Photography Giveaway: The Amazing Amber Marlow Photography

You guys! Today is one of those I-have-the-best-job-in-the-world days. Since it seems to be Mighty Friday on APW, you guys are more than aware that two weeks ago I was at Mighty Summit, meeting some of the coolest women I’ve ever met in my whole life. I was finding out what people wanted to do with their lives, and thinking about what I wanted to do with mine… and how I was going to get there.

My roommate ended up being Amber Marlow Blatt (that’s her self portrait above. She thinks it looks blurry, I think it looks rad, we disagree because we are awesome), the Brooklyn girl whose blog I’d been eating up with a spoon (Did you know about her blog before? You do today! You win! You win!) and I was pretty stoked. Turns out Maggie pared us up because we shared a “Zest for life” and were “Zesty.” Maggie might or might not have been a tiny bit drunk when she told us that, I really can’t say.

So on the second night, I wandered out of the bathroom in my robe, brushing my teeth, and asked all foamy, “So what’s the deal Amber? What are we making happen for you? What am I doing?” So. It turns out, rather conveniently, Amber is in the process of launching a photography business. She’s not shooting weddings (Other than tiny ones! Again convenant!) But she is shooting everything else. She’s doing engagement pictures (ding, ding, ding), maternity (helllllooooo all you knocked up Reclaiming Wife ladies! Do this thing!), as well as shooting collateral for small businesses, and birthday parties, and everything else. Her tag line is, “photography for everyone!” and how APW is that?

Amber is building her portfolio which means, in sum, the girl is WAY undercharging right now. We actually had a little talk about her undercharging, but until she has her come-to-Jesus moment, you win. Her rates for NYC portrait type shoots start at $200, which covers 1 – 2 hours of shooting time, post-processing, up to 50 images presented online, a post-session with phone consultation, and images presented to the client in high resolution on disc for printing. She’s located in Park Slope, and I know pretty much half of you are also located in park slope, so if you need pictures, Amber is your lady.

She’s both talented and awesome, and I personally think her awesomeness is slightly more relevant. If you’re going to hire someone to take your engagement/family/maternity/boudoir photos, you want someone like Amber around making you laugh.

So. Drumroll please. Here is the awesome, awesome part. After my post on the horrors of photographers discriminating about LGBTQ couples, Amber was like, “Oh f*cking h*ll no. Oh. H*ll. No.” So. She’s giving away a portrait session to an LGBTQ couple or family, to be shot in New York, and proudly displayed in Amber’s super-non-discriminatory portfolio. If you’d like to enter to win this one, leave a comment about why you’d like to be considered.

But it gets better! She’s also giving away another session, this one to anyone. If you need engagement photos, or would like some maternity shots, or a family shoot, or some even better shot that I haven’t thought up yet, and can get yourself to the New York City/ Brooklyn area, you are in luck! Leave a comment about why you’d like to be considered, and Amber will pick.

The rest of you, go look at her photos and her blog already. This woman is amazing, and she’s building her business, and I’d like us to help her make it happen!

And that’s why I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I get to help with stuff like this. Rad. Now leave a comment and lets get some free APW photo magic happening.

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  • Alyssa

    LOVE IT! Her work looks great!
    And I want that puppy.
    And that curly-headed baby.
    And that girl with the sign’s confidence.
    And Amber’s red flower and awesome red lips.

    (I’m very coveting today….)

  • Did anyone need more reasons why Amber is so awesome? (That was a rhetorical question, the answer is obviously no!) But they’re still appreciated. Yay! So psyched to see the results, and sad that I live in Ohio.

  • Laura

    I would love to be considered for the engagement shoot! I’m a US Navy veteran living in DC. I proposed to my fiance 2 weeks ago here in DC and we haven’t told any family or friends yet and I’d love to announce it to everyone with some fabulous photos but I’m unemployed so we can’t afford much. I would get on a bus to NYC in a second if we won this and whoever does will be extremely lucky! Amber’s portraits are beautiful!

  • Liz

    I would love to be considered for the LGBTQ portrait!! My girlfriend and I are both super, super camera-shy, so we have very few pictures of us together – and we’ve been saving a space in our home for a together-shot once we finally muster up the chutzpah to have a good picture taken. Plus our anniversary is coming up! Pick us, pick us! :)

  • sigh. if only i were in new york. so lovely!

  • Kristen

    I must have missed the original photographer discrimination post but here’s my take. I went to the Seattle wedding show with a friend who is planning a same-sex wedding. After she asked a photographer if he would be okay with that and getting not just a no but a rude no, she was pretty upset.

    But here’s the thing. While he should have at least been polite about it, it’s best if the photographers are honest. You’re way better off if they tell you no and letting you find someone who is totally down with LGBTQ weddings than them saying ‘yes’ and taking your money and shot at awesome wedding photography when they really mean ‘no thanks’ and coming up with their worst work.

    The thing is your caterer doesn’t have to care either way, or your DJ, or florist, or rental company or whatever but for something as intimate and personal as photography, you need your photographer to be committed and as in love with your love as you are.

    I’m not saying it’s nice or right but I am saying that it’s best to thank them for their honesty and ask if they know of some other skilled photographers that are happy to do LGBTQ weddings. You two and your photographer have to click! (pun totally not intended but kind of appreciated…)

    • ddayporter

      I think wanting honest vendors goes without saying, and you definitely want a photographer that will do their best work for you no matter what. But you may want to check out the original post about being an LGBTQ ally: it’s about putting your money where the equality-love is, and goes for caterers and everyone else.

      • ddayporter

        umm woops! this was in response to a comment that is no longer here. sounds very random now sorry!

      • meg

        Yeah, sorry. I think the back end got over exuberant with removing things. It may re-appear :)

        PS If your comments don’t show up, and you were not being a total jerk (in which case someone probably told me you were being a jerk, and I was like “no jerks on APW.”) tell me that your comment is missing. My spam filter has been a little CA-razy lately and is eating up perfectly good comments. But if you tell me, I can fetch them from it’s maw. (Now there is an underused word, the end).

      • Kristen

        I’m really so sorry that it seems the intent of my comment was misunderstood and that people were hurt by it. (Like tears at my desk sorry). I wasn’t saying that it’s okay for people to be homophobic. And yes, I am voting with my dollars. All I was trying to say is that, a number of other types of vendors may privately not approve but it won’t affect their work. The flowers will be the same, the food will be the same, but photography is different. The mood between you and the photographer is huge. If the photographer is cool and fun and supportive you get better pictures. But if s/he has an attitude or is so not into your partnership, it can start rubbing off on you and showing up in the pictures. So the point was to please see the bright side of someone coming out and saying, “I have an issue with that and you really won’t get my best work.” At least they aren’t taking your money and stealing your chance for great wedding pictures. At least it frees you up to find someone who is thrilled to take pictures at your wedding. The fact is that while yes, it does get better, there’s still a lot of hard stuff to face and all you can do is to try to see the positive. And then of course to tell everyone you know so they know not to book that person.

        Again, I’m sorry. I know it’s a really sensitive subject but please understand that I mean well.

        • Oh, I think it was a glitch that ate your comment. I thought it was good (I’m eagerly reading every one every few hours to see who posts for my giveaway!) And you’re totally right.

        • Sarah

          Don’t worry, lady … like Amber said, I think it was a glitch.

          Your comment basically summed up the ENTIRE conversation we had via 100+ comments. For that, I’m totally in awe. No need to feel sorry, sweetness, I don’t think anyone’s offended. =)

          In any case, the original conversation is totally worth the read. DDay linked it above.

          • Kristen

            Thank you so much. You are all so dang nice it’s unbelievable.

  • Marisa

    I’d like to enter for the LGBTQ portrait. But not for me. For my friends.

    R and M are two of my faaaaaavorite ladies in the world. R was sort of my roommate in college. By roommate I mean she paid rent in a place and I squatted on the couch for close to 2 years. She is loud and obnoxious and hilarious and demanding and above all, she’s so GD lucky that she found someone who would put up with all that. And that someone is M. She’s spunky and sharp. She tells the best stories – seriously – The. Best. She should be a stand-up comedian. And they’re both kind and lovely and have been together for years now, but because they live in Philly and Philly is STUPID (Well, it’s mostly ok but it’s stupid for this), they can’t get married.

    So I’d like to enter them for a fun photoshoot in NYC. Because A) you will come out with amazing pictures of two gorgeous girls, B) you’ll probably be best friends with them by the end of the day and C) they will have to come up to NY to do it which means I’ll get to see them. Yes, I need to get something out of this too. :-)

    So please consider R & M for this photoshoot – they deserve it and you’ll be glad to know them. Everyone is.

    • Dragon

      I know that it’s several months later, but I think that I might need to meet your Philly friends. I had to re-read your comment to make sure a friend of mine hadn’t entered us! Not that I was ever obnoxious in college ;)

      I’ve been working my way through the archives and especially loving the LGBTQ support on the site, and in the APW community.

  • Karin

    If LGBTQ portrait session can = postwedding session, then please pick us! After a small commitment ceremony in upstate NY over the holidays with friends & family, sans photographer due to budget constraints, we’re heading down to NYC to run around the city in postwedded bliss for a few days. I can guarantee you that we’ll still have absurd smiles all over our faces and are game for anything. Plus if you need a 28-year-old lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber for your portfolio, my partner’s got that covered. I would love to have professional documentation of how much we f*ing adore each other… thanks for considering us!

  • 1 – I’ve been reading Amber’s blog for a little while now, and I would love the chance to meet her in person.

    2 – I’m hoping to surprise my husband with a trip to NYC sometime soon, for our 5th anniversary.

    3 – When my husband and I got married, it was a rather small affair, no engagement pics, no real party for the wedding, it was a teeny little low key affair in my father in law’s front yard. Why? Well. I moved to Connecticut from Quebec, Canada to be with him and we were told that the only way to do that would be for us to get married, and we only had 90 days to get that certificate. Kinda sucked, but we did it. Five years later, we’re still happily married and as I mentioned before, I’d like to surprise my husband with a trip and even better, would LOVE to surprise him with a photo session of the two of us.

    4. #27 on my life list is to sit for a pro photography portrait session. Amber could help me cross that off!!! :)

  • Brittany Tait

    I have relied heavily on APW for a dose of blissful sanity for many moons now. My fiance and I have officially been engaged a month and, having searched high and low with little luck for affordable photography, I so appreciate this generosity for whoever ends up the benefit. My fellow and I are getting married in my hometown of north Florida, but we are both in graduate school in NYC and have been searching for a low-key creative engagement shoot on a student’s dime. The two of us spend a lot of time with our hearts and heads in the battle for equal marriage rights (he as an aspiring Episcopal clergy member and me as a college administrator). We would adore a photo shoot. Thanks for beginning your new business with a mindset of giving.

  • Barbra

    OMG I know her! Amber is married to my best friend’s cousin…such a small world!

  • Jess

    Love the Amber show. Also love the Amber photos! Also would love to be a part of this.

    Four years married, my husband and I are still photo-less thanks to our [redacted] wedding photographer who runs his “high-end” business with a crappy attitude.

    Anyway, although I’m never going to get the groom dressed for that particular occasion again, I’d love to do a reshoot — a post-post-engagement photo. (Plus, we’re in the slope.)

    Best of luck to Amber in this new business!

  • I would love love love to win and present my fiance with some boudoir shots at some point before our 2011 wedding!! Also, as a fellow Brooklyner I also kind of want to be new best friends with Amber!!

  • Amy

    Best of luck to Amber and her new business – and gosh her blog is wonderful! I would love to do a couple’s shoot. We’re having a tiny wedding this month (just my parents) and it would be nice to have something to commemorate our union. We’ll be having a religious/spiritual ring ceremony later for both of our families but I would really like to have some photos of both of us to share with his parents and my grandparents, who can’t be with us at the civil ceremony. Not to mention, we’re in Maryland and have been wanting an excuse to visit friends in New York/Connecticut, so it would be an extra special reason to make a trip up north.

  • Tamar

    Thanks so much Amber for posting this! I totally dig your blog and your work.

    I’d love to have a family portrait session with my immediate family (and my new husband). Our wedding was a really joyous occasion and we had a blast – but it was also really emotional, especially for my dad. We got engaged just as he was finalizing a long and draining divorce, there’s been a few deaths in the family in recent years, my brothers and I have all moved away (leaving him the only one in the house we grew up in), and a bunch of other personal things have really taken a toll on him. So while he was happy that my husband and I were getting married, and loved that a lot of his family came out for the occasion, he was also going through an emotional whirlwind throughout the entire wedding weekend… especially pre-ceremony.

    We had decided to take all of our family/formal pictures before the ceremony so that we could spend the full reception with our guests instead of posing for shots. We love our pictures, but the one thing my dad was disappointed about was that there weren’t many great ones of he & I, or just him with his kids. He was running late all day and showed up for pictures minutes before we had to start the ceremony. And when we were taking pictures there must have been a million thoughts running through his head, so he doesn’t look as happy as he wanted to. I don’t want him regretting this.

    My dad lives in New York, my brothers in the tri-state area, and I live in California. It would be beyond amazing for us to get together (especially with a surprise trip out east!) and take some family shots. The pictures in his office at work are the same ones that he displayed when he first started his job over 20 years ago. Meaning that an office visitor would think that he has kids (or grandkids) that are infants and toddlers. It would be special for him to have pictures of himself with his kids now that we’re all young adults, and it could be a really great experience letting him let loose for some crazy shots while spending time with me and my awesome brothers.

  • I love that self-portrait!

    Thank you for offering these give-aways, Amber and Meg. I love that there are people in the world who are willing to share their talents with others like this!

  • ka

    Oh man, this is rad! With some many deserving entries (I don’t envy you having to choose!), I kinda feel like a cad for entering (the non-LGTGQ giveaway, to clarify), but I’ll throw our story out there because you may just be hearing from me anyway Amber… as we need an engagement shoot for 2 reasons:
    1) We do not have a *single* good picture of us. I actually have an empty frame in my house just waiting for the day when a decent picture is finally taken… and thus I’m kinda terrified for wedding photos…
    2) We met & fell in love in Williamsburg (at, I’ll just come out and admit it, the Trash Bar), and while we (thankfully) no longer live there, I’d love to have some super sweet pics in the places we first hung out.
    Thank you for doing this, and congrats on your new business!

  • Eleanor

    Hi I live in the New York area. My boyfriend and I just had a baby girl 3 weeks ago and are planning on getting married next year. We’re currently living in his mom’s apartment and are definitely pinching pennies. I’m still in college and my boyfriend is currently waiting to head back to school once I graduate. I would absolutely LOVE to be considered for a family photo shoot/engagement shoot so we can send out pictures to my friends and family. We hardly have any pictures of the two of us and now that we have a daughter it would be amazing if we could get some pictures of our new family as we plan our wedding and our lives together.
    Amber’s photos are awesome!! I love her style and it is so cool that she is starting up her own business! We definitely need more people like her in this world.

  • Benny

    So. I haven’t done this before, but I’d really like to enter my fiance and I for the LGBTQ giveaway. And there are so many worthy recipients! First, supporting a new (but clearly talented) ally photographer would be awesome. Secondly, I’ve talked about this a little bit before here, but I’ll give the basic rundown of our story….A-bomb (an awesome nickname) and I got engaged 9 months ago, and it’s been a joyful but rocky road since. Her family and our friends are happy and supportive, but my family is not. My father, who’s the only family member who would be able to assist financially, has told us that he will not contribute financially to our wedding because he feels that we shouldn’t be getting married. And he is against me coming out to our larger extended family. So we basically haven’t planned anything yet, negotiating with the lack of support from a chunk of our community and knowing we’ll be paying for it on our own. We’ll have a looong engagement!

    So…sob story over…winning a portrait session would be incredible for us. We are both in Boston now, but we spent a year of our relationship operating long-distance when I lived in New York. One of the first times A-bomb proposed (there have been several proposals, long story) was in central park. And I proposed to her for real on the corner of 112th and Broadway.

    It would be truly beautiful to have these pictures taken- as a real celebration of our relationship, regardless of wedding-planning status. Because I know that, sometimes, celebration is something you have to reach out and grab for yourself.

  • elainepill

    i would love to get family pix taken because it’s something i want to do at somepoint in my life (don’t worry amber-i live in vermont so no competition!).

    i want to learn from the experience by being on the other side of the camera. know what the subjects are experiencing. be able to observe what the photographer does and what s/he uses for equipment and see how it’s done. plus i want to have some kick ass photos of my girls before they get too cool to hang out with the family for pictures.

    plus i’d love to go to NYC with my family and make new friends, visit old ones and HAVE FUN!

  • Calumnia

    Meg, thanks for giving the LGBTQ couples a heads up about another ally photographer. I hope when my fiancee and I get married that we can support as many amazing ally vendors as we can find.

    I’ve emailed you my comment for privacy concerns, I hope that is ok.


  • Claire

    Hello! I too think there must be so many more deserving couples but I thought I would enter for fun. We had a wonderful wedding and a wonderful photographer, so we certainly aren’t missing on either of those fronts. We didn’t have an engagement session because I didn’t think they were necessary, but it does seem like it might be fun to have a nice portrait session not in wedding clothes and a commemoration of our lives in New York, where we met, fell in love, and started our married lives together!

  • Amber, thank you so much for doing this! Best of luck with building your business up!

    I feel a bit selfish to ask to be considered for the second shoot, seeing as I am just one person and it seems like a much better cause to give away a photo shoot to a loving couple or family – really spreading the wealth, you know? But what the hey.

    I would love to have a photo shoot done, if for no other reason than I don’t have any good photos of myself that are recent. I recently went from a short-haired, butch, tie-wearing obviously queer gal to a long-haired, femme, corporate worker (with a male partner, no less.) My queer identity is feeling a little bit lost these days, and I would really like a chance to have it captured in a way that I can share with my family and my partner. But putting that queer sensibility in photos when everything about my outside presentation has changed so radically? It’s more than my artistic skills can handle at the moment. I would love some help.

    Thank you again for rocking a diverse portfolio, and Meg, thanks for pointing the way!

  • Arachna

    So, I would like to be considered for the second give away! Um… the photoshoot I’d like to have is a ‘boudoir’ shoot. I loved the idea when I first saw it but think its ridiculous that its associated with weddings in any way. A lot of these shoots also kind of ick me out. But I remain totally in love with the idea of it. The celebration. I’ve actually tried to find someone in NYC to do it … you’d think that’d be easy but you’d be wrong. The only people who have portfolios have portfolios which remind me strongly of magazines… and I don’t want to look like a magazine model because those models generally make me sad and I want pictures that make me happy. Just for me. Okay and to share with my husband. But mostly for me. Alternatively I’d love a photoshoot of our apartment and new kittens who are naturally the most adorable kittens in the universe. We didn’t spend a lot on wedding photography and I’m actually not yet sure (since we don’t have the photos) if we’ll have any shoots of the two of us (we didn’t do engagement pics – again no idea what this has to do with weddings or engagements!) so that would be nice too not to mention capturing the kittens while they’re still kittens. We’ll feed you cake?

  • Molly

    My partner and I were engaged a month ago. I am a musician and she’s a women’s rights attorney. We’ve carved out our own little happy home in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, and we are fortunate enough to have the love and support of nearly all of our friends and family. We’re also so lucky to live in such a liberal city, where there are countless people toiling away to ensure that our right to love each other is respected and supported with the full weight of society and the law. We are working with them. But we’re not there yet.

    New York State still refuses to marry us, implying that we’re just not good enough to be treated with the respect that straight couples are automatically and instinctively given. This attitude seems to have trickled down into the streets of our state, our city, and even our neighborhood. Nearly every other day, we have to pick ourselves and each other up off of the emotional floor after having been jeered at, sneered at, stared at or yelled at for daring to hold hands as we walk to the subway. Don’t get me wrong here – we know we’ve got it better than many in this country. Most, probably. But even in our little corner of Brooklyn, we’re finding it harder and harder to feel like the voices of opposition are sometimes so much louder (literally) than the voices of support. We keep walking through the jeers, and we keep holding hands through the sneers, and we keep our heads up, because that is what love allows us to do. Well, and because we’re generally very happy folks, and we’re not going to let some jerks take that away from us. But here’s the rub — as we’ve always known intuitively and are now proving on a daily basis as we begin to plan this wedding — marriage is a community undertaking. A marriage needs a community of support and love in order to thrive and grow and then ultimately give back to that same community. And we consider Brooklyn and New York State to be a part of our extended community. But in some ways – some very day-to-day and personal ways – Brooklyn and New York State are falling down on their end of the bargain. Suffice to say, we’ve been feeling a little down on the streets of our hometown.

    But then along comes a woman like Amber. A Brooklynite, who loves Brooklyn and NYC as much as we do. A Brooklynite, who wants to put the faces of her fellow Brooklynites on her website so that all of her own neighbors, those near and far, have one more check in their complicated checks-and-balances system of appropriate and inappropriate, and one more public example of the universality of love. Amber, who is just doing what she can through what she does so that the image of two folks in love can someday be just that — two folks in love.

    So mostly, we just wanted to say thanks — for the reminder that our neighbors also include folks like Amber. For the reminder that, dang, Brooklyn is a wicked cool place and wicked cool people live here. We needed that hometown pick-me-up. We’d love to meet and have an awesome, hometown engagement photoshoot with a neighbor like Amber. Now that’s the kind of community we can get down with.

  • Carolyn

    Like many other commenters, I feel a bit sheepish asking to be considered. Especially as readers are chiming in with “Exactly!” at particularly worthy couples, I’m sort of feeling embarrassed, too. Nonetheless…

    My fella and I have been together for six years, and have spent the past three living apart from one another as we continue our respective educations. As one might expect, this separation continues to test us, but has resulted in growth as individuals and as a team.

    I won’t add a laundry list of every emotional, familial and medical setback that has crossed our paths in the last three years. While those contribute to us, build our history and make us stronger, I’d so much rather tell you that most of all, being apart has firmed our resolve to be together regardless of the situation, and to make the absolute best of it.

    While it is hundreds of miles from where I live and hundreds of miles from where we will marry, New York City is where my fiancé resides and also where he asked me to be his wife. I think to have our photos taken in New York would pay homage to this challenging, but rewarding time in our lives. I would love to look back and remember New York this way.

  • Laurel

    Bride- and groom-to-be, step out from behind the point & shoot camera!

    About a month ago, I was thumbing through photos in my iPhoto gallery hunting for pictures of my fiance and I that we could use for wedding purposes, to commemorate our relationship, to document lives together pre-marriage, etc., etc. I was shocked to find that every last photo of the two of us was the quintessential squeeze-in-together, hold-arm-out-with-lens-pointed-at-face, and shoot! What does this mean? Bad angles, double chins, fat faces, heads chopped off, ears chopped off…oh, the horror! It’s a crime against humanity, that after 5 years together, this is the extent of our visual library of memories…save for the oh-so glamorous photos shot by my future mother-in-law of us getting completely pummeled and wiped out by a wave at the beach in 2006.

    I’ve been dreaming about engagement photos for months, but it’s just not in our budget as a result a variety of woes that I won’t bore anyone with. But woes or no woes, please help a super-cool couple, with a super-cool dog, carving out our lives in super-cool New York City, to recover from this self-shot photo syndrome! You provide the camera, we’ll provide the laughs!

    And either way, whomever is chosen as the lucky candidate(s), Amber, you rock on with your bad self! A “mighty” salute to you for showing life who’s boss, cultivating your dreams & talents, and tellin’ NYC to watch out!! ;-)

  • bethany

    ok, so I have never done anything like this before, but I would love to be considered for a photo shoot.
    background: the fiance and I have already been engaged for a year and a half. we had a date set for next septemeber, but something felt off. we were living overseas when he proposed and when we started planning this shindig, so we opted for the “package deal” wedding as we would be an ocean and 5 time zones away until right before the wedding, and the last thing we wanted to do was make a lot of work for friends and family members to make the wedding more “us” when we wouldn’t be around to do any of the work ourselves.
    and this was fine, or fine enough, as long as we had that rational behind it all.
    but then we (unexpectedly) moved back to the states for the year leading up to the wedding. the reasoning and rational behind the pre-packaged wedding no longer held true. I started to feel stressed about the whole thing. It didn’t feel right. I cried. a lot. and I NEVER cry. something was clearly very very wrong. so talked about it with the fiance and with my mom (uber supportive and awesome, both of them) and we pretty much decided “f%*! it”, ditched the wedding we already booked for next year and are getting married in a family only ceremony in december on our 9 year anniversary and are throwing a huge party for extended family and friends next spring/summer.
    part of the reason for my freaking out is I am not a wedding type of girl. never have been. city hall is kind of my ideal.
    you know that scene in the beginning of Arsenic and Old Lace where Cary Grant and Priscilla Lane simply walk into city hall, get hitched and then go and tell everybody they just got married and are on their way to niagara falls for their honeymoon? there. that right there. perfect.
    so, what I suppose I am asking, is how would you feel about taking some photos of an exceptionally low-key, small city hall ceremony in nyc?
    (here’s hoping I didn’t check my google reader too late in the game!)
    (and btw. your blog? awesome.)

  • Benny

    I would avoid working with this photographer.

    She has a great eye and takes good shots — at least she did the first time we worked with her.

    We hired her a second time and she LOST ALL OF THE IMAGES. That’s it. Bye bye.

    She came up with some excuse about how she was sharing her workspace with other people, they grabbed a memory card from her desk, thought it was blank, etc.

    This is the first time it had ever happened to me — working over many years with many photographers. Amber claimed it was the first time it had happened to her.

    But unless you feel like you can afford to lose all of the work from your wedding, or party, or other life event — then you might want to take a pass. It just isn’t worth it.