Aper + Pink: Affordable Wedding Invitation Printing

It’s pretty rare that we have a brand new kind of sponsor that I’ve been secretly hoping and praying for for years, so today is a special kind of day. Very special. Today is the day that I get to introduce a brand new, APW approved (and then some) indie print shop, Aper + Pink, catering to all your needs. Aper + Pink was started by Julie, the powerhouse behind Up Up Creative. You’ll remember her from her crazy (beautiful) name your price experiment, and the results. Well, Julie realized that all of us DIY and indie types and independent designers (and um, business owners? me?) didn’t have a good print shop to use.

Like, say you’re ordering printable invites from Printable Press or e.m. papers. Or, perhaps you’d LIKE to be ordering your invites from those talented ladies, but you really cannot handle the idea of getting them printed. Well, that’s where Aper + Pink comes in. They offer super high quality flat printing (and she can work with you to make letterpress happen). Julie says, “For most people, printing is the un-fun part. It’s the tedious, error-ridden part. It’s the part that brings swear words to their lips and tears to their eyes. It incites arguments between otherwise happily engaged couples just trying to keep invitations personal, practical, and affordable. But I love it. I love learning the tricks and figuring out how to avoid the troubles. I like discovering new methods and new substrates. I mean, I read blogs about printing. We take your designs and give them the print treatment they deserve. We aim to provide the kind of quality you’d expect of your own self if you had all the tools & time in the world.” What’d I say? FINALLY.

I’m going to let Julie explain business in detail, so I can just focus on her amazing prices for a second. On her two most popular papers, here are some baseline prices:

  • 100 invitations (5×7, one side) would be $83.30 on recycled cover, or $143.50 on thick cotton paper.
  • 100 save the date postcards would start at $110.70 for the same recycled stock, or about $170 on the thick cotton paper.
  • 300 business cards would start at $59.50 for one side on 80lb recycled cover stock. On luxurious cotton paper the same would be $102.
  • Plus she does one-off prints like art prints and posters from 8×10 ($8.30 each on mid-weight cotton paper) up to 16×20 ($28.80 on the same mid-weight cotton paper).

I mean, if you’ve taken more than two seconds to look at print prices before, these prices with this amazing quality and customer service are going to make you want to make out with Julie (though she’d like to just stay friends).

But enough of my blabbing. Let’s let Julie talk about her new business. She says:

Aper + Pink is a brand new off-shoot of Up Up Creative—a small print shop located in Rochester, NY, catering to stationery designers, letterpress printers, and home-grown DIY-ers looking for top-notch service and print quality. Started by a stationery designer who was frustrated with the options out there for high-end, small-scale short-run printing, Aper + Pink is dedicated to providing easy, awesome, high-quality printing on cool, eco-friendly papers (like 100% cotton, sugar cane, bamboo, and even 100% post-consumer).

What this means for APW readers, in a nutshell: The invitations you’ve designed for yourself, or that your mom’s friend did, or that printable you bought off etsy or from the lovely Kimi at A Printable Press, the ones that you’ve maybe tried to print at home to the great consternation of anyone within swearing distance, now you can send them off into the capable hands of someone (me!) who cares about how they turn out. Someone who cares about whether they’re done right. Someone who is happy to walk you through the process, help you format your files if needed, even match the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses if you send her a swatch. Someone who will save your sanity and keep you safe from your own DIY-spirations.

You can order via an online order form, where you can provide all of your info and upload your files, or via email.

So basically, not to put too fine a point on it, but BINGO, am I right? And not just bingo for those of you out there trying to figure out how to print your wedding invitations (though, this might be the jackpot of all jackpots for you). But also BINGO for those of us who want to order business cards, or a print, or newsletters, or goodness knows what else. And indie designers: go crazy.

Have fun with Aper + Pink y’all, because Julie will take damn good care of you.

Design Credits: Photo 1: paper dahlia, kristie kern, up up creative / Photo 2: up up creative / Photo 3: pounding mill press / Photo 4: Julie’s Studio / Photo 5: up up creative / Photo 6: up up creative 

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  • Hole-y [swear word] those prices are insane! Julie, you are totally awesome!!

  • youlovelucy

    As I was reading this post, the heavens parted above me, angels sang, and confetti exploded from my ears. True story.

    • that is the most awesome thing i have ever heard. true story.

    • meg

      Yeah, I knew that was going to happen. The EDITORIAL COMMENTS on this post from APW staffers said the same thing.

  • As a vendor who has had Julie produce some fab invitations for my clients, I can absolutely vouch for the incredible quality of the printing as well as Julie’s great customer service! Her work is awesome.

  • efletch

    I am freaking out in a good way! This is something I have been stressing over…now super easy peasy! Thank you APW

  • Wow! I’m sold. Cannot not wait to begin working with this company. Thank you, A Practical Wedding, for sharing.


  • Laurel

    Julie! Those are my invitations! They look like they really turned out well — I’m super impressed with the brightness of the red, and I can’t wait to get the actual prints. I was so nervous because it’s my first design project ever.

    BTW, Julie has been nothing but awesome and nice to work with. Two or possibly three thumbs up. And seriously, SUCH a relief that I don’t have to feed cardstock through a printer one piece at a time for hours and still feel dissatisfied with the results.

    • Laurel, ha! Sneak preview! They should be going out to you in the next day or so. And yes, they look AWESOME.

  • I jumped on Julie’s Aper & Pink printing services when she launched the new site because I was DYING for a print shop like hers to exist! I had a wedding poster printed for a couple I designed for and just the 5×7 sample blew my mind so I can only imagine how floored the couple was when they received three copies at the size of 13×18. They wrote me to say that they loved the prints and honestly: it only looked half that good because of how good the print quality was. When I showed my husband the sample, he said, “whoah… I didn’t even know stuff could look this good printed” and he’s seen his share of the things I’ve had printed digitally. She is awesome to work with to boot too. You will not regret sending things to her to print. Trust me!

  • Chi-Ling

    I am a big Julie fan. One of these days, I will finally meet a deadline for designing my own greeting card, and then I will definitely have Aper + Pink print them.

  • Julie is crazy talented. You can’t go wrong with her, trust.

  • Michelle

    Sometimes I think A Practical Wedding is secretly stalking my life. At least once or twice a week, a post pops up that is SO RELEVANT to my relationship / current wedding-planning process. This is another one of those posts!

    • Another Meg

      Same here! We have a graphic designer in the family who is designing our invites, and here I am sitting around like a putz wondering, how will we print these? And POOF! Post that answers the question.

  • Kamille

    I find this super exciting. Rushing over to check you out!

  • Carbon Girl

    Where were you when I designed my brother’s wedding invites!? This is so awesome, as a sometimes designer of friends’ and family’s invites, I will definitely be using this business! And yes, there was a huge need for businesses like this. *Squeal*

  • Alyssa

    This would have been PERFECT for my wedding! Now I’m just going to have to hire you to do a poster of the art from my invitation, because: damn. You’re talented, affordable, and apw to the max. THANK YOU!

    • can i get that on a t-shirt? apw to the max?

  • Elizabeth @ Lowe House

    RAD. I am super, super pumped about this.

  • Rachel

    Yay Julie! I emailed Julie about her invitations but wound up going with Glo and doing online invites–Julie was gracious, responsive and lovely, even once it was clear I wasn’t going to be a client. Also, BIG shout out for the ROC–way to represent Western NY beautifully!

  • Sarah

    Julie designed a wedding invitation for me as part of my proposal and she could not have been any more helpful or awesome. Support her because she’s great at what she does and then support her again because she’s a lovely person and deserves your business!

  • I just finished designing our invitations and was trying to figure out whether to try printing them myself or find a print shop here (in DC) or wait until after we move (to Florida) and hadn’t quite gotten to the stressing about making a decision phase when I found this. Problem solved. Thanks APW! (If you could feature a caterer in Pensacola next, that would really help me out.)

  • Rochester, NY! Woot!

  • Alli

    Including the three trips to the paper store, I literally spent more than 12 hours printing my (25) self-designed save the dates and envelopes (front address and rear flap return). I would like to weep with joy at this post. Aper + Joy, expect some invitation printing business from this one SOON. I love you APW.