APW Vendor Directory Spotlight: Stationery, Food & Video

As promised, this summer we’re bringing you highlights from the APW Vendor Directory. The Vendor Directory is a great place to find photographers with a lower starting price point, as well as non-photography vendors (plus, we’re always adding to it, so send good people our way). All of them have signed the APW Sanity Pledge, which means they fit with APW values, and want to help make your wedding awesome (whatever that means to you). This week we’re featuring our stationery, food, and video vendors.


Dear Reder Press / Fuzzynk / Hello Tenfold / Magpie Paper Works / Ribbons & Bluebirds / Thattiagirl Design / Yes Press (Oakland, CA)


Cake Cathedral (Arroyo Grande, CA) / Robicelli’s (Brooklyn, NY) / RoliRoti (Bay Area, CA) / Trumpetvine Catering (Berkeley, CA) / Victoria & Florence (Streatham, UK)


Humanstory / Rory Gordon (Los Angeles, CA)

Find more in the Vendor Directory!

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  • Remy

    Yay, Rory Gordon! She’s going to shoot some photos of me and my sweetie on our honeymoon — on a carnival ride! So much is going crazy with the wedding right now — in 48 hours we lost a coordinator and a venue, and we’re 4 months out — that it was nice just to see her name and smile in anticipation of the honeymoon. (Oh, and Rory was lovely when we first chatted with her and set up the shoot — very responsive and helpful.)

  • Magpie Paper Works is FAAAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC! Best ever.