Sarah Hoppes Photography in NYC and Everywhere Else (With Video!)

It’s always a pleasure to introduce the APW community to a new sponsor who is the total package: funny, smart, talented, and dedicated to what we do over here. But it’s even more awesome when that sponsor is from my old stomping ground (because APW couples in New York are rad, and y’all deserve nothing but the best). Which is why I’m absolutely thrilled today to introduce you to Sarah Hoppes Photography in New York City, who literally offers just about everything you could ask for, with rates starting at $2,000, and super affordable video options, plus ridiculously reasonable travel rates. In reality, Sarah probably doesn’t even need an introduction, because she’s been lending her whip smart, level-headed commentary to our community all year long while planning her own (awesome) practical wedding. (Side note: She got married last week, in the middle of a hurricane. Remember when I said she’s badass? Exactly. More on that in a bit.) Sarah also showed up to lend her support at the Brooklyn stop on Meg’s book tour earlier this year (that’s her below), and she is a consistent presence among the other APW sponsors (who, in case you didn’t know, are mostly all friends in real life). So suffice to day, Sarah is an APWer through and through.

Here is what she has to say about how this community ended up impacting her own wedding, marriage, and sanity. Before leaving for her wedding last week, Sarah wrote to me and explained, “I found APW almost as soon as my fiancé (now-husband? I’m writing this into the future from the past, and I’m losing track of my nouns!) and I decided to get married, and it was such a breath of fresh air. Everything I had read in the ‘mainstream’ wedding media seemed to solicit an eye roll, head to desk collision, or all-out rage, with an occasional, ‘Oh, that’s pretty.’ With APW, I found myself yelling ‘exactly!’ I found a community of sassy, smart men and women who had really interesting things to say. And you all talked about life after the wedding, which it seemed like no one else was doing. I wanted to know what the other side was all about. Basically, I fell for the APW community, and I fell HARD.”

But it’s not just that Sarah Hoppes Photography is really into what y’all are doing over here, it’s that she’s taken her passion for APW ethics and turned it into a badass practical business model. First, Sarah’s bullshit-free pricing rocks. Since she’s based out of NYC, weddings within the five boroughs are just $2,000 for eight hours plus an engagement session. (And that’s not a starting cost. That’s the price. Period. Full stop.) Since she’s really hoping to spend 2013 doing some travel, any weddings outside of NYC (anywhere in the lower forty-eight states) are just $2,700 (I know). And on top of that, she also offers elopements (with six hours of coverage! That’s crazy!) for $500. There is an affordable option for everyone with Sarah, which is so damn rare in New York City.

The best part is that when Sarah Hoppes Photography says no bullshit, she means it. Every wedding includes eight hours of coverage with two shooters (Sarah and her husband shoot together as a team) plus a DVD and a link to download high res edited images: nothing held back, no hassles, no extra fees. Plus, Sarah is offering any APW couples who book her from now until eternity 10% off their weddings. That’s right, a discount that lasts forever. And I’ve saved the best part for last. Sarah and her husband have also teamed up to provide amazing wedding highlight reel videos for only $500 when you add it to your photography services. And in case you’re wondering, they are good. (You can check one out right here).

Also? Girlfriend has some credentials. Unlike a lot of photographers these days (ahem, myself included) Sarah actually studied photography in college and has been in the industry since. She told me, “I graduated college as a photography major in 2010, and two days later I left for NYC, where I got a job as a studio manager at a retouching studio. There, I got hands-on training in retouching and a head-first dive into working in the world of fashion and advertising. I went on to be a producer for a still life photographer.” Sarah is well-trained, but I actually think it’s how her professional experiences have influenced her artistic philosophy that leaves me the most impressed. Instead of taking your photos and photoshopping them to death, working in a retouching studio has actually given Sarah an appreciation for what’s real. She said, “When I worked at my first job, I had the unique opportunity to see what models and celebrities look like before photoshop (but after a team of stylistics labored over them!). This really shaped the way I look at the world and how I want to portray it in my photography. I think people are a heck of a lot more interesting when they look like themselves, and that’s what I try to capture.

Even though Sarah is a seriously qualified artist who also offers pretty much everything under the sun with her photography packages, I actually think it’s the Sarah part of Sarah Hoppes Photography that will make you love her. Because, honestly? She’s just cool. I mean, we’re talking about someone who produces comic books in her spare time. Not to mention, when her wedding had to be replanned in a day because of Hurricane Sandy, lady just rolled with the punches. And you know what? I’ve seen some of her wedding photos (that’s her right there below!) and it’s clear to me that this is someone who can take a stressful situation and make it the most fun you’ve ever had. In fact, after all this correspondence with Sarah, I’m seriously thinking about calling her up next time I’m in New York just so we can hang out.

So New York, today is a really awesome day for you. Because now you have Sarah Hoppes Photography, offering affordable and all-inclusive wedding photography packages starting at just $2,000 (plus an APW-only 10% discount that lasts literally until the end of time). But even better than that? You have a true APW sister on your side, one who gets what you’re about, who has been there (and I mean, really been there) herself. And who wants nothing more than to take her passion for this community and turn it into magic for you guys.

Photo credit: Brooklyn Photobooth Photo by Amber Marlow; Sarah’s Wedding Photo by Kelly Prizel Photography (both APW advertisers)

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  • Molly

    How great it is to see Sarah featured on APW!! I’ve followed her work for years and she consistently produces amazing photographs. Plus, if girl can get married in a hurricane she can handle anything. Kudos to APW and Sarah!

  • Kristin

    …no doubt, Sarah is one of the best out there. I’ve seen her work progress from when she was just a little baby photobug in college, and even then you could spot her talent.

    But her talent is obvious from the photos. It’s Sarah’s spark (for life, photography, love, weddings) that really sets her apart. She has an unparalleled way of eliciting excitement while maintaining a sense of calm (which, let’s face it, is often needed on your wedding day).

    I’ve been photographed by Sarah and know so many others who have, and never have there been disappointing results. She’s the real deal!

  • Kyle

    She also does some great family portraits!

  • Betty

    Sarah captures feelings and personality in her candid shots and portraits. She honestly believes in the philosophy behind A Practical Wedding. Document a great day with a great photographer who brings enthusiasm, skill and passion to your event. She took a picture of my father that captured his personality and his essense. Something to treasure and share.

  • Granola

    I’ve known Sarah since college and I’m so excited to see her launch and grow her business and even more so that it’s along with APW. Eep! Yay!

  • Catherine B

    Wedding grad post please!!!!

    • meg

      I’m pretty sure we’re getting one!

  • Tarra

    My wife and I eloped just last month and Sarah was our photographer/witness/sherpa/guide extraordinaire. It was so wonderful to work with her on our special day because she is truly gifted at what she does and so much fun! The shots she got were fantasitc and had a nice mixture of spontaneous and “staged” (I put staged in quotes because she really doesn’t force poses or style, she works with the moment that is in front of her). We got some really creative shots on a carousel, stopping traffic in the crosswalk (we are the ones pictured in this post), walking across the brooklyn bridge, and having fun at a playground. She was also the witness at our ceremony at the courthouse where she shot our wedding in a photojournelism style. The day wouldn’t have been has wonderful as it was without her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a photographer for any event.

  • Claire

    Those prices are insane! I wish I could find a good photographer for those prices in Australia. Most start at $5000 (and the USD and AUD are basically at parity).

    • How much is the flight? ;-)

  • Tony Sylvester

    Sarah is truly amazing in her work. I am not surprised to see this feature about how amazing her work is and how amazing she is as a person. Her passion, drive and professionalism shines throughout her photos. The individuals she works with are always comfortable, and I say this as someone who has had the opportunity to work with Sarah. She always produces the best quality when it comes to her work, and I would never expect anything less. Sarah is a rockstar!

  • Stan

    I have had the pleasure of not only watching Sarah develop and grow her amazing artistic style, but to have worked with her on several weddings and other projects. She is an amazing talent with a fantastic eye and is able to very quickly take a situation and turn it into beautiful imagery. I congratulate her for recognition by APW and strongly recommend couples to contact her for their wedding photography needs.

  • Danielle

    As Sarah’s former college roomate I can attest to her photography skills firsthand from the beginning of this artistic journey. From the start she displayed such a beautiful passion for photography which made those around her eagerly volunteer as models. I posed for her class projects on several occasions beginning in 2008 andthey are still my favorite pictures i have ever had taken of me. Shooting with Sarah is an incredibly fun, hilarious, laid back, and overall wonderful experience. She has only gotten better since our time at OU and I truly can not wait to hire her for my wedding one day in the near future. So proud of you!!!

  • Thanks Maddie for that wonderful write-up! And thanks to all the clients and former photo subjects, too. Everyone is so KIND. I love this corner of the internet.

  • Really nice photos, this will become one of favourite photography blog i’ll visit every week :) well done Sarah…

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