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Melissa of beIMAGED Photography in New York City and the tri-state area has been with APW for a few months, but I’m delighted to formally introduce you to her for the first time. Everyone, meet Melissa. She was the official photographer for the Yay New York party, and she is awesome. I have met and worked with her, and I can personally say that she’s rad, low key, talented, someone you want to have at your wedding, and oh yes… affordable. Her rates start at just $2150 for eight hours of coverage (plus an APW discount—see below), and she offers hourly rates for couples throwing smaller parties. That, kids, is is borderline miraculous in the over-priced New York City market.

Melissa and beIMAGED Photography focus on a beautiful, non-intrusive photojournalistic approach to wedding photography (which is one of my very favorite things). She says, “As a photographer with a journalistic approach, I am always blending my art with my instincts. I photograph real life beautiful moments creatively and carefully, always making sure to capture rather than to interrupt.” To help her with this, she works solely with her husband David as her second shooter (which is brilliant quality control right there). She says, “David has a background in photography, and it is really awesome because we have silent cues during weddings that help us to be unobtrusive in photographing as a team. And, of course, everything about the wedding day, love, and marriage resonates with us on a personal level, so we work together that much stronger.”

After her blowout awesomeness at Yay New York, I asked her why she likes working with APW-ers in particular. She says, “I love working with APW couples because developing a closeness with the people I photograph is what helps me to create my best work, and I feel instantaneously close to APW readers.”

“At the Yay New York party, I felt like everyone in the room had been my friend for years. It feels like there is this shared bond because we of the APW world are people who like to get real with each other—to move away from the surface level discussion of weddings and marriage and life, and to talk and think about the truth of it all on an individual basis instead. For me, being real rather than selling myself is one of the most important aspects of the work that I do and is what makes my business a different kind of business amidst the wedding industry.” I know. I bolded that last part because it’s awesome, and I’ve never heard anyone else put it quite that way. And that, my friends, is it. The Magic.

And because beIMAGED Photography adores you, Melissa’s offering a special discount to all of you, in gratitude for your awesomeness, and your willingness to turn the wedding industry on its head. Melissa says, “I am currently offering a 10% discount to all APW readers, I don’t charge any travel fees for locations within 2 hours from Manhattan, and with all of my photography packages comes a free engagement portrait session. Or, if the couple has a specific vision of what their photography package would encompass, we can build it together from scratch.” So clearly you are going to want to get on that.

Plus, in true magic making fashion, Melissa and beIMAGED are hard at work on a bunch of amazing projects. She’s giving us a sneak peek with this info:

1. Starting in October, I will begin working with a Manhattan filmmaker as a new extension of my business to offer a unique, candid, and contemporary alternative to wedding videography. I am keeping the rates amazingly affordable as I launch this new venture, and it’s an especially awesome option for people who may be on the fence about having video footage of their wedding day because this style of videography is an unobtrusive approach to the craft.

2. Going green with my business is also an ongoing project, as I am constantly trying to reshape all of my methods, products, and practices to be as eco-friendly in this world as possible.

Rad, am I right?

So what are you waiting for? Stunning and affordable New York City Wedding photography from someone who really gets you and is deeply involved in the APW community? I think we’re all waiting with baited breath to see your wedding pictures. Yippie!
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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE that 5th picture down. True love all around.

  • Ugh, what is wrong w/ people?!? I love sneieg your sneak peaks, and I agree w/ you completely you should post as you see them! You’re excited and your clients are excited and anyone that’s not excited should mind their own business! Also, I think it’s smart so that you’re always circulating FB that’s how I found you after all In one ear out the other girl