April Weddings and Anniversaries!

As you guys know, Columns Editor Alyssa has started a monthly community feature on weddings and anniversaries, so we can all get to know each other a little better, and cheer on those about to be wed. And while I couldn’t visualize it when she told me it was the best idea ever, Alyssa is wise, and she, of course, was right. So here is the next round of happy grinning faces, and readers that are about to be hitched! (And remember, this is an ongoing project, so if you’d like to be included, see the bottom of the post for details.)

Upcoming weddings this month:

Jessica and Ben, April 2nd, 2011, Twitter: @thelittlefella

Alice and Jon, April 9th, 2011; Blog: Snowflakes in France

Stephanie and Wayne, April 9th, 2011

Ali and Austin, April 16th, 2011; Blog: Redhead Reports

Claire and Oliver, April 16th, 2011; Blog: Chic, Classy….and a little bit Sassy

Jessica and Neil, April 16th, 2011; Blog: Cats Lick the Butter

Jo and James, April 16th, 2011

Matt and Valery, April 16th, 2011; Blog: Young(s) and in Love

Melody (Melodious) and Eric, April 16th, 2011

Rhiannon and Stef, April 23rd, 2011; Blog: Thinking Wedding

Ashley and Ace, April 30th, 2011; Blog: tea@elevensies

Erica and Sean, April 30th, 2011

Kassy and Brandon, April 30th, 2011

Ben and Kathleen, April 30th, 2011;  Blog: When Hoya Met Saxa

Yuval and Katie, April 30th, 2011

I know right? What a month!!! Wish them strength through the final weeks, and huge-ness on the day itself.

And our anniversaries:

Gaynor & Graham, April 3rd, 2010; Blog: Our Day by Design

Jennifer and Sean Ryan, April 17th, 2010

Angela and Jorge, April 23rd, 2010

Kari and Matthew, April 24th, 2010; Blog: The Handmade Event

Nick and Liz, April 25th, 2009; Blog: Nick and Liz Go Global

The happiest of anniversaries to each of you, and thanks for sticking around, talking about married life, building a family, and why all of this really matters.

Want to join the monthly Weddings and Anniversaries fun? Yes?  Well click here, already!

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  • Amanda

    Hey, on the survey I wanted to pick this feauture as a favorite as well, but it wouldn’t let choose more than 4 (?) , and well I had to pick discussions. But thanks for this Alyssa, Meg and Lauren it is really a great idea !

  • amy

    April 16-ers, I am right there with you! Best of luck to all of you! And everyone else getting married this month! And happy anniversary to everyone! and ahhh!!!

  • yay! happy weddings & anniversaries all!

    wait how are kari & matthew getting married this month AND celebrating their anniversary..? ;)

    • They must be very crafty. ;-)

      • That was me, I’m easily confused.

        Smarta**es, the lot of ya! You’re both lucky you’re adorable….

  • April 16th is suchhhhh a popular date this year. Wow.
    Congratulations, everybody! And I’m so pumped to be a part of Ali and Austin’s wedding! :)

  • Major squee!s for the upcoming weddings, super duper congrats for the anniversaries – I think I’m going to love this feature :)

  • We did it! Thanks for all the advice and laughs over the last year. And thanks to the Twitter shout-out on Saturday. It warmed my heart to see congrats from my fellow APW ladies.

  • Jen

    Ah, that’s me! Jen Ryan! We’re famous! ;-)

    Congrats and good luck to all this month’s couples!

  • Oh boy, it must be Real, if it’s on APW!! :):) OMGitssoclose!

    Congrats to all the fellow April couples! And thanks for the link back to the “hugeness” post. Bookmarking that for a much-needed sanity check in the next week or two.

  • Hahaha OMGosh that’s us!!!!


    During these remaining 18 days I’m sure that my mind will continue to be seive-like, I will continue to feel overwhelmed and in control and abandoned and supported all at once.

    But I am, officially, freaking out. (Too many seating chart complaints today!)


    • I am also feeling entirely calm.

      • Rhiannon! I’m getting married on 4/23, too, but I just failed at emailing Alyssa with our info. We also just began the seating chart madness last night… I feel you. But I’m glad we’re sharing that day! I like reading your comments on APW :) Best of luck!!

        • I’m worried that somehow someone who WAS invited and DID RSVP on time will be without a seat!

          I’m also slightly worried about squeezing them all into the church hall. They’ll have to be very friendly!

          How are you feeling?

          • Our problem right now is all the late RSVPers. Now I feel so bad for the times I was late RSVPing to something!

            I am feeling good. I think the zen might just be setting in, as of this weekend. We have had TONS and TONS of family drama, which has been awful but actually helped keep things in perspective (tears over flowers? No, tears over mother boycotting the wedding). But, I feel calm – ready, happy, tired, focused.

            How about you?

          • I’ve been tempted to boycott my mother! And yes, we too have had fears that she would boycott our wedding! My aunt complained that she thought she wasn’t invited but then I sent her flowers and out-guilt-tripped her. I learnt from the master (my mum).

            And snap on the late RSVPing! I will never, ever RSVP late again. My step sister had spoken to my mum and said she ‘didn’t know if she’d be able to make it’ so she wasn’t RSVPing. It ended up with us phoning her and saying “No, if you don’t know whether you can make it, please decline.” which she did in a really annoyed sort of way, like we were unreasonably putting pressure on her to decide on her schedule 5 weeks in advance.

            We’re also trying to move my fiancé in to my house at the moment (as we haven’t lived together) and it is stressful! More stressful than the wedding – I’m not sure which to worry about more.

    • saveroomforpi

      Best wishes from another Rhiannon :)

      The feelings of in control and support (and calm) are wonderful to have – sometimes the other feelings just help us get things done.

      And months (or now 13 months) later, in my experience, the family drama disappears and Grandma only comments on how Dad could have worn shirt and tie instead of sweater with suit (my Dad wears jeans to everything).

  • Yay! I’m on A Practical Wedding! I am somehow on here twice – and I am very crafty! :) . I did in fact get married last year (in a memorable way) but was not very bright when I wrote in my “anniversary” email and probably messed up Alyssa.

    April 24th is my 1 year anniversary (and my Grandparents 64th – Congrats to Col. Harry and Mary Meinhardt, too- an inspiration in more ways than one) but this may be a sign that I need to have a party every year.

    Congrats to all the couples!

    • Nope, totally my fault because I even checked with you. My brain is mush.

  • Sooz

    Oops, forgot to send that email. Ah well….

    We’re also April 16th, and I can’t quite believe that it’s got so close so fast.

    Sooz (and Paul)

  • Alicia

    love this feature!

  • Congrats dudes!

  • April couples, good luck & best wishes! Keep calm, keep smiling- your wedding will be fabulous!!

    And Happy Anniversary to the married April couples ♥

  • Yay everyone!!! Just, yay! This puts the biggest smile on my face every month.

    (And special yay to Ali and Austin.)

    • Ali

      Aww, thanks :)

  • Fantastic idea! Marriages should be supported and cheered on in such a community-hugs-from-the-internet sort of way. Oh, Alyssa. You’re smart. Thanks!

  • Congratulations April Ladies!
    (Yesterday was my legal wedding anniversary, but I’m saving myself for the spiritual one in May)

  • Melodious

    Hooray! I’ve been looking for this feature to show up again. Of course, being 1/2 of one of the April 16th couples has absolutely nothing to do with it! Best wishes, everyone. And Happy Anniversary to the graduates.

  • Yea for all of you!

    Yea for happiness on a Monday. :)

  • Ris

    congrats and good luck to everyone!

  • Congratulations to all the April couples! Best wishes for awesome wedding days, and lots of happy anniversaries.

  • Yay, I love this new feature; of course I would since we are featured this month {1st couple Gaynor & Graham}. Thank you APW for featuring us!

    Our 1st anniversary was on the 3rd April, which we spent in Vienna, something I highly recommend.

    Congratulations to all the April couples with anniversaries & to those about to have their wedding day; thank you also for everyones good wishes & congratulations.