August Weddings and Anniversaries

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for APW weddings and anniversaries (details on how to get involved at the bottom of the post!). It’s such a joy to end the month this way, cheering for all of you about to have your wedding, but more importantly celebrating all of the married couples. Because the wedding is just the beginning…


Upcoming Weddings:

Mark W. and Vanessa B.,  August 5th, 2011

Shae and E.,  August 5th, 2011; Blog: Generally Fabulous

Andy and Nancy, August 6th, 2011; Blog:  Through The Looking Glass

Cecilia and Joel, August 6th, 2011; Blog: The Many Adventures of Judathug

Rachael and Joe, August 6th, 2011; Blog: Rachael Maddux

Jen and Chris, August 13th, 2011; Blog:  Jen Epting

Kate and Brian, August 13th, 2011; Blog: stripes and polka dots

Larry and Lisa, August 13th, 2011

Wade and Julie,  August 13th, 2011

Chani and Yoni, August 14th, 2011

Andrew and Amanda, August 20th, 2011; Blog: Twenty Five to Wife

Anna and David August 20th, 2011; Blog: Fiancees are Humans Too

Athena and Craig, August 20th, 2011; Blog:  On Getting Married

Elizabeth and Alaina (soon to be) Alexander, August 20th, 2011; Blog: A Homegrown Wedding, Twitter:@RealFoodNW

Julie and Josh, August 20th, 2011; Blog: Scion Restaurant (Home of APW meet-ups in DC!),  @ScionRestaurant

Katie and Rob, August 20th, 2011

Laura and Ollie, August 23rd, 2011

Dutch and Thumb, August 27th, 2011; Twitter: @LateOne

Elyse and Mike, August 27th, 2011

Upcoming Anniversaries:

Marisa-Andrea and Christen, August 9th, 2008

Colleen and Jeremy, August 1st, 2009; Blog: Dalgal412, Twitter: @dalgal412

Laura and Dakota, August 1st, 2009 Dakota Mcfadzean & (Wedding Comic)

Meghan and Eric August 1st, 2009; Blog: We Ski Slow

Meg and David August 9th, 2009; Blog: A Practical Wedding, Twitter:@PracticalWed

Lauren and Jeff, August 9th, 2009; Blog: Suburbalicious Living

Nick and Mary B., August 9th, 2009

Roxy and Jordan, August 29th, 2009  Roxy and Jordan, Twitter: @roxychan and @swirlee

Helen and Lindi, August 1st, 2010; Blog: Bettencourt Chase, Photo by Ironside Photography

Brandon and Erin, August 7th, 2010

Kat and Mak,  August 7th, 2010; Blog: The Vivification of Mrs. Moment

Kyle and Caitlin, August 7th, 2010; Blog: We Become Us

Sharon and Jason, August 7th, 2010; Blog: Bride Sans Tulle

Anna and Matt, August 14th, 2010; Blog: Anna Dishes

Brittney and Tyler, August 14th, 2010

Emily Elizabeth and Martin, August 14th, 2010; Blog: At Home in Newfoundland

Jen and Travis, August 14th, 2010

Sarah and Jon, August 14th, 2010

Jonathan and Sarah August 15th, 2010; Blog: Little Pieces Everywhere Photo by Essential Photo Studios

M and J, August 16th, 2010 (No photo, just imagine them happy and adorable!)

Kimberly and E. (himself),  August 20th, 2009; Blog:  Someone Seeking Up

Caitlin and Mike August 21, 2010; Blog: Onward Full Tilt

Jeffery and Caitlin, August 22nd, 2010; Blog: Sealicious

Want to join the monthly Weddings and Anniversaries fun? Yes?  Well click here, already!

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  • liz

    some of my favorite people are in this list! (…not that i play favorites…)

    and thanks for listing meg’s blog. very helpful, that.

    • meg

      Just in case you want to find it.

  • I want to love all over this! (sounds grosser than I meant it).

  • GAH! I don’t know why I got so ridiculously excited to see my own wedding!

    Also, Helen and Lindi, I swoon every time I see that photo. Every. Single. Time.

    • Aw, thank you. :) I love that one. Actually, I love all of the ones where we just ran out into the rain. It was SO much fun. :)

      Congrats, all you August lovebirds!

    • me too with the swooning! every time!

  • Hooray! Congratulations to everyone!

    And I love that my first reaction to “Sarah and Jon, August 14, 2010” was “OH CRAP! WRONG DATE!” Ha … keep scrolling, Sarah.

    • Sarah

      Hehe as the Sarah of that Sarah and Jon I did a full on double take when I saw you guys on the 15th :D almost name and date twins… Spooky!!

  • Love that Meg just casually sneaks herself into the mix. Well done.

    • meg

      Alyssa does these posts, not me ;) Though I did provide a classy iphone picture (but I edited it, because I’m type A).

      • I would expect nothing less.

  • I love this. Alyssa, you made my day.

  • ahhhh so many familiar faces this month!! so much happy.

    best wishes for upcoming august weddings!

    • So true . . . it’s funny, because I don’t have everyone’s blog on my reader and so I see them posted and am all, “GAH! What is so-and-so up to these days?!?!” This time it was, “Has Meghan had her baby yet?!?!”

      I love this, it makes me happy every month.

      It also reminded me that I’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up.

  • Kate

    Ooh, I love the drape of Caitlin’s dress mixing with the drape of that pink ribbon… so pretty.

    Congratulations/happy anniversary to all!

  • SO much fun!! Thank you Alyssa! This totally made my day!

  • My work productivity drops precipitously when these are posted every month. Not just for the pictures (dear god Helen and Lindi, seriously, for real) but also because everyone has awesome blogs and THERE IS TOO MUCH AWESOME TO READ ON THE INTERNET.

    Sigh, #firstworldproblems . . .

    • Heh. That was totally the photo that everyone liked the best from my grad post. :) Thanks! And also, yes, it is really hard to concentrate on work-y things when there are so many awesome people on the internet. Seriously.

  • Yay for being in good company! :)

  • Yay everyone!

    Alyssa, I have to confess, though, that I am neither Dutch nor Thumb, and that I’m not getting married on August 27 (already have done the deed). I will still except congratulations on that day, though.

  • Jo

    Hooray August! This is so excellent!

  • Wow, it totally made me feel SO special to see my name up there! Thanks APW for really making everyone a part of the community. Can’t wait to do my wedding grad post!

  • Congratulations to all the awesome August couples!

    Is Erin (of Brandon and Erin) wearing a dinosaur mask/hat? If so, AWESOME.

    • meg

      Personally, I think she should be a wedding graduate or do a wordless wedding or something ERIN CALL ME.

  • Congrats to all the couples!

  • Erica

    High five Meg and the other August 9thers–I’m about to join your club! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEk is about how I feel. xo

  • The M half of M & J

    I’m so excited to see us on here! (I’ll admit I got a little misty.) And I promise the lack of picture isn’t from an irrational fear of personal info on the interwebs. I even have (and love) a Facebook. I just want to clarify that our August wedding was a sort of secret, legal-only thing. So it makes me extra happy to see it here, because we don’t get to shout from the rooftops just yet. Thanks for including us, Alyssa!

  • Paige

    sad i didn’t make the list:(
    getting married Aug 6th as well.
    congrats to everyone!!!

    • aww well, you’ll just have to send in a pic for your anniversary next year. happy wedding this weekend!

  • sarah

    Congrats to all!
    Please add sarah and Mat – I’m a regular (blogless) reader and we’re getting married on 4 August, my parents’ 32nd anniversary. Good vibes and prayers welcomed. :)

    • yay for another person who chose a parental anniversary! :) good vibes headed your way :) :)

  • Literally so excited to see my name up there! Bring it on…

  • Sarah

    Aaw thanks guys this made my day! Jon’s in the military and left for a.while yesterday but today’s my birthday so this has properly cheered me up! man I love APW!

  • Laura

    Little butterflies in my stomach to see these too! 2 years today! Kisses to you all!

  • sarah

    1 sleep for me (if, as my charming photog pointed out, I sleep at all)!
    Love and prayers to you all,