Fuzzynk Design Studio: Modern Wedding Invitations!

There’s something very special about wedding invitation designers who decide to become part of the APW fold. Of all the sponsors we work with, it’s the ones who deal in paper (and sometimes digital paper) that introduce some of the most interesting experiments and innovations to their medium (I mean, we’re talking paperless invitations, print-at-home designs, name-your-own-price experiments. These guys are not afraid to try something new). Which is why I am really excited to introduce you to our newest invitation designer, Fuzzynk Design Studio. Not just because Fuzzynk’s aesthetic rounds out the current variety of designs being offered by our sponsors in a way that’s too perfect to be intentional, but also because Fuzzynk Design Studio plans to keep up the tradition of making their work a true collaboration with the APW community.

First off, I really want to talk about how I think Fuzzynk’s design aesthetic is so different from what you’ve seen around here (or anywhere else for that matter) and how much I love that. Sarah, the lady behind Fuzzynk Design Studio, is a designer in an architecture firm, and you can see how she brings that sensibility to her designs, playing with lines and geometry and negative space in a way that modernizes traditional design elements. But unlike a lot of other modern invitation designs, Sarah’s work isn’t a complete departure from the traditional invitation design. Just a (fabulous) update. And for those of you who want modern wedding invitations, but aren’t interested in anything that’s dripping with florals (I know you’re out there), Fuzzynk are your people.

But more than just that, the way that Sarah plays with shapes (and color! Hello bright pink and gorgeous yellow!) in her designs makes it clear that she’s nailed the balance between fun and functional. She told me, “I have a degree in architecture and have been working (still am!) as a designer in an architecture firm for ten years. I love it. I love buildings and absolutely adore creating space for people. That said… architecture has a million rules and regulations, which really disconnect the design from the designer and the designer from the client. I love that what I do with weddings and invitations is the complete opposite of my architectural career. There really aren’t any rules, and being a small business owner means there isn’t a disconnect between my design, the client, and myself. And the idea that I can create something tangible for a person and physically hand it to them and enjoy their reaction is awesome. Wow, so that totally sounds like I’m in it for personal self-gratification. Hmmm. (Editor’s note: we forgive you, Sarah.) Long story short. Design makes me happy, making my clients happy makes me happy… and don’t we all sometimes just need simple basic goodness? I mean, it’s paper and ink… I just help invite the guests to the good part!

Now, obviously Fuzzynk has some amazing invitation designs, but imagine my surprise when I clicked over to their site and discovered that their work is also remarkably affordable (seriously, it cost me more when I made my own invitations). Letterpress printing starts at just $830 for 100 invitation sets (which include the invitation, response card, and blank envelopes) and digital printing is as low as $375 for 100 invitation sets. And of course some of Fuzzynk’s most popular printing methods fall right in the middle with thermography starting at $600 for 100 invitation sets and offset printing starting at $500 for the same. And if you love Fuzzynk’s pre-designed invitations, but want something that speaks to just you and your partner? Custom design fees start at just $250. But better yet, Sarah is offering a 20% discount to APW readers on invitations orders placed between now and December 20th. But, because it’s the holidays and Sarah understands that things are crazy right now, she’s doing you guys a major solid and letting you hold off on actually ordering the invitations until the New Year (I told you guys she’s awesome). Sarah told me, “I realize with the holiday season that things are hectic, and I would love to help interested couples get invites checked off of their list even if they aren’t 100% ready with all of the details & decisions yet. So, if you contact me to get things started and request an estimate, you can hold off actually ordering the physical invitations until the end of February and the discount will still apply.” I mean, how awesome is that?

But what excites me most about Fuzzynk is the work that Sarah wants to do with you guys. Because, are you ready for this? She wants to build her next designs around APW couples. So so rad, right? I’ll let her fill you in on the details:

I love the idea of creating a collection around real couples and not just inspiration shoots or image boards. I love custom work and I think my best designs come from working with actual people. So what I really want to do is work with a handful of APW couples to create part of my 2013 collection. This may be a little tricky, because of course I can’t take on every single order, and I need to work with couples who are on a time frame for my collection release, have a budget for a complete invitation package (additional components and upgraded printing—at a discount of course), and don’t mind having their custom design and wedding/personal information used for business purposes. BUT! To those who’d like to participate, I’d like to offer a discount of 50% off letterpress or foil stamped invitations as well as waive the standard custom design fee. In exchange, your design will become part of my new collection and thus will be used as samples to show my work.

I’m excited about this idea because it mean this collection will be that much better as a signature design for other couples who can’t afford or aren’t interested in custom work. (Editor’s note: So even if you can’t take advantage of this offer from Sarah, you can still totally benefit from it in the future. It’s like all of the APW magic wrapped up in one awesome idea.)

I don’t have a set number of couples I can work with, but my goal is to work with at least five and have the collection completed by May or June. So take a look at my work and style. If you think we’d be a good fit just contact me and I’ll see if our schedules & needs meet. If they do, then boom 50% off plus a free custom design. Done!

So guys, if invitation design is your bag, this might be the single most awesome discount I could imagine. Plus your custom design could end up being part of Fuzzynk’s2013 collection AND make it possible for future APW couples to purchase beautiful custom-designed invitations sourced from within the APW community. It’s just awesome on top of awesome.

I truly could not be more excited to introduce this community to Sarah and Fuzzynk Design Studio. Her work speaks for itself, but Sarah’s enthusiasm for APW and desire to work alongside you guys is frankly an amazing quality on its own. I know there is a whole subset of you guys who are mad for paper, and I have a feeling this is the post you’ve been waiting for. So go, don’t waste a minute! Put your fabulous heads together and make some design magic. I’m itching to see the results.

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