Alaina Bos Photography in Chicago!

One of the best things about my job, ever, is getting to talk about newer photography studios building their businesses (and are going to thrive with APWer help). I feel like I should have a special trumpet and a special confetti parade that I use to do this, because it’s so exciting! I mean, first, let’s talk about what a big deal it is to get your business shiny and pretty enough that you want to trumpet it to the world. And second, let’s talk about how CRAZY AMAZING AND LUCKY we are here at APW, that we get to find and work with photographers who are super talented (and getting better ever single second) and still affordable. So it’s with great glee that I get to announce Alaina Bos Photography in Chicago! You are going to adore her.

Alaina Bos Photography has a delightfully well-rounded and balanced approach to weddings. With her, you get a little bit of everything (which can be so hard to find). Her shots capture the emotion and the real moments between people, but she also gets the details, the posed shots, and the pretty moments, with skill and clarity. Plus, she shoots pictures that will stand the test of time. These are not over-processed hipster photos that will look dated next year; these are real moments and emotions that you’re going to treasure forever.

Alaina told me, “My artistic approach to weddings is editorial/photojournalistic. I want to capture the moments organically as the day unfolds, but also provide a little guidance to my couples if they need it. I want my couples to feel comfortable in their own skin so it shines through in their images. If that means grabbing a Kleenex, helping re-apply lipstick or even deodorant on a hot day, I’m there. I feel so happy when I look back through a wedding and see the genuine emotion that I’ve captured. Nothing makes me more giddy than knowing I’ve drawn out genuine emotion in my couples on a wedding day.” And that is exactly what her portfolio shows.

And it gets better. Alaina Bos Photography is in the super-expensive Chicago market, but you guys have the chance to snap her up with super-affordable rates (which I suspect are not going to last very long). You can book her for just $1,500 for six hours, or $2,100 for eight hours, with a complementary engagement session. And better yet, she’s offering 10% off to APW couples. My long experience with new APW photographers also tells me this: Alaina is learning and growing at such a crazy amazing rate that her work this season will be a streak of awesome across the sky.

And the best part? Alaina is really excited to work with you guys in particular. In fact, she wrote a blog post outlining her professional goals for 2012, and working with APWers was the second goal on this list (right after “learn more”). That’s love, you guys. When I asked her why she wanted to work with Team Practical in particular, she said, “APW couples are in love! They’re excited to be getting married, are DRAMA-FREE, and they’re people I could be friends with. It’s so important that I connect with my clients on a personal level. I want to provide a stress-free, fun experience for the couples I work with.”

And that’s not even mentioning how much I think you guys are going to like Alaina herself. The woman throws on a potter’s wheel, is currently teaching herself to knit, volunteers for the Ronald McDonald House as a Front Desk volunteer, and donates to the Make-A-Wish foundation. She is good, APW people.

So Chicago! Get out your own trumpet and confetti parade! Not only do you have the chance to snap up a super-talented, super-affordable wedding photographer, you have the chance to help someone’s business grow. I seriously cannot wait to see what you and Alaina Bos Photography create together.

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  • Yay! Alaina is super sweet. Welcome to the elf party ;-)

    • Alaina Bos

      Thanks Em! Looking forward to wearing our elf hats together :)

  • Wow, this couple is so good. Her wedding dress is so nice , the bride i n her wedding dress looks like a model.