Call For Submissions: The Good

As we near the end of the first week of March, it’s time for another submissions call! We’re heading into spring, and now seems like the perfect time to focus our efforts on the positive. So for April, we’re asking you to submit your stories on:

The Good

As anyone who’s ever googled “headache” knows, the internet is full of doom and gloom, and stories convincing you that you’re probably going to die in the next five minutes. Somehow, we forget to collect all the good stories of our lives and put them online. Next month, to celebrate spring, we’re sharing those stories of joy and complicated richness. Stories of wedding planning, relationships, and life gone… actually pretty damn good. Next month is APW’s happy trombone.

So, while you ponder your submissions, here is a quick reminder of some helpful tips and tricks when submitting your story:

  • First, one of the primary characteristics we look for in submissions each month is a connection to a universal idea. We’re all writing from our personal experiences here, but if you can take that experience and make it something that other people are going to relate to, then we’ve got magic. But that doesn’t mean that every story has to have a big moral or overarching theme. Sometimes the most universal stories are the simplest ones.
  • Second, as always, our themes are meant to serve as a guideline for submissions, but they aren’t rigid. Do with them what you will! For example, if next month’s theme is “The Good” and you want to write a piece on Good vs. Evil in wedding planning, we’re game for it. We’re always after diversity of experience here, so the most important thing is that you write something that is authentic to you, however that might fit into the theme. (And a loose fit is still a fit most of the time.)
  • Also, when you’re submitting for the monthly theme, we don’t want you to feel as though you have to frame your story around the theme itself (i.e., “Things are good right now because…”). Heck, you don’t even have to include the name of the theme in your writing at all. Just write what you would normally write, and we’ll figure out if it’s a good fit for the month, or if maybe it would be a better fit for later in the year.
  • Lastly, if you have something you just have to get out there into the world, but it doesn’t fit with the theme for the next month, please send it in anyway. Our top priority is always strong content, regardless of the topic.

And that’s it! So if you have a story to share for “The Good,” send it on in!

Cheers and happy writing,


Editor’s Note: We are still working on a system to confirm when submissions are received in our back end. In the meantime, if you’re afraid the internet monkeys might have eaten your post, feel free to send us an email. 

Photo by: Gabriel Harber Photography (APW Sponsor)

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  • I know there is a disclaimer explaining that when you submit a story, because of the number of stories you get, and your editorial criteria (etc) not all of them will make it, to the site, that is understood and understandable, given how big this community is (yay!)
    But, may I kindly suggest that even if a story is not going to make it, that you send an email (and this can totally be a template) saying something like “Sorry, thanks for submitting your story, but this month it was not possible for us to share your post because of xyz”. If I am not wrong it is possible to link Excel with Outlook to send such an email to several people (and have it directed at the “name” of the sender) with just one click… It would make a difference…

    • Maddie

      I should have been clearer in my post script. This is totally something we’re working on. Our submissions don’t actually come through an email exchange (they arrive directly in the backend of our site), so it’s a bit trickier than automating responses (and we haven’t really had the manpower to do that until very recently). It may not happen as quickly as we’d like, but it’s absolutely on our list!

      • In any case a huge thank you to all the team for all the work that goes on behind the scenes, for bringing us this every day ! I look forward to reading APW every single day, and it’s not (only) because of the weddings (but for the wisdom and support).

        • Maddie


  • Catherine

    I am so excited about next month! So important to celebrate the blessings and the lessons. I feel so much “good” just that this site exists and I get to read it everyday! Woohoo!

  • I’m trying to write something for this and it’s way harder than I thought. Writing about the bad is so much easier.