Amanda Summerlin Photography in Atlanta & The East

When Amanda, of Amanda Summerlin Photography first emailed me, she knew exactly who she was, and why she wanted to work with APW. She was a photographer working out of Atlanta (but traveling everywhere on the East Coast with no travel fees!). She believed in diversity. She wanted to shoot as many LGBTQ couples, members of her community, as she could. She wanted to shoot you guys.

Amanda describes herself this way, “approved So You’re EnGayged Vendor. BFA in Fine Art Painting. I tell bad jokes. I believe a photo is not complete until it is a print. I never panic, no matter what.” I describe her as perfect for you guys.

Amanda Summerlin Photography is just starting to build their wedding portfolio, and I know you correctly read that sentence as JACKPOT! And indeed! Amanda’s rates start at $1,200, and move up rather thoughtfully from there. And, because she’s super excited to be working with you guys, Amanda is offering the following discount: no travel fees for any East Coast weddings, and 10% off any wedding booked by August 1, 2011 (the  wedding can take place at any time).

I asked Amanda why she wanted to work with APW-ers in particular, and girlfriend nailed it. She said, “Life is not about the accessories, it’s about the journey. Which is not to say I don’t like the pretty things, ‘cause I’m a visual artist and I’m definitely tuned in to pretty stuff. But the beautiful things are what I want to show most of all, and what’s beautiful are people and their relationships. In a sea of wedding blogs, websites, and magazines that are all about the accessories, APW stands out as a place that’s about the relationships. APW couples are great at making beautiful weddings, for sure, but they excel at making meaningful and thoughtful weddings, and that’s the kind of authenticity I want to celebrate…. theirs are the stories I want to tell.  This kind of photography, when done right, is a collaboration between me and the couple. Every couple has a story they want to tell and remember, and I have the skills to bring that story to life. Together we work to create art that’s about them and their personal story. And of course, this type of collaboration works best when we all have similar philosophies, and that’s why I want to work with APW couples most of all.”

And her artistic philosophy might be even better. It’s also super clear and articulated, which is such an amazing gift. Here is Amanda’s philosophy:

As you browse through my wedding photography portfolio, you will see that my wedding photos are different from a lot of other photographers. In photography, like everything in our lives, there are trends and fashions. Wedding photos are not just for now. They shouldn’t look dated in five years. They should be timeless. It should be the people and their emotions that stand out in the photo, not the Photoshop manipulations. Does that mean my photos are traditional or boring? Not at all. I’m an artist, and I have a unique vision. I see the things that others overlook and use my camera to point out their beauty to everyone. I don’t need elaborate computer tools for that.

I will unobtrusively record all the emotional moments you want to remember, and all the beautiful reactions and details you will be too busy to notice. Together, we will make amazing images of you and your partner, and of your entire wedding. And when you look at your photos tomorrow, and years from tomorrow, you will be able to relive every moment. And I will never, ever ask you to smile or say cheese. That’s a promise.

If you want more evidence of why Amanda is amazing, please see The Portrait Project (example above). This is a current personal passion project that she’s working on. Amanda says this kind of work is important to her, “because they are of people in their daily environment, with no sets, props, or other pretenses. You know… the exact opposite of where trendy wedding photography is headed, and precisely what you actually want your wedding photographer to be able to do… photograph you… honestly.

So I’m delighted, East Coast ladies, to offer you a photographer with a clear artistic and ethic philosophy. A photographer who has a reason behind her art. And not only that, a photographer who deeply wants to work with you, just the way you are… and who you can afford. Go make some music together, and enjoy.

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  • Amanda is awesome you guys! Seriously. Awesome.

    • Sheri Huhn

      I’ve known Amanda for at least eight years, as a professional and as a dear friend. I have taught her children, she has photographed mine, my whole family in fact. Her eye only gets better with each click of the camera. Her brain never stops working, her vision never stops growing on ways to make the world a more beautiful place to live in.

  • Leslie Morris

    Few people can capture the emotions of a moment like Amanda. She has an INCREDIBLE ability to see a side of things that most people just pass right by but its the thing that cements the memory for you. She catches the sly smiles, the intimate jokes and the depth of feelings…all in a photograph.

    She’s photographed my family and never before have we ever had anyone take the time to show our family the way that we see each other. Most photographers want you to stand together and put on a posed smile. I don’t know about you but there are few times in life when my family is ever posed and smiling politely. It didn’t feel as much like it was her take on our family as much as it was like we were all showing the world how we see one another.

    She is a true artist and she’s just a super nice human being. You’d be well served to book Amanda soon. She’s going to be one of those shooting stars that is going to explode onto the scene and everyone will wonder where in the world she’s been all this time. She won’t be a short-lived talent. She’s the real deal all the way around.

  • Carbon Girl

    I never comment on the photography posts but wow, I love how Amanda answered the “why do want to work with APW-ers?” question. I love how she said beautiful comes through in people’s relationships-that there is emotion behind beauty. And amen to the thing about not needing strange props.

  • Yay, Amanda!

  • Melissa Baird

    I knew from the moment my husband proposed to me that Amanda was going to be the photographer for my wedding. The images shown here only scratch the surface of her ability, and I can say without a doubt that nobody else could have done a more beautiful job. She cares about you and your day – it shows in EVERY photograph. I cannot thank her enough for making my memories look so wonderful!

  • I just looked through just about every picture on her site. Dang, this lady is legit. I love love love every single section of her website, from her pet photography to her “teens, tweens, and seniors.” And I love reading her descriptions of her work — she oozes genuine, charismatic goodness. Beautiful work!

  • Wow, you guys are all so awesome. Thanks for all the love and compliments. I’ll be grinning all big and silly for days now.

  • David- Planning Honeymoons

    These are really good pictures, simply beautiful. I really like this blog and what it stands for. Honestly there is a lot of craziness we read and see in the wedding media. But this blog encourages us to keep things simple and to do what we can do.

    I know this is a little off comment for this post but I just had to post this somewhere and this was the page I was on. :-) Amanda your photography is really good. Keep it up.