the gowns you included on your appointment reservation already pulled and ready (and in your size! I’m street size 10 and even david’s bridal was trying to fit me into a 6). The stylist was actually helpful and didn’t try to push the more expensive gowns. The little toppers are AWESOME. Totally re-wearable ;) I ended up going with a gown that was originally $1800 on sale for $360 and not at all on my radar. This Chicago and Houston store are the only stand alone stores and offer a better experience than the rest of them which are attached to the anthropologie store (at least that’s what my helper said).

        • JDrives

          The one in LA is attached to an Anthropologie store, but it was still really pleasant, albeit super distracting and bad for my wallet because I want to buy ev.er.y.thing. at Anthro!

    • JDrives

      I’m so in love with BHLDN! I talk it up to all of my engaged friends. I had a fabulous experience at the LA store and love my (awesome, comfy, flattering, and well under $1000) dress.

    • Megan

      Seconded! I also got my dress at the Chicago BHLDN store and they made it such a fantastic experience!

  • jubeee

    I got my little white dress! I was the APW Brideside winner and I purchased a very cute, A-line champagne littel white dress which I will be covering the top with a cute lace topper from BHLDN. So excited!

    • Eenie

      I thought the toppers were silly online, but loved them in person. YOU CAN TOTALLY RE-WEAR THEM TOO! Over a colored dress to fancy it up!

  • RoseTyler

    I LOVE the mix of plus & not-plus sizing in this list!

  • JDrives

    Uh, that Anthro pantsuit is everything.

  • raisedeyebrow

    I’m surprised y’all didn’t include the Aurore jumpsuit from BHLDN! Brand new from their fall collection. (I may be biased because I totally bought it and can’t wait for it to arrive next week!)

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  • Green_Mind

    I love all of them. They are all ideal. I wish to celebrate wedding 15 times so I can change it on every time:)

  • Ah, so many adorable dresses in this list! I have to say as a bride who is not wearing white for the wedding I loved getting to splurge (oh grad school budget) on a Forever 21 tweed white and gold dress for my not-an-engagement-party party (my parents said you couldn’t call it an engagement party because then relatives from around the world would be upset they couldn’t come. WHATEVER). I didn’t want an engagement party initially (it was really just family friends, most of whom hadn’t yet met my fiancé), but it was a great event and I felt so bridal in white! Was not expecting that. I think partly because I rarely wear it (I prefer bright colors). Reminds me, should wear that again….


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  • Rebekah Jane

    Just a head’s up that you can rent the Halston Heritage jumpsuit on Rent The Runway for only $85. Yay savings!


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