Sponsored Post: Wasabi Photography in the Midwest

First. This is not a normal sponsored post. Not at all. This is some APW community magic, in a big time way. Read on:

So a few months ago I got a really amazing email. It was from a super regular commenter (you guys all know her, but for google-ability reasons, I’m going to just call her Jacqueline, which is her real name). She’d just gotten her dream job in Fargo, and she and her partner Travis had decided to move for her career. Unfortunately, that meant that Travis would have to give up his job as an award winning photojournalist for a newspaper. And Jacqueline was sad, and wanted to do something amazing to surprise him.

So she wondered, maybe, if their might be a place for Travis and his wedding photography business Wasabi Photography on APW. She was wondering, maybe, if there might be brides in the midwest who might be interested in hiring her super talented husband for their weddings. You know, maybe. She said this:

I feel an incredible amount of love and support from him for encouraging me to take this job. He’s moving to a remote city sight unseen for me! His love and support mean so much to me that I want to do something incredible for him. I want to show him the same love and support, so I thought that surprising him with an APW sponsorship would show him how much he means to me and how much I believe in his work.

So, you know, obviously I got all teary, and then I looked at his photos and I got all grin-y, looked at his rates and gave y’all a mental high-five, then I did a dance around the living room, and told her H*LL YES. So this post goes live today, on a non-sponsor day of the week, because it’s their fifth anniversary. And on their anniversary, the best gift she could think of was the gift of you guys. APW couples as clients. Seriously. Now aren’t you a little teary? Ok, moving on.

Since Travis couldn’t participate in our top-secret-blog-post-endeavor, Jacqueline wrote me something about his work, and his business and why she believes in him so d*mn hard. You know, other than the amazing pictures. So here we go:

Travis is a photojournalist at heart. He’s there to capture the “moments” as they unfold, naturally and full of emotion. The quiet reflections are just as important to him as the big joyous outbursts. He’s not big on props or directing the action. He’d rather blend in and document the day with his lens. And I don’t think it should surprise anyone that the results of those moments are honest and incredibly beautiful.

Occasionally I assist him with weddings by holding lights, wrangling grandparents for photos, etc. (it’s kind of a family gig), and I promise he’s fully committed to getting the best shots. At one wedding, I drove his car and he took photos perched in the open hatchback while the groom peddled the bride to the reception in a rickshaw. It seems like he never leaves a wedding at the contract stipulated time – he’s told me many a time that he stays later so that he doesn’t miss anything, like a funky dancing uncle who doesn’t make his way onto the dance floor until the end of the night.

Travis loves diversity and believes in marriage equality for everyone. Whether his clients come from different ethnic, religious, or cultural backgrounds or have weddings big or small, he likes to capture celebrations of all kinds of people. That’s what he loves about his job – seeing the range of human experiences. And he always bonds with his couples (Travis and a recent groom had a good time discussing IPA beer for a little too long), which is why I know he will love working with Team Practical couples. He is extremely committed to his couples and works with them to develop a package that is right for them. He travels at cost anywhere in the world.

So that’s it ladies. That’s us getting to help Jacqueline give Travis and Wasabi Photography an amazing, I-believe-in-you (dating) anniversary present. I feel beyond lucky to get to help a little, and so happy for all of us that this community is important enough in Jacqueline’s life that she wanted to give the gift of you guys. So ladies? If you’re in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, or beyond… you’ve got one really talented wedding photographer to call. One who you really, really want to be at your wedding (and yes, Jacqueline comes for free). I love you guys. The end.

And Happy Anniversary Jacqueline and Travis, from ALL of us!!!!!

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  • Awe! What a wonderful wife! Gorgeous photos and kick a*s name! If I lived in the Mid West, I’d hire him. As a photographer as well, I look for people with a photojournalism background to document my special days. For me, it’s cut the posing and capture a real moment. Awesome stuff here. Thanks for sharing Travis with us!

  • That’s wonderful that they’re going to move together for her dream job. Congratulations on the job, Jaqueline, and congratulations to you both on your anniversary!
    What a great gift! His pictures look amazing… lucky Midwesterners!

  • Michelle

    Yay Jacqueline and Travis. If I weren’t already married, I would hire you.

  • Happy Anniversary!!!! If any friends back home in Minneapolis need a wedding photographer, I know just who to recommend! Why oh why didn’t this happen two months ago?? :)

  • ddayporter

    ooohhh goodness that’s amazing. what a wonderfully supportive partnership you two have! the midwest is lucky to have you!

  • what a great gift! hooray to travis and jacqueline and wasabi and 5 years of awesomeness!

  • Ummm he’s really fantastic – and so is his sweet lady for doing this for him! Wow. Lovely lovely photos.

    And I’m glad to see you’ve taken on dancing in your living room too Meg! It is fun, isn’t it?! :)

  • YAY! I was hoping we’s have a post like this soon. Happy anniversary to you two, Jacqueline! This is an awesome idea. His work is amazing, and if I still had a wedding to plan and could hire Travis, I absolutely would!!

  • Happy Anniversary!!

    This was… just lovely. Jacqueline, you’re so sweet and thoughtful and…. just AND. I wish that we were closer to add you to our list of vendors. Gorgeous images, wonderful words, and thank you for thinking so highly of APW brides. :)

  • What a beautiful and thoughtful anniversary gift! And such stunning pictures!

  • Katelyn

    This is totally bookmarked for our maybe-possibly-engagement we’ve been discussing. Our 5 year anniversary was in April, so I know how special it is to hit that mark.

    Hope to be in contact soon :)

    • meg

      Almost possibly engagement!!! I know I’m not supposed to say finally, but finally! I’m so excited for you guys!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Love this!

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Dang Travis, you are wonderful.

  • Alyssa

    HOW AMAZING! Happy Anniversary and I wish you both the best!

    (This makes my gift of Halo: Reach for our first anniversary not quite as exciting. :-) )

    • meg

      Oh, Alyssa, you know you want to buy him a sponsorship on APW for your second anniversary ;)

    • meg

      PS When David asked if we were doing presents for our anniversary, I was like, “I’m taking you to Italy, so shut up.” So at least you GAVE him something….

  • Elizabeth

    I’m form North Dakota, it’s a wonderful place. I’m glad to hear about some people moving into ND instead of out! Good luck!

  • Happy, happy anniversary, Beagles!

  • WAHOO!

    Three Cheers for Supportive Spouses!!
    Three Cheers for Team Practical!!

  • His photos are gorgeous!! Does he come to Oregon? ;)

    • Jacqueline

      He totally would.

  • LOVE this post. Wasabi is my jam.