What’s New at TurtleLove.com, Plus The APW Venue Directory Giveaway Winners!

Winners of the APW Venue Directory announced at the end of the post! Read on to see if you won! 

One of the benefits of working with longtime APW sponsor TurtleLove.com on what has affectionately come to be known as the Turtle Love & APW Super Partnership is that we get a front row seat to all the hard work that TurtleLove.com has put into their new products this year. (And in case there is any confusion, these guys have been working their asses off creating rad new non-wedding styles in a variety of price ranges that even I can afford.) And with the holidays just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be more perfect, because TLC is also offering APW readers a 20% discount on all of this new goodness you’re about to see.

But before I dive in, I just want to take a minute to talk about TurtleLove.com themselves. Because honestly, even if their jewelry weren’t as gorgeous as it is, the people behind TurtleLove.com are truly rad. First of all, not only is TurtleLove.com a woman-owned business with ethical and eco-friendly practices, but their essential philosophy is that you don’t need jewelry. Which may sound counterintuitive, for, oh, you know… a jewelry company. But I think it’s this philosophy that makes TurtleLove.com jewelry really meaningful, instead of just pretty (though to be clear, it’s definitely both). In fact, newer readers should definitely check out Adrianne’s (TLC’s founder) post on authenticity and engagement rings and why she does what she does. Because it will make you happy, and then you will fall in love with her.

So it should be no surprise then, that TurtleLove.com’s newest jewelry is meant to be personal and meaningful. You already know about their awesome new state outline necklaces, which we debuted with our APW venue directory giveaway (winners announced at the end of this post, so stay tuned!) Well now, in addition to the original outlines (the California Necklace, Texas Necklace, and New York Necklace went over like gangbusters in the original post) they’ll also be adding Washington, D.C. (as strongly requested in the comments of the original post), Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and Washington state to the mix later this week! And if your state isn’t being made yet? Not to worry. All other states are available for $125. Just email the TLC folks at tlc@turtleloveco.com, and they’ll get people sorted out. I personally still kind of want one for every state that I’ve lived in. (Psst, do you hear that Adrianne? I just need Connecticut to complete my collection.) Though after seeing what’s up next, I might need to rethink that plan to make room for some other layered goodness.

Next up is possibly my favorite addition to the TurtleLove.com lineup: super affordable, lovely and dainty initial necklaces! Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a bit obsessed with identity jewelry (ever since I saw that episode of The Wonder Years where Winnie gives Kevin an I.D. bracelet.) I used to wear at least one piece of “M” jewelry almost every day (true story. Though mine was usually covered in rhinestones, and TLC’s version is a lot… nicer). But what’s crazy about these necklaces is that even though the letter necklaces are sterling silver and way better than the ones I used to buy at Girl Props in New York, they are just $48 after the APW discount is applied! Which means that I can buy one for all of the eleventy-billion relatives I need to purchase gifts for this Christmas and still afford to eat. RAD.

And finally, on the sweeter side, are the new Duck Mom Necklace and Elephant Mother Necklace from TurtleLove.com, which you can check out here and here, respectively. Unlike most of what is offered in the way of parent-child necklaces this time of year (read: usually overpriced and not exactly my cup of tea) TLC’s animal necklaces are sweet and subtle. More importantly, they’re meaningful while still being… pretty (which, honestly, I don’t think is too much to ask).

And of course, just because they’re rolling out a ton of awesome new products right now, doesn’t mean that TurtleLove.com isn’t still chock full of fabulous artisan engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, even classic engagement rings, and men’s wedding rings. (And can I get a hell yes for vintage engagement rings that start at $500 instead of $5,000? Because. HELL YES. Actually, with the exception of about three rings out of almost one hundred, none of TurtleLove.com’s engagement rings go anywhere even close to $5,000. So. Double Hell Yes.)

And remember how I said before that TLC is dedicated to being awesome? Well, right now they are running a contest to celebrate marriage equality passing in Maine (where TLC’s homebase is), and one lucky couple will even have the chance to win two of those fabulous vintage engagement rings for themselves. (I KNOW.) You can check out the full rules and enter yourself to win here.

Which of course brings us to the part you’ve all been waiting for. Our own giveaway! Without further ado and with a little help from Random.org, the winners of the APW Venue Directory Giveaway, sponsored by TurtleLove.com are: Nicole Seletzky, who submitted the Brecksville Reservation, Oak Grove Picnic Area in Brecksville, OH; Caroline Glendenning-Platt, who submitted the BrookLodge & Wells Spa in IrelandLaura Dedon Oxford, who submitted FareStart in Seattle; Kit, who submitted The Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI; and Mary B., who submitted Walters Commons at St. Charles Preparatory School in Columbus, OH.

Thank you to everyone who submitted. We now have over 200 venues in our directory! And even though the contest is over, the directory itself is totally the consolation prize, so we encourage you to go check it out and consider submitting your own venue. We promise it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

And if you didn’t win? Well, not to worry, because TurtleLove.com is offering a whopping 20% off of their state necklaces, initial necklaces, and animal necklaces when you use the promo code APWLOVE. But it’s only available until December 10th, so don’t waste any time. Go check them out now and get your holiday shopping done early. That way you can do the fun holiday stuff when you’re done—like having a cocktail.

Winners of the APW Venue Directory Giveaway will be contacted by e-mail to collect their prizes

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  • Lauren

    Yayyyy! Washington!

    You’ll notice I did not qualify that with “state,” which is just undignified.

  • Meredith

    When are they going to have a Wisconsin necklace? I would totally buy one!

    • meg

      You guys! The post says just email them if you want a state they are not offering yet.

  • MMS

    Did they start engraving yet?

    also.. GAHHH, pretty!!

  • BB

    Can I just take a moment to mention how boring a “colorado” (or “wyoming”) necklace would be, and how sad I am about that?!? A rectangle is not exciting (and hardly identifiable). :(

  • Kathy

    Any chance of any yellow gold (plate)?

  • Bella

    Would love to see one for Martha’s Vineyard!

  • Mary B.

    Whoa I won. I’m the ultimate lurker and posted in the vendor directory when it first started. Whoa, cool :)

  • Granola

    Since two of the winners posted Ohio venues, that means an Ohio necklace will be coming soon maybe?

    • Mary

      I second that!

    • meg

      Again, y’all! The post says to just email TLC if you want a state they are not offering yet, and they’ll sort it out for you. So, go already! Yay TLC.

  • LOVE every new thing TLC is offering currently. SO RAD! How do we get those tiny diamonds/dots on the place we got married on the state necklaces?

    • meg

      Email them. They are still rolling out this product, but they rushed the timeline to get it to you guys for this contest :) So they’ll totally help you out, I’m sure.

  • Lovely, lovely, lovely…

  • Kit

    What a fantastic surprise! (And right after I just spent 45 minutes scrubbing the labels off of some glass jars we’re using for centerpieces) Thank you APW & TLC! I have been having a miserable week and winning has totally made my day.

  • Crystal

    apparently they had to offset the discount becuase today everything is $10 more than it was just the other day when I looked! Crazy! Might want to edit the $30 after discount comment because the initials are $48 now! too expensive!

    • Maddie

      Aw, shoot, that was actually some bad math from me too. The original post should have said $40