Jamey Thomas: Classic Wedding Photography In San Francisco

If it’s one thing we hear pretty often at APW, it’s that sometimes you guys want a photographer who does classic, traditional wedding photography. And I’m not talking cheesy nineties (read: dated) classic, but natural, relaxed, classic photos that maybe even look like your parents’ wedding pictures.

If that’s the case, then enter Jamey Thomas Photography in San Francisco, whose natural approach makes him a perfect fit for those of you who aren’t into all the indie wedding photo trends happening right now.

So what makes Jamey Thomas Photography different? Well, for one thing, Jamey’s style is heavily influenced by Renaissance art. Which is probably not something you’ll hear from most of the wedding photographers you meet with. Jamey explains, “I’ve loved and studied renaissance and baroque painters since my youth. Great painters and photographers of the past inform every picture I make since I have all their wonderful old images somewhere in the back of my mind. When I shoot, I want to be somewhat classical in terms of content, looking for scenes, settings and interactions that evoke traditional themes or conventions in a realistic, unstaged way. Two people talking underneath a tree vs. two people talking in a parking lot will be very different pictures with different associations and I like to highlight older, traditional, classical associations.”

But don’t confuse Jamey’s work with those stiff, unfeeling photos I know we’re all afraid of. Instead, Jamey takes that classical inspiration and gives it a life and warmth that shows all over his pictures: relaxed portraits, well-thought formals, and happy-natural candids. He shared with us, “I grew up in a family that took photos and shared prints so I got so see a lot of pictures of people I knew and loved over the years. The ones I most love have a relaxed intimacy or casual spontaneity that lets me feel connected to the people in the picture. When photographing people I try to create a relaxed and accepting atmosphere; the hope is to let people be themselves and express themselves, because that’s when people are at their best.”

But the thing I appreciate most about Jamey Thomas‘ approach to wedding photography is that he doesn’t just do classic style for classic’s sake. Jamey’s approach is all about respecting the sanctity of the event itself (which is becoming increasingly rare in this industry, y’all). He explained, “With each occasion I try and strike a balance between getting the photographs I want and respecting the primacy of the event itself. Sometimes events can feel like photo shoots with the photographer always center stage, if not actually directing the proceedings, which I feel is the wrong way around. It also means being a positive presence at the event and working as best I’m able to make the whole thing go well.” Which, just, yes. Can I get a slow clap or something for Jamey? Because this is where the magic is at.

Plus, Jamey Thomas Photography is all about being up front about pricing, and what I learned from looking at Jamey’s rate sheet is that he is crazy affordable for the Bay Area. With Jamey, you can get six hours of coverage for just $1,800, which is nearly unheard of around these parts. Additional coverage is available for $200 per hour.

So listen up San Francisco. If you’ve been searching around, worrying that classic wedding photography is kind of scarce here, (don’t worry, you’re not alone), then look no further than Jamey Thomas Photography. With prices under $2K and a portfolio and business philosophy that are both worth a whole heck of a lot more? Well, I think that’s what they call that a steal.

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