Ben Kane Photography in Toronto and Beyond

You love where you're getting married, and Ben delivers on it

When you spend a whole lot of time searching for an awesome venue, chances are you want your wedding photos to not only reflect the people involved in your wedding, but the place too. Some photographers are more skilled at this than others, but few are as good as Ben Kane Photography in Toronto.  If you’re new to these parts, let me save you the trouble of doing the background research and just tell you now that Ben Kane is a damn good photographer, no matter where you’re getting married. In fact, every time I write a sponsored post for him, I get the same edit to “tone it down with the praise,” because apparently when you write a string of words like “Amazing! Larger than life! Epic photojournalism!” punctuated by multiple exclamation points, it starts to sound disingenuous. (If there were a jazz hands emoji, this job would be much easier.) If you’re thinking, “But we love where we’re getting married, and we don’t live in Toronto!” Not to worry; Ben travels all over for his work and is well versed in shooting out-of-town weddings. And this year, Ben isn’t letting geography hold him back from doing even more of that. And trust me when I say, he’s worth bringing to wherever you are.

Ben Kane’s motto is that no matter where you’re getting married, whether it’s the Ritz Carlton or your city clerk’s office, it’s his duty to capture the feeling and history of the space, so that your pictures tell the full story of where you got married. But with Ben, getting that story is never at the expense of you getting to enjoy your wedding. Ben says:

While my couples aren’t aware of it, I am ALWAYS thinking of ways to get a great shot, or to make the current shot better. All day… twelve-plus hours. I’m mentally exhausted the day after a wedding. Anchoring the photos of people with a specific place and time is an important part of the way I capture a day.

But one of my rules for myself is to never ask my clients to do anything for a photo that they’re not comfortable with. This is anything from posing in a really silly way, spending too much time, or going outside their comfort zone. My feeling is that even if I think I can get an interesting photo out of it, it probably isn’t worth the bad memory of making that photo. That doesn’t mean we don’t work for some photos though, spending time to get things perfect, but I make sure the couples are comfortable with everything we do together.

Because he’s so laid back, Ben Kane Photography is often the choice of couples who are similarly chill, but whose weddings might… not be. This means Ben is your go-to guy if you’re having a huge wedding, or a wedding with lots of moving parts, or if your parents are driving you crazy, but you still love them and want to make them happy. Ben explained:

I work with a lot of couples who are really laid back, but whose wedding maybe isn’t. And when we’re talking, they’ll tell me, “Our day is insane, but we are not that.” This happens whenever a laid-back couple incorporates the needs and wants of their families ahead of their own desires on their wedding day. I totally understand that though… so many weddings are about two families coming together and that part of it is really important as well. What I strive to do as a photographer, someone who is around almost all day, is to be that “laid back” element that the couple gets to choose, and to capture the day in a real, intimate way that sees past the chaos and picks up the truly personal moments they wanted all along.

The thing I like best about Ben’s work is that his clients aren’t even aware of it when he’s taking his most amazing images. Some photographers who shoot in Ben’s style require a lot of lighting or multiple shots that later get combined to make one perfect image in Photoshop. Ben assumes that ain’t nobody got time for that. All of the larger-than-life pictures you see here are produced in Ben’s camera (and his brain), and he told me that most of the time, his couples had no idea he was taking them. So if you’re normally uncomfortable in front of the camera, but you still want amazing photos, Ben Kane isn’t going to make you work for it.

Ben’s pricing is $4,850 for all day coverage, which includes:

  • All day, non-stop coverage from getting ready until late night by Ben Kane
  • Unlimited travel, unlimited locations, unlimited consultation
  • Photographer’s assistant to help your day go smoothly
  • Unlimited high resolution, professionally edited, unmarked, print-ready images (JPG’s) on USB
  • Archival download of entire photo collection
  • Online gallery of the entire wedding, with no expiration date
  • Online-optimized versions of all of your images, for faster and higher quality sharing

Plus, all APW readers get a free engagement session when booking with Ben Kane Photography. Just mention this post!

Ben Kane Photography is the kind of photographer who could make my bathroom look like the Four Seasons. So if you’re super excited about where you’re getting married, and want to work with a photographer who can get the good emotional shots and the holy crap, I can’t believe we got married there pictures, then get in touch with Ben Kane Photography today. He’s only a plane ride away, and well worth the trip.

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  • vegankitchendiaries

    Two super cool first looks featured here!! Woah! And that’s really saying something because I don’t even like first looks generally and, as someone from Vancouver, my civic duty is to hate everyone from Toronto… ;)

  • Sara

    Good lord these are gorgeous. I want to go get married at all of these places now. Especially the second and last ones.

  • S

    I’m one of the people in the photographs above, and I cannot say enough good things about Ben Kane. He is every kind of fantastic! We really enjoyed working with Ben in the run up to and on the day of our wedding. He was as laid back and stealthy as the above post says, and he still managed to get hundreds of amazing shots. We got our photographs–edited and ready to view and print–in record time, and we were (and still are!) delighted with them. Hire Ben; you won’t regret it!

    • Ben

      Thanks S!!!

  • Christy

    Holy crap, these look amazing. Unlimited travel too?! Does that mean that Ben would travel to City A for an engagement session and Rural Town Area B for a wedding? I love the photojournalism style too.

    • Ben

      Thanks Christy! I really don’t charge for travel, even for an engagement session, unless it is so far away from my local area that I’d have to stay overnight. Basically, I’m very happy to go anywhere in Southern Ontario. I really like seeing different places! Some of my best wedding / esession memories from recent years have been at places out of town. So, I don’t want to discourage travel by charging extra every time I have to get in my car.