A Printable Press: One-Stop Printing & New (Baby & Party) Designs

I’m always over the moon to write a post about A Printable Press and Kimi, the artist behind this innovative and affordable stationery company. In fact, over the years Kimi has become a friend, and you can even read a little bit about our friendship on her new-ish blog (which happens to be in my top-five-current-obsessive-blog list). But today I’m way more excited than usual, because the stuff going on at A Printable Press is just beyond personally exciting to me, and I think it will be to you guys too.

So let’s review! A Printable Press started back in 2009, with its launch right here on APW, after some nudging by yours truly (I’m going to let Kimi tell that story). The idea was to provide affordable high-end designs, with unique elegant and whimsical options, attention to detail, and gorgeous text. How was Kimi, an established and experienced artist, going to do all this and keep it affordable? Well, she’d sell you JPEGs of your images that you could print at home. At the time, this was groundbreaking. APWers ordered her invites like crazy people, and she landed in New York Magazine and the like. But it gets better! This year, A Printable Press started offering a super affordable way to get your invites PRINTED through them as well. Meaning that for those of you who find self-printing too much trouble (even with a handy APW step-by-step tutorial), A Printable Press designs are now for you. Or as Kimi’s motto goes, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread” —John Muir.

But that’s not all. First, Kimi has been hard at work designing brand new wedding invitations, and they are… so good I’m lacking words. (Not to give away the secret, but she actually designs brand new invites every time she has an APW post, just because she loves you guys so much. Truth.) They are stunningly designed (obviously), thoughtful, detailed, and… affordable. For example, the first invites in this post come in girl/boy hands, boy/boy hands, and girl/girl hands. Her travel invites can be modified for any state and country (and have tiny details like boy scouts doing semaphore signals). Plus, the invite suites (if you decide to go all in) are awesome. For example, the travel invites also have travel themed additional parts to the paper suite so you can get design-y and clever (while still staying affordable). Plus, you can print all these invites at HOME you guys! Or at Kinkos! Or just order the prints through A Printable Press and never worry about it again.

In something I personally find super exciting, on September 15th (next week!) A Printable Press is opening up a new section of their site called Baby, Party & More, which will have birth announcements, baby shower invitations, party invitations, customizable art prints and more. It is POSSIBLE that I have some super secret sneak peeks of what’s happening there, and it is also POSSIBLE that it will contain some of the coolest non-cheesy birth announcements you’ve ever seen, along with non-cheesy actual art nursery art, and prints for your home that will solve all your problems, do your dishes, and make you dance around the house with glee. POSSIBLE. But you’ll have to check back next week for details. As if that’s not enough, A Printable Press will also be putting out a quarterly mini-book that is viewable online or printable, featuring our artists for the customizable prints, stories, and printable crafts. The first issue is titled “Monsters!” and you can find out more by liking A Printable Press’s Facebook Page. I KNOW. Cult-y art based printable magazines. Obviously I’m going to be all over that.

But as we collectively try to focus our eyes after all that excitement, let’s talk details of A Printable Press‘s new… PRINT options. First of all, for those of you using A Printable Press for one-stop printing, the prices are amazingly good for seriously high quality. You can look at their pricing guide here before getting a custom quote, but suffice to say one hundred wedding invitations with envelopes on high quality (and green!) paper will set you back just $213 in printing costs, which is about as good as I’ve ever seen. Kimi says, “We are now offering printed cards, after a long search for amazing paper with recycled content that is affordable. We print with the highest quality digital printer available, on papers with an emphasis on a luxurious feel and recycled content. Our Signature paper is available in white or ecru, thick 115lb textured paper, with a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content. We also offer 100% Green paper, 130lb smooth matte paper, with absolutely 100% post-consumer recycled content.”

And beyond all that, the affordable and amazing designs, the ability to print at home, or print with them in one affordable step, the new baby announcements, party invites, custom art prints and more…. beyond all that, A Printable Press has its roots deep in the APW soil. I’ll let Kimi tell the story: “Meg was actually the one who suggested the original business model for A Printable Press. She said, ‘You have to design custom wedding invitations!’ and because my own had taken so long I wrote back ‘NO!’ And then she simply said, ‘Well, what about printable invitations?’ And the rest is history.” (Fun fact: I also suggested that she design wedding dresses, after her own best dress ever, though that wasn’t exactly a business idea, just me being greedy, and she said, “Hell no.”) Kimi again, “I read A Practical Wedding when I was planning my own wedding, and it was absolutely the only blog that made me feel more grounded, made me know there were other people out there like me, and that made me laugh out loud. When I began A Printable Press it was the first blog I advertised on, because the APW community is my kind of tribe—reverent of such a sacred occasion, and irreverent in the face of those who think there is only one way to do a wedding.” Does it get better than that, you guys? I’d argue no.

So off you go! A Printable Press is now offering affordable design to all of you: people who want wedding invites, people who want baby announcements, people who want easy printing options, people who just want art. Art you can afford and a business you’ll be proud to support: The Magic.

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  • A Single Sarah for certain values of single

    What are the other top 5 blogs of the moment? Because I’m excited about the Printable Press blog.

  • Newtie

    I used A Printable Press for my wedding invites and my thankyou cards and I got SO MANY compliments on them. It was easy-peasy, the staff was helpful even though I knew nothing at all about printing, it wasn’t expensive — I’d recommend it to anyone. I was really, really happy with the whole process from start to finish.

    • DanEllie

      I took mine to OfficeMax and it was also super simple – we got many compliments on our invites. Super easy to work with in the customizataion process too.

  • I love all of them! My favorite is the French one. Thanks for sharing!

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