Ben Kane Photography In Toronto And Beyond!

It's like photojournalism...on steroids.

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer


The best photojournalists can tell an entire, complex, multi-person story in just one image. Ben Kane Photography in Toronto is hands down one of the best wedding photojournalists I’ve encountered. Ben’s work is so different from what you usually see in wedding photography that last time I wrote about him, I even gave him his own special genre. (I call it epic photojournalism, because regular photojournalism doesn’t do it justice.)

With Ben Kane Photography, it’s about capturing your wedding in a way that feels epic. He’s not one of those photographers that only wants to work on fancy, pretty weddings. Instead, he gets the fact that ALL weddings are larger than life—that the emotions of a wedding day are just huge. When you look at his photos, it’s not about the dress, or the details, or the backdrop. Instead, you feel like you’re there, experiencing the moment. Which is exactly the point of wedding photography—letting you fly back to that exact moment in time, when you most need to.

Now for the really good news. Ben is about to raise his rates, but he’s keeping his current price of $2,950 for all-day coverage active until May 1st, just for you guys. That includes:

  • All day, non-stop coverage from the start of your day until the end
  • Unlimited high-resolution, unmarked, print-ready images, each one edited and optimized, provided on a custom USB thumb drive
  • Travel anywhere in southern Ontario, to an unlimited number of locations
  • Showcase online gallery of roughly two hundred of the best images for you and your friends and family to view, hosted on his server, and with no expiration date
  • Online-optimized versions of all of your images, for faster and higher-quality sharing

Says Ben Kane Photography of all-day coverage:

I’ll start as early as you need and go as late as you need. Nearly all of my days are longer than twelve hours, because your day is longer than twelve hours. You won’t have to stage moments or base your schedule around when your photographer will be there. Enjoy your day, and I’ll be there, recording your story, documenting the love, and catching anything you miss.

And Ben is traveling a ton for weddings this year, with super reasonable travel rates (Antigua, Sweden, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Chicago, to name a few places), so if his work speaks to you, don’t hold back. Get in touch with him.

Here is what Ben has to say about his work (Warning: don’t read this if you aren’t ready to fall in love with a photographer):

In Southern Ontario I’m just a stone’s throw away from Toronto, the largest city in Canada, and at the same time I’m just a hop, skip, and a jump away from so much beautiful farm, country, and cottage land. It means I don’t just shoot any one wedding “type.” I’m not a “country vineyard estate” wedding photographer. I’m not a “rustic urban loft” wedding photographer. I’m a wedding photographer, who loves the job for the diversity of people and places it exposes me to.

I shot these two weddings last summer. One couple rented a cottage property and their friends and family erected a small tent city surrounding it. A friend of the couple catered the day and another friend organized a fireworks display. The bride wore a beautiful, simple, non-wedding wedding dress and her bouquet was made of crocheted flowers. The other couple started their day at The King Edward Hotel, a downtown heritage building that’s been an important meeting spot for the brides’ large family for years. The same person who did the bride’s hair through high school and for prom was invited to come from Windsor to get the bride ready for the day and attend the wedding. The groom’s mother lovingly made fruitcake for each guest to take home as a traditional favor.


I’m not comparing these weddings to rate or evaluate them. I only note their differences so I can make a point about what they have in common: big, warm, compassionate, generous, love. It’s my job to capture that. All the rest—the details, the location, the décor, the food—that’s only important to me only insofar as those things are important to the couple.

What that means is that I photograph your wedding the way it really is. It means I document your day; I don’t direct it. It’s why my package covers the whole day—so you don’t have to try and fit your schedule around when I come and go. It’s why I offer unlimited consultation—so that I know if it’s important for me to get the regular shots (shoes, invites, rings, etc.) or if what matters more to you is the photo of your cat (hiding under the bed while you get ready), or the flowers (because you’re a gardener), or your partner’s socks (because that’s their “thing”). It’s why most travel I do doesn’t cost any extra. Because wherever it is (tent or castle, pub or banquet hall) and whatever type of wedding it is (backyard BBQ, Cosplay dance party, or fancy soiree) I really want to be there.


A lot of photographers make excuses about why they only shoot one kind of wedding, in one kind of location, with one kind of couple. Not Ben Kane Photography. So if you’ve been feeling like maybe your wedding isn’t worthy enough (it totally is, by the way), and were afraid you were going to have to settle for less than awesome photos as a result, Ben Kane Photography in Toronto (and beyond!) is your guy. Because everyone deserves epic photos of their epic wedding from someone who is epically nice.

Don’t forget to contact Ben before his rates go up! The APW-only package is available until May 1, 2014!

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • Erin

    I love Ben’s work and I’m so glad that he’s in the Toronto area. We’re not quite engaged yet but I know it’s coming very, very soon and I hope he will be the first person we book. He just captures the candid moments and emotions so beautifully in his photographs. There’s a first look photo of Suzanne walking towards Stephen in the old ballroom of the King Eddie that Ben has shot from behind that just gives me goosebumps.

    • Ben

      Thanks Erin! It’s great to hear you like my work! I’m looking forward to hearing from you when your “not quite” status changes ;-)

  • fairytalesandmonsters

    I’m with you there Erin! Not quite engaged… already picked a photographer! I really dislike it when wedding photographers focus on the detail-y “pinterest” pictures – I don’t want a pinterest wedding, I want a real one and Ben’s photos are amazing. Nary a close-up of the lace trim on the dress in sight (but hey, if that’s your thing I’m sure he could do that too). I’m only bummed that his rates will go up before I have a chance to get married! Ha.

    • Ben

      That’s awesome to hear, thank you!! If you end up contacting me sometime in the future (and I hope you do!) mention your comment here and maybe I can help you out a bit.

  • laurabird

    Omg epic is right!

    Hey Ben, how do you feel about Seattle? We’re not getting married till next September, but I’m officially in love with your work!