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Site relaunch is coming!

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

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It seems like every time I’ve announced big news on APW, I’ve lead with, “Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been writing less lately, and wondering why.” And then everyone always says that they just assumed I was pregnant, and they’re always wrong, except for that one time I was pregnant. Anyway, so, where were we? Oh yes. Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been writing less lately, and wondering why.

The why is that we are a month(ish) away from a huge relaunch of the site. Huge-huge-huge. Not like, new header, prettying the place up. I mean like long-overdue-making-APW-a-functional-website-not-just-a-blog huge. We’ve been around for five and a half years now, and it’s time. I know, right? It makes me feel all nervous too.

So here is the deal. Last year, we realized that the site needed to be redone, and we knew it wasn’t just an aesthetic fix up that we needed. Maddie and I had started joking that, after five years of content, APW’s tagline was becoming, “The best content on the web that you can’t possibly find.” Want to read about wedding planning with divorced parents? Great! We have amazing posts on the subject, and to be frank, it’s a lucky day if I can find them. Planning a city hall wedding? We may well have almost all of the practical information you need, scattered haphazardly all over the place. It’s easier to just get married at city hall than to find our content on the subject.

There were just a couple of hitches. One, I was pregnant and had maternity leave looming. Two, we had to find a team that could pull off this kind of a build without (justifiably) charging us the kind of money you need investors for. While we were working on those problems, Maddie and I spent months brainstorming what the functionality of the site should be like. And also, we decided to go all in with experimenting with content. You might have noticed that we introduced about a zillion features this year, trying some out and retiring them quickly, making others key parts of the site. That’s because our motto this year was, “Fuck it, let’s try it.” We figured that before we built a new site, we might as well just throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. (Side note: It’s turned out to be a very fun year.)

In January, with the hurdles cleared, we began working with Erin at Cooper House to start the long and careful design process. It’s (fittingly) taken nine months, but we’ve cooked up something pretty…great, really. (I can say that, because let’s be honest, I didn’t design it.) So, without further ado, here is a teaser list of some of the things you’ll get with the new site:

  • Ability to decide how you want to interact with the content. If you just want to read without interruption, you can click to see full posts. If you’re in browsing mode, you can look at a list, or thumbnails.
  • Specific pages for specific topics. Planning a city hall wedding? Well. Now, FINALLY, all of the information will be on one page.
  • And, the big one. Finally, finally, you’ll be able to browse through Wedding Graduates and Wordless Weddings by description, so you can find things that are really helpful to you. Want to find weddings where a bride wore a short dress and they got married at city hall? You’ll be able to. RIGHT? I know.

We’ve been working really hard to make this redesign all about you guys and what you need. To get that started, we thought we’d make you all presents. Because everyone likes presents. So, without further ado, the APW mugs, featuring the brand-new APW logo, and quotes. Quotes! (ETA: We replaced the “Ducks Are Wily” mug this afternoon, so it won’t show up in the main store, but you can click this link to get to the product description.)

The mugs are selling for $19.95 through Zazzle, and our (not exactly huge, but still) profits are going straight to Lucy, our amazing graphic design intern who made these happen. She’s been busting her ass around here, and she really deserves it. Oh yeah. And, thanks to the wonders of Zazzle, you can get things like steins too, if that’s your thing. Please, let it be someone’s thing.

In the meantime, stay tuned. We’re running around like crazy people back here, but come (sometime in) October, when we pull back the curtain, it’s gonna be magic.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • moe

    OMG! I need a “Ducks A Wiley” mug!!! …and maybe a matching shot glass too.

    Yay for progress! Yay for growth! Yay for change! Do your thing!!

    • Beth

      Wait – is there a Ducks Are Wiley shot glass? I would buy that.

      • Ducks are Wily shot glasses would make growing up so much better.

        . . .Also, side note, have the mugs been sent to print? “Wily” doesn’t have an E.

        • Maddie

          Oh bless you. We’re fixing that now. The ducks mug is going to be missing for a little bit while we put the new one in there. Thank you Sarah!

          • Whew! I was worried it might be too late in the process. Love Lucy’s design work!

        • My fault!

          Zazzle prints on demand, so it only gets made once it’s ordered. We’ve taken down the misspelled mug and a new Ducks mug should appear in its place shortly, but for now here is a direct link to it, for folks wanting to buy.

        • meg

          You guys, Wiley is his NAME.

          But ok fiiineeee, we’ll change it. But we’re not changing the spelling of his name or anything. It’s Wiley Keene. He’s my cousin.

          • moe

            No one cares about spelling when drinking from a shot glass. Just sayin’ ;)

          • meg

            When Zazzle starts making shot glasses, you’ll have them. Or maybe we’ll figure out how to make y’all shot glasses for the holidays. As presents.

  • catherine

    OH MY GOSH. THE COFFEE MUGS!!!! MY DREAMS JUST CAME TRUE! I never thought I would see this glorious day…..

    And about the other stuff – I am very excited and completely trust you guys, but I wonder if everything will look totally different? Do I need to grieve and start letting go of the beautiful perfect logo/header thingy with the perfect font…the greyish side column colors.. (i dont know website talk obviously) but I love how pretty and awesome this site is..Ok, I trust you…sigh.

    THE COFFEE MUGS!!!!! I will drink out of it every day until I get married, and then after. and after that.

    • BWH

      I agree! I really love the “look” of APW as it is. Not a huge fan of the new logo, but it’s not my company, so that’s OK. The look of the current website really hits home about getting back to the simplicity of the way our grandmothers were married, which is part of what drew me into the APW community in the first place. I look at this site and think – “I belong here”. Curious to see what the new site looks like, and very much looking forward to the new functionality, but if the overall “look” is very much like the new logo, I might not get that “I belong here” feeling quite so much. Really love the DIY (DIT) feel of what we see now.

    • meg

      Start your grieving process now. That’s part of the reason it seemed fair to give you a heads up.

      It’s time. It will have been 3.5 years since the last time the site was re-worked, and in the meantime the entire site has changed. It’s gone from my personal site to an online magazine, and traffic is up, uh 15X. The new site is far more minimal (which is where my taste has moved over the years, but it’s also not really all about me any more), but I also happen to think it’s beautiful.

      As for the new logo, @BWH, it’s… a logo. We actually have never had a logo, and we’re well past needing one. This one isn’t all about me, it’s about what the company is, and where it’s going, and that’s all as it should be. Plus, there is a graphic designer joke in there, for those of you with the knowledge :)

      • KC

        (thanks for the advance warning, by the way. I like the new logo [at least as much as it is possible for me to like CHANGE to a thing I like], but… getting a soft landing into adjustment is a nice thing.)

        (also, please-please-please make sure the site makeover does not have so many un-optimized bells and whistles that it never actually loads. Because that would be sad.)(not that APW has been loading exactly *quickly* over here for the last month or so, to the degree of wandering off to check my email while the page loads, but… slower would be sadder.)

        • meg

          Ohdeargod it won’t be slower. No, it’s been a fucking mess, technical term. We’re having to look at it more closely after today’s re-booting the server mess (which I kind of caused by doing back end work, to be fair). But since we’re totally switching hosting and starting from scratch in a month, I’ve just been lazy about fixing things now, even though it’s awful. (Also, not to be glib, but awful for you… imagine how painful it is for me. Every time I have to load a page in the backend, it takes just as long, and I have to load pages to do every single piece of work I have to do, basically. Hellish.)

          Anyway. It’s also all going to be optimized as fuck. I mean, obviously give the new site a grace period as we work out potential bugs, but. Seriously. Big things. Hard work, lots of earning money to make it possible, lots of money spent, big things.

          And girrrrrlllllll. I like change less than probably anyone in the universe. Other than my kid. Whoopsy, he inherited some bad stuff from me too.

          • KC

            Hooray! Sometimes people don’t think about website speed under traffic load and just add random junk (that is *annoying*, to boot; no, I don’t want translucent banners floating back and forth across my screen, I want to *READ*) and then new site goes up and it is (sometimes) pretty but takes forever to load.

            So… the current site backend isn’t accelerated at all compared to the average user page load? That is No Fun.

            And yes, there’s a point where you say “meh. the new site is going up soon enough that we will just ignore anything that’s not a total catastrophe until then.” That is sane and reasonable.

          • meg

            No translucent banners! Lots of options on how you want to read things, or if you want to scan things, or… lots of good options!

      • For what it’s worth, I’m going to buy a mug (a feminism one because duh) as soon as my husband gets a new job specifically because I like the logo so much.

        • meg


          My designer also probably loves you. She... is a long time APW reader, y'all, who can read comments, so please keep that in mind as you go.

      • catherine

        I will grieve, and I will be ok… :)

        Can’t wait :)

        • meg

          <3 <3

      • Rachel

        Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 3.5 years since the last site redesign–I remember that! And Meg, if you ever go back to daily blogging/writing, send out the link so those of us who started reading because we loved your writing can keep on lurking/silently cheering you on? Mazal tov to you and your team–I still remember when you quit your day job, and remain inspired by having watched (at a great distance. Silently. But still.)

      • I love the new logo and I’m really excited for the new functionality that is to be built into the site! It’s going to be awesome, I know it! I also want a shot glass… :)

  • KC

    Hooray for more organization! I have previously been using Google with domain search restrictions to find things here. It works, mostly, but… yeah.



    Also, I need to find a spare $20 for that feminism mug.

  • Corrie

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! To all of this!!! You ladies are amazing crafty geniuses! I can’t wait!

  • Stalking Sarah

    This is gonna be awesome. I love APW, but I’ve had a hard time finding stuff, too — even a thorough google search won’t do it — so this is welcome news!

  • DUCKS ARE WILEY! This is the best. I need one, stat.

  • Laura C

    We already have more mugs than we ever use, but I’m still wrestling with temptation in the matter of the feminist mug.

    • Dooo it. I’ve started using our mugs that don’t fit in the cabinet (of which there are now 5) as pen/trinket holders. Can’t help myself, there are just too many good mugs in the world.

    • I’m currently under a self-issued No More Mugs embargo after they proliferated too much, but I do want several of those mugs

      • KC

        Mug embargo: sometimes it just has to happen.

        A friend’s mom, after a rather large collection, is now under a “if one mug comes in, two mugs must go out” rule on all mugs, purchased or received.

        I think for herds/flocks/ceramics? of mugs that take up fewer cupboards, a one-mug-in-one-mug-out policy would be reasonable, though, if you did want to keep the embargo more or less in effect but acquire a new mug… :-)

    • Jessica B

      I’d take a messenger bag with that saying on it. I also have more mugs than cabinet space (we just gave a bunch away, it made me sad).

  • Sonofa–!!

    Please excuse me while I go throw some money at a APW coffee mug RIGHT THE HECK NOW.

    And as for the (other) big news (what, you mean the mugs aren’t the biggest news ever? I’ve used the crap out of my tote bag) — I’m excited to see what you ladies have in store for us. Change is good, right?

    • morningglory

      THERE’S A TOTE BAG?! Okay, a “Ducks Are Wiley” tote bag would rock my world.

      • I would rock a “Ducks Are Wily” tote bag too! But I think we’re just stuck with mugs for now — nudge nudge, Meg and team! The tote bag I have is from a couple of years ago when APW helped with the Yay, New York! weddings and parties.

        • Cupcake

          I would TOTALLY use a Ducks Are Wily tote bag, even more so than a coffee mug, hint hint. This is something that my now-husband and I discussed when we got engaged (though without the catch-phrase!), so it is someone personal to me, and obviously the tote bag will help with those damn wily ducks!

    • Maybe I’ll get permission to make you guys one for Christmas.

      MAYBE. If you’re REALLY nice. I accept bribes. :)

  • Shiri

    On a scale from 1 to 10, how passive aggressive is buying “That Kind of Feminist” mugs for the non-feminist men in my life? And, is that rating a bad thing?

    • meg

      Oh, it’s not rated, it’s just APPROVED.

  • caroline

    Looking forward to seeing the new site!

    Also, pointing this out probably outs me as a particular kind of person, but isn’t wily spelled, well, “wily,” not “wiley”?

    • morningglory

      The internets agree:
      Wily, not Wiley.

    • meg

      Sigh. I’ve been bullied into changing it, but Wiley is his NAME. Humph.

      • Every good blog needs an office duck. *sage nod*

        • meg


        • Laura C

          All this talk of ducks is cracking me up, because yesterday I read how DC mayoral candidate Tommy Wells did a Reddit AMA and one of the questions he didn’t answer was whether he’d rather face 50 duck-sized Vincent Oranges or one Vincent Orange-sized duck (VO is a fellow DC city council member), and this led to an intense debate between me and my fiance in which he outlined a strategy for 50 duck-sized people to take down a person-sized person, and by the end all I could imagine was a herd of centaur-like duck-people.

      • Emily H

        Wait, whose name? I’m so confused.

        • meg

          The duck’s.

  • Meg, I’ve only been in this community for a little over a year, but you and your staff continue to amaze and inspire me with how hard you work to create a meaningful, thoughtful, welcoming space to share our stories. I’m just in awe of how much you accomplish, and I’m excited to see APW continue to grow and develop :-)

  • Kate

    That feminist mug is SO AWESOME. Ordering now. :)

    (Can I just throw out another vote for tote bags? Because I love tote bags. I’ll do almost any promotion for a tote bag. It’s a problem.)

  • SamiSidewinder

    Yea for bigger and better! It really is the best website that I continually try to convince friends to read. And that none of them know about (gasp!). Can’t wait to buy a feminist mug!

  • HeatherS

    Sooo excited to hear about the new site design! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve turned to Google after a fruitless search using the site’s search bar.

    • meg

      I know. I know. The site’s search bar is possessed by the devil. The devil of useless search results, specifically.

  • Grace

    OK…I’ll bit the bullet, and someone fill me (and all the other newish readers) in on the “ducks are wiley” thing?

  • itsy bitsy

    YES. I love APW and your current look, but holy crap this whole easily searchable content thing is making me unreasonably excited! Can’t wait! Aaaand consider those mugs purchased.

  • Jacque

    Feminist mug for the WIN!
    You really are the best. I’m so glad to see the sight making progress on being more user friendly.

    Just in case someone wants something slightly more “in your face feminist” I saw this just the other day.

    • Jacque

      I of course meant *in addition* to the fantastic APW mug…

  • lady brett

    hooray for fancy! and ducks, obviously.

  • Oh my goodness, I am so impressed with everything you guys do and how you just keep pushing to grow more and make APW better and more engaging. I always struggle with change, so I’m glad for the head’s up – because it will be weird the first few times the site looks different – but overall I’m really excited to see where you guys go next. You’re super inspiring.

    • meg

      I know, I know. Change is hard, even when it’s good change. It may be a little hard at first, but I seriously think it’s going to be SO SO worth it. We’ve just outgrown where we are… by… very much a lot, actually.

      • Change is hard, especially for those with personalities like mine. (I’m the early adopter who won’t stop bitching about how much better the old thing was, but insists on using the new thing anyway. It’s an annoying trait.) I love the look of the site! It’s a comfortable part of my daily routine at this point, like a cozy web-based blanket, and the lace and chalk header are so pretty!

        But, I’m excited for better searching! I remember having my mind blown with new knowledge when you did last big update (Beginning of 2012 maybe?). It was so much easier to find everything when I was searching desperately for planning help!

        I’m also pumped for shiny new backend stuff that makes it easier for all you amazing people to put out great content and have more time to do real world greatness to boot! (Or you know, to take a nap!)

  • As someone who has had to shuffle through a lot of content to find information about planning courthouse weddings (followed by reception) for my own wedding, it will be nice to be able to find everything in one place… Just going off your example there.

    Don’t get me wrong, part of me loves having to go through the other posts because I always find something interesting to read about, but I’ve got a pretty bad case of ADD, so anything that will help me stay on track is always helpful. :)

    • Cathy

      Exactly! I love getting lost in link following! I just love this site so much! Am very excited about the new design, think it’s going to be brilliant! Hurray for fancy!

  • The Ducks are Wily travel mug would go with me to work every day, if nothing else, to get me to smile when I want to beat someone over the head. (Dock workers are a whole ‘nother kind of wily.) But I have to agree with the folks above, a matching shot glass for later would be fantastic.

  • Melissa

    Having only just gotten rid of some of the mugs we no longer use last night, and having realized this morning that my mrs. mug is too small for an adequate dosage of morning caffeine, I think I am justified in buying ALL THE MUGS.

    Also, I’m on board for shot glasses.

  • If there are additional apw quotes you plan to put on various items to sell, may I put in a few requests?

    Fuck ’em if they don’t like the chairs
    The ducky looks calm, but you can’t see under the water

  • AG

    congrats on the new updates!
    love all that you do and write!
    however –
    still no discussion boards :-( would love space for readers to interact, share content and discuss, beyond the hard-to-scroll-through comments section (still functions like on a blog).

    • That sounds like a lot of fun, but also a moderation nightmare.

    • meg

      You realize this isn’t the new site, right? This is the old site.

      That said, no discussion boards. They are very time consuming to run, and can actually really hurt your ability to pay the bills. You can’t monazite a discussion board very well, and they can divert traffic from the main site, which is what makes money. And I have a family to support, and this here is my job, so there will be no discussion boards, I’m afraid.

      • Ummm…thanks, Meg. I may be in the minority, but I would like to register my firm opinion that discussion boards are the bane of the internet. I love, love, love the thoughtful content on APW, and the connecting we all already do in the comments section. That’s enough for me!

        Very excited about the new developments!

        That is all.

        • I agree, no discussion boards. Open threads on the other hand are pretty much my favorite thing ever.

          • Yes. LOVE the open threads/happy hours.

        • meg

          Yeah, I wasn’t going to say, but discussion boards are really not my bag. I think we do well sticking to building things we care about and understand. For me that’s blogs and magazines. I read stuff, I leave comments if (and only if) the comment section is heavily moderated enough that I don’t feel like I’m swimming with sharks. I am just not ever interested in discussion boards, possibly because my primary interest is content, secondary interest is cool groups of people who like a particular kind of content.

          So, open threads forever!

          • Hannah

            Totes agree, for the record. And I’m a…mm…18-month daily reader, so that must count for something. :)

      • catherine

        I think discussion boards are great, but I’m glad APW isn’t going in that direction. As you said, I like the focus being on the main site, the writing, etc. There are so many discussion boards on the internet. To me, sometimes simpler is better. The writing is just too good, I like the focus being on that.


    I’ve been reading APW since 2009 – it’s seen me through one long term relationship and two years (and counting) of epic singlehood. Ducks are wily, indeed.

    I am SO FUCKING PROUD OF/PUMPED for you ladies.

    • rys

      A wave hi from a fellow traveler in epic-singlehood (who may not be single for the first time in, oh, years, and I still can’t really believe that will hold so I’m still claiming fellow traveler status….anyways…).

    • meg


      Also, please notice, neither mug is about weddings. Intentionally.

    • Me too! Reading since 2009. And same for the long-term relationship/marriage and now find myself entering singlehood again. (Not by my choice…)

      But yep. Wily. Or Wiley. As the case may be.

  • C

    That is by far the most money I have ever spent on a mug, and I don’t regret it AT ALL.

    THAT kind of feminist

    • meg


      (Zazzle charges $15 as the base price, so, yeah. But on the plus side, they also make and mail the mugs for us, so thank you Zazzle. In the meantime, $5 to Lucy!)

  • Woohoo! So much fun. I can’t wait to check out the new look. It sounds like I waited until the perfect time for my post!!! :)

  • NB

    Dear Lucy,

    Change terrifies me and gives me hives. Thank you for making it less scary and more pretty and coffee-totable. Lovely!!


    Dear Meg, Lucy, and APW,
    (1) Seriously. So. Excited. The mugs are so pretty! The features are so cool! YOU are so pretty! I love y’all, etc., and this is coming from a totally honest and good and straightforward place of admiration and love. You fucking rock.

    (2) This second part, however, is from the selfish place that wants a totebag, like, right now. Your hair looks really nice today. You are so pretty and clever! So, um…Can we please have a totebag option? How much begging and flattery will lure you in a totebag direction? I would like to throw some money at Lucy and provide some public service information regarding the wiliness of ducks.

    Seriously, though. Your hair looks really good today. And I think you’re just super neat.


    Yay, all around, you guys! This is a really exciting development, and I’m just so damn proud. Time to start adding mugs to my token APW Book + Booze engagement party gifts!

    • meg

      Ok, ok. But only because you wrote a letter. And told me my hair looks nice.

  • Jen

    I looove the new logo! Awesome work, Lucy! I must get a mug. I’m so excited to see the redesign of APW! And functional searching will be great!

  • Jessica B

    Thanks to a work account with Zazzle I get free shipping! But the mug purchase will still have to wait until finances aren’t so wibbly-wobbly. And maybe not until there is a tote bag…Just saying ;-)

  • Pipaa

    Long-time reader here – very excited (and a little nervous and sad) about the impending changes! GO APW! Also, because I seem to have forgotten, could someone link me the reference for the “That kind of feminist” line?
    Much love!

    • meg

      It’s not from anything, per-say. I just say it all the time, when talking about things that are typically perceived as “things feminists don’t do, because they are Very Serious and No Fun.” Or what have you. Like, “I wear serious eyeliner, because I’m that kind of feminist.” “I love hot pink, because I’m that kind of feminist.” Etc.

      Re-purpose as you will.

      • Pipaa

        I knew there was a reason I couldn’t remember the post! Thanks Meg!

  • The Family Jules

    I don’t think I can put into words the love I have for those mugs. I need both. In my life. Right now.

    Anyways, I super excited for the relaunch next month! If it’s APW, it’s going to be great.

  • Anna

    Sorry to be negative but I really, really do not like the logo. I took a screenshot of the current header before you get rid of it. What would be wrong with apw in chalk with the lace?

    I support better search results, though! I read this back when you were just starting it and I was with a different guy. Now engaged to a much better one. I looked for days for the post about how if you are not Jewish, you do not get to have a chuppah, and only found a Page Not Found. I am now convinced that you actually took that one page down.

  • Rebecca

    October, eh? I wonder if the new site will launch before or after my wedding.

  • Kel

    Two year lurker here. I just wrote a long thoughtful post about how much I love you all and how great the content is. Then the internet hiccuped when I submitted and I lost it. Long story short, I came for the wedding advice, stayed for the community, and will stay long after the wedding happens. Thank you all for being so friggin’ awesome.

    The re-design looks like it will be amazing. I can’t express how excited I am for the updated content management without using a dangerous amount of exclamation points.

    I’m also stoked to get my hands on one of those steins. A white “THAT kind of feminist” stein would rock my world. Can this happen, please? (Right now, I don’t even see the stein in the APW store.)

    • Paranoid Libra

      Click on the THAT kind of feminist mug and then on the side are all the different options including the stein. I spent 5 mins trying to figure that out yesterday.

  • SteffanyF

    It’s been 3.5 YEARS since the last re-design?? Good grief! How can all that time have passed so quickly?
    I’m so excited! Having easily searchable content would have made my life so much easier when I was planning my own short dress city hall wedding. :) Now it will help all the new baby brides out there…like my sister! Hooray!

  • Apples

    I’m winding my way through the archives, and I want to know-will there still be an archives section in chronological order for those of us who want to catch up on all of the past APW goodness as it happened? I sure hope so!

    • meg

      Of course.

      • A Single Sarah for certain values of single

        Tangentially related. Double-checking that my bookmarks will still work? Cause that’s become my work-around for site search :)

        Thanks for the head’s-up on promised exciting changes. I’m curious to see the reveal next month!

        • meg

          They will!

    • MDBethann

      Actually, I’d be interested in being able to find content by month if that’s a search feature. I pretty much missed the entire month of June this year & it’s kind of hard to go back through and try to find a particular month. Thanks!

  • Susie

    Long-time lurker, 2 years married here. Looking forward to a searchable reclaiming wife section! Yay to you ladies :)

  • I’m super excited! I can’t believe it’s been 3-1/2 years since the last relaunch! I also can’t believe I’ve been reading for 4-1/2 years?! But I’m coming up on my 4th anniversary on Friday so… ! I’m also super excited about the APW logo! You have no idea how many weird looks I get from people that I tell that I still read a practical wedding. Then I launch into some blather about feminist writing followed by more blank look. Anyway, love you as always! New and fancy! And yes, your hair looks really pretty today. About those tote bags…

  • Oh, may I also request that the “report this comment” link not be so close to the “reply” link? I am constantly reading this on my iPhone on the bus and I’ve given up trying to comment most of the time because I’m all thumbs.

    • KC

      (relatedly, a request that the “report link” not be *directly below* the exactly button on the new site!)

      • Ha! Usability comments are being noted. :)

        • KC

          Thank you! Hooray!

          (other feature requests: that the “edit comment” thing start working again; that some sort of way of notifying of spelling/grammar/etc. errors in the content comes into being, even if it’s just a proofreading@apw email address [so that those who want to politely point out a glitch can get it off their minds without cluttering the comments; I never used Editz, but it used to exist]; and that it be slightly easier to figure out where to send in Reclaiming Wife posts? I found that form once… but haven’t been able to find it again!)

    • MDBethann

      I second that! And I’d like to make sure I can actually edit my posts if I notice something wrong with them after I’ve posted. The edit feature hasn’t worked for me in awhile, no matter whether I use Explorer or Firefox.

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