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I’d say that Amber of Amber Marlow Photography stumbled into the world of APW through the dumb (luck? fate? curse?) of being my roommate at Mighty Summit almost two years ago, and because of our bonding over tooth brushing and sharing a bed. But that wouldn’t be exactly right. Amber (also of The Amber Show) had shown up in the comments of APW way before Mighty Summit when she wasn’t planning a wedding, or photographing weddings, yet, so she stumbled into the world of APW of her own accord. Because she fits here. And now Amber Marlow Photography does elopement, wedding, maternity, boudoir, pet (and more) photography in Brooklyn, making magic happen for APWers all year round. That makes me super happy.

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Here is the thing about Amber and why you really want to hire her: she is the consummate girlfriend. She’s the girl you invite over to pick paint colors and eat cupcakes with before you move a stick of furniture into your new place (recent adventure). She is the one you stay up late talking to about what’s going on with you and why. She is the one who invites you to come with her to Hawaii to dive off a cliff. (Why didn’t I go again?) And that makes her the perfect person to be your elopement photographer, wedding photographer, boudoir photographer, or maternity photographer. She’s the friend, but the one who makes you take the fun little risks and takes awesome pictures of it. That’s why I’m so glad to have her as APW’s go-to lady with a camera in Brooklyn.

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I asked Amber about her philosophy, and it sums up why she’s such a good fit for the APW ethos. She said, “My business ethic is to be open, honest and helpful. I don’t do hidden fees or change things last minute, ever. My aesthetic dictates I focus on faces. Traditional portraits are important to me (for posterity sake—I like to imagine great grandchildren tracing my images with their finger tips), and while I always make sure to get detail shots (the cake, the shoes, the beading on the dress) my main focus is capturing friends and family having a great time.” Which is exactly it.

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First up, let’s talk about Amber’s first love: elopements. Amber Marlow Photography’s specialty is working as a New York City elopement photographer these days, and super affordably too. For $400 to $650, she’ll spend as long at it takes at the courthouse with you, and says, “Serving as your witness and joyful tears are always free.” Plus, accommodating time crunches is kind of her thing, so if you’re eloping in two days, drop her a line. Because Amber specializes in New York City elopements (courthouse and otherwise) she also serves as sort of an elopement sherpa. She knows the ropes, and she’ll hold your hand (and pass you a tissue) through all of it.

(NSFW picture of a girl in her underwear after the jump. Not TOTALLY safe, at least.)

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But Amber is way more than just an elopement photographer. She shoots full weddings starting at $3,200, so just because you’re inviting people to your wedding, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Also, there are no travel fees, ever. All travel outside of New York City is “at cost.” Travel within Brooklyn or Manhattan for any photo shoot, and weddings in Los Angeles, are free. Plus, for all of you not getting married but searching for an everyday photographer, Amber does it all. She loves family shoots, whether that means wandering around with you and your boyfriend in Prospect Park on a Sunday morning, or getting rambunctious with your kids, or taking photos of your pets. She’s also obsessed (in the best possible way) with non-cheesy maternity photos (to the point that whenever I wander across a cool one, I email it to her) and will take sexy and amazing maternity shots of you, and newborn shots with your teeeny tiny squinchy new human.

Plus, then there are her boudoir photos. On her website she has a past quote from me on the subject that it sums it up so well, I’m going to quote myself (WHAT? It’s allowed!), “I’m not usually a fan of the boudoir photo session, partially because of the distinctly un-feminist language they are normally cloaked in… they tend to range from cheese-tastic to whoa-PORN? And meeeeh. Not my thing. BUT, Amber has this way of taking the girls-girl boudoir pictures that are sexy-as-hell, and help you see yourself as you are: HOT. And I think maybe you should take some.” (I still agree with myself, by the way.) And she also says, “I’m sensitive to all women’s bodies (I have one myself!) and will work with you to capture your sexy, flirty, saucy side in its very best light. I will shoot men and couples, too, or anyone anywhere on the gender scale; I enjoy meeting and working with all kinds of nice people. ” Rad.

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And she loves you guys. She loves your weddings, she loves shooting your life, she loves it all. She says, “I love APW couples because they are sane and have a measured, thoughtful approach to planning their weddings (and living their lives). They’ve chosen me because they appreciate both my photography and who I am as a person. (I’ve had a quite a few corporate clients hire me because of my open commitment to marriage equality.) Eloping couples are great fun, and I always feel honored that I am one of very few people—and often the only person!—to witness them getting married.”

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So let’s do it! You can get to know Amber through her photography blog at Amber Marlow Photography. Then there is her fun blog of Instagram photos at, and her actual instagram at @AmberMarlow. And besides all that there is her excellent personal blog The Amber Show. So get to know her, and get in touch. Once you know this lady, you’ll want to hire her to shoot your… everything… and anything. She’s just that good.

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  • SusieQ

    Just wanted to comment that Amber shot our wedding, and she was awesome!! Fun, wonderful to work with, and she took absolutely amazing pictures. Everyone should hire her!

  • Fab

    You guys! I’m really late submitting this comment, but here’s why: it’s my wedding week, and I’ve been busy crafting and that sort of nonsense. Here’s the thing: Amber is awesome. A lot of awesome. She did a boudoir shoot for me, and when I contacted her a few weeks ago and asked her to fly across the country to shoot my wedding because my photographer flaked, she said yes in an instant and was totally calm and reassuring–just like I needed. I can’t wait to have her at my wedding this weekend, because she’s fantastic. I know because I took my clothes off in front of her, and I only do that with people I trust.