Bario-Neal Indie Wedding & Engagement Rings (and Baubles)

Today I get to write about one of APW’s longest-time sponsors, and one of my very favorite jewelers in the world, Bario-Neal. The whole story started when I did an Indie Ring Roundup in APW’s very first few months. A reader emailed me about the Bario-Neal Knottedrush ring, which three years later remains one of my favorite engagement and wedding rings in the world. It’s such a simple visual representation of “tying the knot,” and at just $80, it places the value of your wedding on exactly what it should be: the commitment.

Since then, I’ve gotten to work with Page and Anna, the artists behind Bario-Neal, and I love them, and their work, with a deep passion. (I wear their Gale Bracelet that my mom gave me for my thirtieth at all important life occasions… like Yay New York.)  Plus, they love you guys, too. They’ve worked with many of you over the past years, buying wedding rings, and designing custom work, and they describe you as some of the sweetest and kindest customers around (but you knew that). So now I think you should fall in love with Bario-Neal right back, whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, a wedding band, or just something pretty for yourself.

Here are some of my current loves: The Senna Round Ring (above) is the perfect simple engagement ring for someone (who? I want a picture after you start rocking it!) and can be made with a variety of enamel colors and metals. (PS. Seriously. These ladies are sweet, talented, and affordable, so do not be scared to contact them about prices and making it your way.)

I have a massive love affair with the Aldine Thin Band (which I would love as my wedding ring in silver, were I doing it all over again).

And for the more traditional among you, rest assured, they have (and can make) lovely traditional rings as well. I’m obsessed with the Burnished Diamond Band at the moment.

Then there is the Avens Rough Diamond Ring (which can be made in a variety of metals and diamond sizes). The rough diamond ring is such perfect symbolism to me… because who wants a perfect relationship? I’d rather have someone that accepts me, flaws and all, and a ring to symbolize that. So go, browse. Make art with some truly excellent ladies. And enjoy wearing a ring that reflects your values and your aesthetics. There is nothing better than wearable art that you can afford, ladies.

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  • I would just like to add that I have a vintage engagement ring and the wonderful ladies at bario neal made a gorgeous simple, organic wedding band to go with it – it’s not too matchy matchy but it works beautifully with the other ring. and I definitely just wear the band all the time. Plus my favorite thing was the only day my now-hubs and I were in Philly (I don’t think you have to go in person at all, it’s just that we were passing through) was the day they were moving studios… so we descended on them amidst all of their boxes and had a beer together as we talked about the ring design. My husband has this band:

    and gets comments on it ALL the time.

  • I have the Aldine thin band that I pair with a traditional solitaire or wear solo. I love it because I have petite fingers and it doesn’t overwhelm the engagement ring or my whole finger when they’re together.

  • I’m just going to throw it out there that a certain person’s fingers may have gotten a little chubby for her engagement ring as of late (I won’t point, ahem, fingers). And when I was looking for something to supplement in the meantime, the first thing I thought of was the knotted rush ring. I love it. And next paycheck, I will be buying it.

    The end.

  • We went to their store because I’d fallen in love with the Aldine band on the website. On my hand it was too much texture, though. We ended up both getting (yes, we have the exact same ring) the Milla in different metals. And I love. And their customer service is awesome. I called in a change to the finish on The Foliage’s band, they forgot to change it on the form, so we stopped in one day and they took care of it for us while we waited and talked with them in the shop. It took about 5 minutes. Love them.

  • KWu

    We got our wedding bands (mine being a custom design) from Bario-Neal and they were a dream to work with! Really know their stuff, reasonable prices, and really accommodating when I wanted changes that made the timing get rather close to the wedding day.

  • img

    We also got our wedding rings from Bario-Neal. I found them online, I think through APW, and we took a field trip up to Philly to pick out rings. They were extraordinarily helpful, and just generally fun to work with. Plus their work is beautiful, responsible, and unique. We have no engagement rings, and we’re getting married in a month– those gorgeous rings have been burning a hole in my dresser! We cannot wait to put them on.

  • Munypeny

    I have the Aldine thin band in gold and I love it! It’s my wedding band and I wear it alone. It’s simple and beautiful.

    • Ris

      Ooo! The Aldine thin is my current #1 pick for my wedding band… any chance you could send me a pick of it with your engagement ring? I’m dying to see it paired with another ring.
      mdb08d at fsu dot edu

    • Andrea

      Hi there!
      I am looking at the Aldine too– do you still have photos of it?
      Id love to see it. so[dot]andrea[at]gmail[dot]com


  • I’m getting married next Saturday (whoa), and I had the pleasure to work with Bario-Neal on both my engagement and wedding ring. The engagement ring was a reset of an heirloom diamond into its original setting, and my wedding band was a completed new design in an art nouveau style. They have done such an amazing job with both, and Anna (who I worked with on both rings) was such a complete joy to work with. Especially with the custom designed ring, I felt like she really listened to what it was that I wanted and was willing to try new things. And….their prices are SOOOO reasonable!

    Seriously, I cannot say enough good stuff about Bario-Neal. Everyone should check them out!

  • Oooh, very nice stuff. Love it!

  • I haven’t any word to appreciate this post.Thanks a lot for sharing…. Looking forward to reading your next post.