Journey Lost Productions: Southern California Wedding Documentaries

It’s not very often that we get to introduce you guys to APW-approved videographers. I think the reason for that is a lot of what’s out there for wedding videography usually falls into one of two camps: artsy avant-garde wedding stories that cost a small fortune (which I do love, but are frankly out of reach for most of us) or super cheesy old school wedding movies that make you want to cringe (I think the last time I had to participate in one of these was at a friend’s wedding and they made us stop eating dinner to wave at the camera. No. Thank. You.). It’s increasingly rare to find people who specialize in affordable, documentary-style wedding videography that tells the story of your wedding as it was. But that’s exactly what you guys are getting today with our newest sponsors, Journey Lost Productions in Southern California, who produce documentary wedding videos with full-day coverage starting at just $800 (no, that is not a typo).

The best part about Journey Lost Productions (well, except the rad people behind it, but I’ll get to that in a minute) is that they are one of those magical just-getting-started businesses whose talent makes it obvious that they are going to skyrocket in no time at all, but whose prices are still in the building-the-business place. Which means you guys are in the lucky position to snap up some amazing deals while they build their portfolio on your rad weddings. Huzzah! In fact, I’m going to cut right to the chase here, because I think what Journey Lost Productions is offering today is such a crazy good deal that I honestly don’t know how long it can last. (No, for real, when they first e-mailed me their rates, I thought these numbers were dollars off their packages, that’s how expensive videography usually is.)

First up Journey Lost Productions has put together a Ceremony + Highlights package for you guys, which is normally $800, but today is only $700 for any Southern California APW couples (within two hours drive of San Diego) whose weddings take place before April 1st. It includes:

  • Whole day coverage (they follow you and shoot documentary-style through the process of getting ready, formal portraits, the ceremony, reception, and anything else!)
  • A full-length edit of your ceremony shot with three cameras for multiple angles
  • A 5–7 minute highlight video of the entire day with music of your choice which is uploaded to Vimeo and Facebook so you can share with all your friends
  • One professionally-authored DVD containing the ceremony, the highlights video, and the reception toasts
  • All the raw footage on a hard drive (Editor’s note: This is awesome. Does anyone else even do this?)

Crazy right? At first I thought that with such low prices that these must be bare bones videos without any soul to them. But then I watched some of Journey Lost Productions’ highlight videos and was really impressed with the quality of storytelling and the emotion present in their work. And I think that’s because, even though they are still a baby business, Journey Lost Productions puts a lot of thought and preparation into each one of their videos so that you get something that is really specific to your story. Carrie, the lady responsible for these videos, says, “I always meet with couples beforehand to really get to know them and what makes them unique. I try to let their personalities shine through in the film through choice of music, highlighting little quirks and special moments. A couple who is very sentimental and emotional is going to end up with a very different film than a couple who is joking around laughing the whole day. Also, my fiancé is my second shooter so we are a seasoned team with great communication. We shoot as unobtrusively as possible while still getting great shots. I don’t think a wedding should look or feel like a Hollywood set!” (Editor’s note: neither do we, Carrie.)

And if you want something a little more comprehensive? (I know, you’re thinking, it gets more comprehensive than that?) Journey Lost Productions is now also offering a second package that includes everything above, plus a pre-wedding interview shoot where you can talk a little bit about your history together, which then gets incorporated into the final video as part of your wedding story. (Am I the only one thinking that this means I can finally get my own When Harry Met Sally couch story? Because, YAY.) This Ceremony+Love Story Documentary is just $1,000 and sounds like something I kind of want to go back in time and do (possibly for the aforementioned reason).

But I don’t want you to think it’s just the ah-mazing rates that makes Journey Lost Productions special. No, there is some serious APW magic happening here with these guys. In fact, when I first clicked through to their site, I ended up spending, oh, about two hours reading all about Carrie and Zach’s recent backpacking trip through Central and South America and the accompanying documentary film they’re creating to tell the story of it. In fact, Carrie and Zach got engaged on that trip and are planning their own APW wedding for 2013. Which is why I love what Carrie had to say about why she wants to work with APW couples specifically (if there were a gold medal for enthusiasm, she’d get it, is all I’m saying). Carrie told me, “I want to work with APW couples because I am one! I discovered APW a while back when I was in the thick of the ‘pre-engaged state.’ Now engaged, A Practical Wedding has been the most valuable resource for my fiancé and me as we enter the world of wedding-planning and, more importantly, marriage. I love the sanity, wisdom, and quirkiness present in APW couples. They are the best to work with because I already know we are coming from a similar place philosophically! My business is still really young and new. I am learning and improving with each wedding I shoot and would love to grow my business with APW couples!” And take it from me, when a young business grows with you guys, they become the absolute best versions of themselves.

Plus, since Journey Lost Productions is made up of a team that just spent the year backpacking through Central and South America, they have one of the coolest travel policies I’ve seen in a while. “We charge no travel fees for weddings within a two-hour drive of San Diego,” they told me. “Also, we love traveling and Couchsurfing! We would love to travel to film your wedding, and because we Couchsurf, you pay only the cost of gas or airfare!” (As an aside, I believe it when Carrie says that their artistic philosophy (and business name) is based on the idea that the journey is the destination.) Which means all of you Northern California couples and other folks along the West Coast (or heck, anywhere else, too) can probably snag Carrie and Zach for a an amazing steal.

So to those APW readers who have been clamoring for a more affordable video option, I think we’ve found your answer. I can’t wait to see how Journey Lost Productions grows their business and their art this year, but I have a hunch it will be through your weddings and that the result will be nothing short of awesome. So go make that magic happen! I’ll just be waiting patiently here until 2013 when I get to see the fabulous results.

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