APW June Book Club – Dates!

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

The votes, are in!   The next APW book club will take place on Saturday June 4th, 1pm.  (This time is a suggestion, it can be adjusted as your individual club sees fit.)

In case you missed it, we’ll be reading For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage, by Tara Parker-Pope.  (Hint: if you buy it through this Amazon Affiliate link and a portion of the sale goes to support APW. Though if you buy it at a brick and mortar independent book store, we’re behind that too.) I bought it this week, and thus far, I’m fascinated. It’s really compelling to read about marriage through the lens of scientific study, instead of self-help chatter. Particularly when science tells you that you’re doing something right (which I am, apparently! Win!). And, fact: You’re going to pass this one to your partner when you’re done. And if you’re like me, he might actually read it, because he likes facts more than warm fuzzies.

So! Organizational details: local meet-ups will be organized through the  APW Facebook discussion page.  Some city threads have been started; if your area isn’t featured please add threads for new locations as needed. Once we get closer to June 4th, we’ll give the official locations and book club point persons, as well as brainstorm discussion questions.  So head over here and start talking about things, like time, place, what you’ll wear, and drinks.  You know, the important stuff.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit MegKeene.com. #NASTY

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  • Yes I’m so excited! If anyone in the inland North West is looking for a meet up we are having one in Missoula, MT. There are about 4-8 people interested so far! We have a group on facebook called APW Book Club, Missoula MT if you want more info! (I’m really excited, hence the excessive exclamation point usage)

  • So sad I can’t do June 4th. But wedding season is here, and I’m working every weekend. But I’ll still read the book! Hope my NYC ladies have fun!

    • KD

      I always say it doesn’t bother me to never be able to play on Saturdays except for like 3 Saturdays each year. There are always a couple sad days when there are awesome things going on that I wish I could be at… I think June 4th will be my first instance of feeling that way this season!

      Definitely reading this book either way though!

    • I’m going to be missing out too. Oh well!

      • Unless you join us at the Houston group! : )

    • Kaitlyn142

      I swear I am going to make this meetup. I can’t ever make the weekday ones, and all the previous one were bad weekends. I WILL make this one.

  • lolo7835

    Started reading this and love it. I might have to make a trip down to DC to actually have people to talk to about it. Or maybe we can do a e-meetup for us ladies out in the middle of nowhere?

    • Are you closer to Baltimore maybe? We will have another meet-up!

  • Knoxville APWers (and surrounding areas too) — we’re going to make this happen. Check out the ‘Tennessee Book Club Meetup’ thread on the Facebook discussion page.

  • Looks like I’m missing this one too! I have a wedding shower to attend. Ah well, the online discussions are always fun too.

  • Sara

    *sigh* I’m not on Facebook and have no interest in it. Any chance someone can send me info. about the DC meetup?

    • send me an email at ddayporter at gmail dot com. I’ll let you know when we decide on time and place.

  • If there are any Kansas City/Middle of the Map folks: I’m starting that thread on the facebook page!

  • Scotland APW book club meet up! It’s gotta happen! There is a thread and everything!

    • Yeeeeeehaaaa!!! Can. Not. Wait.

  • kc

    Hi Meg,

    Will the link work if I switch over to the Kindle Edition? If not can you add a Kindle affiliate link for those of us with e-readers?

    • Caroline

      I beleive it works for EVERYTHING on amazon when you get to amazon via the affiliate link. Even computers and groceries. There was a discussion on this a while back.

      • kc

        Great! Thanks Caroline!

  • Katie Texas

    The Austin group is meeting June 4th at 1pm! Please visit the facebook message board for details on the where. I sure do hope you’ll join us! There will be food and gabbing. Singles, Partnered, Married and with or without kids are welcome. Haven’t finished the book? No problem! You can discuss and socialize with us can’t you? Sure, you can, see you there!

  • Dawn

    OK I am pathetically facebook challenged (seriously I know how to look at pictures of my nephew and that’s it — I am way too young to be this technologically unsavvy). How in the world so I start a new discussion topic so I can add Charlotte, NC to the list? We haven’t managed to get a group together yet and I’m really hoping there’s some of y’all out there in this area (if not, I might actually make the long drive to the Triangle).

    • Fawmo

      Dawn, the facebook link above will take you to the big list of all the discussion board topics. In the upper right-hand corner there is a “start new topic” button. Click and it will take you to a page to start a new thread. Name it whatever you want and wait for responses!

  • You guys, where is the Amazon affiliate link located? Is it on this site, or do I have to go to Amazon and search APW?
    I feel web-challened right now.

  • Anyone in the Omaha area? I ‘d love to find some other readers near me

  • Amanda

    Hello girls, are there any other readers in The Netherlands ? I just created a discussion board, in case anyone would like to join (otherwise it’s only me oops)

  • LW

    I am usually pretty good with Facebook, but not today. I am hoping for a Toronto, ON bookclub but don’t see one started and don’t see how I can add one. Can anyone help me out? (I dont have the “start new topic” button it seems)

    • Dawn

      I don’t seem to have that “start new topic” button either. I swear I’ve looked really hard for it, and it’s just not there.

      • This probably sounds dumb, but are you logged in? The same thing happened to me when I clicked over there, but once I logged in the button showed up.

      • Sarah

        You need to first “like” the facebook page. Once you click like the “add new” discussion button becomes available.

        • LW

          Ahhhh thank you. I, of course, like it already. But now I will officially like it!

  • Unless there is a Nashville book club meeting (that I could attend BEFORE my brother’s wedding. tee-hee), I will not be able to attend. Sigh.

    BUT, I will be reading this book! Science and relationships, that is right up my alley!

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  • Gah! Just realized I have to spend that whole day taking tests to prove I’m a “highly qualified teacher.” I’d much rather be talking about this book (which I started reading today in between handing out consent forms for my dissertation). Doesn’t look like there’s anyone else in my area of Arizona anyway. I’ll look forward to the online discussions.