APW on Pinterest: Inspiration & Application

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

As most of you know, I’ve been on maternity leave for a few weeks now. And as you might have figured out if you hang out in the comments or follow me on Twitter, as of the second I’m writing this, we don’t have a baby yet. It’s a long story, but in short because of health stuff, and the amazing fun that late pregnancy can bring (head desk), Maddie and team have been in charge, and I’ve been working half time-ish behind the scenes. Mostly because if feeling terrible is bad, feeling terrible and being bored is so much worse. What can I say? I’m Type A.

The joke has become that I’m grateful to have a job where I can claim to be “working on our Pinterest strategy” and not be totally and completely lying. Which is to say, between APW’s brand new Editorial Assistant Emily and me, the APW Pinterest boards have become a fun place to hang out. What’s been interesting to me about spending time playing around on Pinterest, is the way it’s brought me back to where APW started, when I was planning my wedding. In those days, part of what I was doing here was chasing down inspiration, and then trying to figure out how in the hell I could translate it into reality, if, say, I was gainfully employed but not spending a Bay Area down payment of $150K on my wedding. Tricky. Thanks wedding media. And as I’ve spent time on Pinterest, I’ve realized that it is often more of the same. Sure, it’s great to re-pin that smashing dotted tulle veil (and I did), but how in the hell does one make, or otherwise procure, a dotted tulle veil for oneself? (Pinterest answer: who the hell knows.)

What’s occurred to me is that these days, unlike almost five years ago when I started APW (eek!), I have a chance of doing something about this problem with a tool other than my words. APW now has a staff, we work to create How To content for you guys, and we have the lady-power to sit around and try to come up with solutions to wedding-related problems. For Maddie and me, this realization has prompted a lot of conversations about how we can work to mix (very) old-school APW with new school APW (something exciting to both of us, since Maddie has been reading this site just about as long as I’ve been writing it). Which means, in short, this:

And as a reminder: you can follow us on Facebook as well. Articles we find interesting (if slightly off topic) tend to land there for further discussion. And with that, cheers. And back to maternity leave.


Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit MegKeene.com. #NASTY

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  • One More Sara

    I’ve noticed many more pins on the APW board, and thought that still-pregnant-Meg was behind it ;). I follow Style Me Pretty and Ruffled (on Pinterest) as well, but I never have to look to know which ones are pinned by you. I guess what I am saying is that you are staying very true to the APW brand, and I love following you guys on All The Social Media :)

  • KB

    Ooh ooh OOH!!! (raising hand) can we please please PLEASE have more tutorials on DIY/DIT centerpieces? The reason being is that I became really fixated on having some sort of manzanita tree-inspired, hanging votive candle centerpiece thingie – and then I met with a florist who told me it would cost approximately one bazillion dollars to create (who knew manzanitas were so expensive? Honestly, they just look like branches to me…). Thus, I would love to see more practical options for alternative centerpieces using outside-the-box materials.

    • meg

      We have a wish-fulfillment program coming up just for you ;)

      It is the holidays, after all.

      • KB

        YAY!!! It’s like holiday magic :-)

  • Other Katelyn

    LOVE the idea of shopping round-ups on APW.

  • kyley

    APW & ESB are the only wedding-related blogs I read, so the more they come together the better.

  • I’ve been digging all the new activity on the APW pinboards. All the self-catering tips are really helpful just for throwing parties, even if they DON’T include a wedding! Thanks, team practical!

  • Alexandra

    I just love seeing Meg’s posts on Pinterest. Somehow, my own board seem to have too many people devoted to the WIC ideals and I miss inspiration that actually feels practical. That, and Pinterest seems to bring out the worst in people, and it’s a nice reminder that not everyone out there is dumb and catty.

    • meg

      The average Pinterest user… it’s a weird thing. I follow so many amazing people, but Pinterest not logged in = terrifying. Also? The only rabidly homophobic comments I’ve ever gotten in the history of APW have been on Pinterest, and they were BAD. So yeah. It’s slightly odd.

      • Alexandra

        I’m always telling people off on Pinterest for claiming a thin woman’s body is “disgusting” or that “she should go eat a sandwich.” Once or twice, I’ve had people come back and apologize because they realized it was hurtful. The worst part to me is, I’ve heard the Pinterest community is mostly women. That just makes me sad.

        • Yes!! I’m not even engaged yet, but I try to pin non-hetero weddings (from APW, natch) just to try to get a little diversity up in there, and wow, the raging homophobia! It’s like, hello, you don’t know me, and these are REAL people in these pictures you are bashing!!

  • Shoppable posts are a GREAT idea. When I was planning my wedding 4 years ago, that was the #1 annoyance and time steal-er – searching around for hours on the internet for the least expensive candles of all time is no fun. Now, if someone would have done that for me while throwing in some witty comments and lady power? Sign my engaged-self-from-four-years-ago up.

  • KC

    It’s surprisingly difficult to find that fabric!

    If I wanted “ultra-cheap velvet dotted tulle veil”, I’d go for plain-tulle-or-netting-of-choice, a hole punch, a sheet of flocked white scrapbooking paper (the fuzzy stuff), paper with where-I-want-the-dots-to-be marked (to lay the tulle over while dotting), and a glue gun.

    I think the veil in the pin is chiffon (possibly silk), though, from the drape and weave size. I’d be curious if a thin layer of acrylic or fabric paint would work for the dots, since you just need to make them a bit more opaque. I’d probably get the gorgeous silk gauze from the Dharma Trading Company and use a end-of-pencil eraser to stamp thinned acrylic paint in an eggshell sort of color… hm. Now I’m curious. But I don’t need a veil!

    • meg

      Holy moly. You are an impressively-not-lazy-girl crafter. I’d probably just go to a fancy fabric store, source it, see if I could afford it, and if I couldn’t… give up.

      This is the part where I want to pretend that I’m joking, but we all know that I’m not ;)

      • KC

        I partially blame community theatre costuming, where we wanted some things to be “just right”, but had basically no money to work with, so you start figuring out what you can do with what you have. Once you get into it, it’s also just plain fun successfully making something out of unpromising materials (vintage-looking pill box hat from the top of a small oatmeal container, hot glue, scraps of fabric, and quilt batting? Yep!).

        But yes, the not-sufficiently-lazy-girl crafting is why I have not submitted any tutorials to APW. :-)

    • Ahhh doing some sort of fabric paint actually might do the trick for getting the polka dot look. Could even do different colors! I don’t need a veil thankfully. Spent enough time on mine cutting the netting (cheap stuff that!), making sure it was the right shape, sewing it to the headband, applying lace trim and then hand sewing on lace/beading details. But putting paper under it with the circles where you’d want them on the veil and then painting/or light dabbing in those circles might actually work for that polka dot look!

  • I remember all my friends telling me to get on Pinterest to start looking for ideas for my wedding. I tried, but for me it was overload and I think I would have spent more money than ever feasibly possible on just trying to recreate things that I found on Pinterest. Honestly I just came up with ideas of what I might like and then searched for photos (google photos – yes I’m behind the times) to see if there was anything that came close to what I liked. Now thankfully my mom is in town to help my out with a week to go (she’s way more creative than I would ever hope to be!). Now if Pinterest was more like your How To section, I think I might have liked it more! Then again, I still can’t find some materials in Kiwi land that I could find in the states, hence more creativity needed and why I’m glad my mom is here!!!

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  • Great idea of shopping round-ups on APW.