Blooms By The Box: Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Back when I was first building APW into a teeny tiny business, Blooms By The Box, a wholesale flower retailing company that ships all over the US, was one of my very first advertisers. Then, just like now, I thought they were the perfect fit for the site. I did my own wedding flowers (you can read about my dry runs, and about how the project worked out). While tons of you have used florists and loved it, for us, doing our own flowers was the clear choice. It allowed us to conserve money to put into other parts of our budget (food!) and our flowers turned out to be gorgeous, which was a double win.

But what I didn’t know then, and I do know now is, doing your own wedding flowers is actually an amazing chance to girl bond before a wedding (yes, it could be gender neutral bonding too, but somehow I like a little all girl time). So this fall, when I was a bridesmaid, my friend Lacey and I were discussing what she wanted to do with her wedding flowers. We talked about flower markets, but in the end, my suggestion was that since she’s the kind of person who knows what she wants, the very best idea was to order her flowers from Blooms By The Box, have their excellent customer service talk her through her in-season options and how she could best make what she wanted, and then have all the flowers shipped to her door the day before the wedding (yup, you guessed it, in a box).

So she did that, and the day before the wedding we all gathered to put the flowers together. It was such a joy, hanging out with people I’d known for most of my life but hadn’t seen in years, putting together flowers for a wedding. And as always, Blooms By The Box knocked it out of the park. The flowers were pretty, on time, fresh, and the customer service was impeccable… by which I mean they actually called us while were arranging to check that everything was fine. (Hint: the one thing we learned is that the Blooms By The Box team was working so hard to make sure we didn’t waste money, that we should have ordered slightly more than they recommended. They were actually too worried about us, which is pretty adorable. And it all worked out just fine in the end.)

So we made the flowers arrangements and bouquets. And ladies? They turned out to be super adorable. I actually loved my bouquet so much that I took it on the plane with me back to San Francisco because I didn’t want to let it go.

Blooms By The Box, all in, is an awesome company to work with. Every single person on staff is working overtime to make sure you have what you want (and they are cool people… Diana, one of their customer services team is a Women & Gender Studies minor, and presented some APW content on marriage equality in one of her classes. So obviously, say hi to her when you call. And if you talk to Larry, the owner, and tell him you’re an APW-er, he’ll be thrilled. He’s making me sign his copy of the APW book). Which brings me to the calling part. They have a customer service number (which they actually answer!), where you can just call and chat about when you’re getting married, what kind of flowers you want, what you’re budget is, and what they suggest. Plus, if you join their mailing list, they’ll send you a free copy of their DIY wedding flower guide, which is jam packed with useful stuff.

Which brings me to the Blooms By The Box blog. A few years ago, when they were starting the blog, I had a chat with a staffer who told me how dedicated they were to making the blog relevant and useful. And they have totally delivered on that. If you’re doing your own flowers, check it out ASAP, as it’s filled with tutorials. Some of my current favorite posts include: wedding flowers sorted by color, picking shape and form for your centerpiece arrangements, simple baby’s breath bouquets (if you remember from Monday’s wedding, it may not get hipper or easier than this), and lilly of the valley bouquets (love). And then of course, there is my perennial favorite Blooms By The Box information the flower color wheel.

Earlier this year, Blooms By The Box put together an APW tutorial on how to make a wedding bouquet. And I think we can argue that I learned well. Look at this. Round, colors from opposite sides of the color wheel making the whole thing pop, sassy (ok, that part was all me). Success!

So go browse Blooms By The Box and check out their awesome flower prices, and then give them a call for a chat. They might just save your wedding flowers. And they ship all over the US… no city too small.

Photos: flower prep shots by friends & family, wedding shots by Rory Gordon Photo out of LA. She’s awesome!

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  • Erin

    I love, love, love BBTB. And I haven’t even purchased from them. Funny story, yes? When I first started reading APW, BBTB was one of the first vendors I read about and added to my “I’m crazy and starting plan my sane wedding before he has even proposed” list of vendors. Having always loved flowers and coming up with my own arrangements (ask my Mom about how I used to scavenge for loose change in our house and then buy the day old carnations and such at the grocery store to make her little arrangements), I knew early on I wanted to make our wedding flowers. Flowers have always made me happy; in my old dingy apartment where I could barely afford my bills, a spring of fresh hydrangea would brighten up the place and help me imagine the day I could have an overflowing vase in each room. Then reality set in that I was planning this beast (once actually engaged) from the opposite coast. meaning I would arrive to our wedding location mere days before the wedding. Further meaning I would not have a location to store the vases I would carefully score through garage sales, flea markets, or craigslist as part of my carefully-crafted imagination of this flower project, etc. And I would not have a place to store said flowers in the two days suggested for hydrangeas. And so went the list of potentially catastrophic scenarios presented by my fiance and the peanut gallery (meant in a genuinely loving way, this is my collective term for family and friends who have offered their opinions). But I was stubborn. And still convinced I would make our own flowers! And save a ton of money doing it! But you know, just for comparison, I would get a quote from the really awesome independent team of designers-turned-florists that I had come across on the local bridal boards. So here I am, armed with the indie quote and my ridiculously OCD color coded excel sheet (complete with accounting formulas) plotting out down to the cent and branch what each centerpiece and bouquet would cost (including trial run and supplies). Surprisingly, the indie florist wasn’t that far off…but no! I HAD to do our flowers! This was my one and only thing that I was going to get all DIY about! So I visited the blog and contacted the team at BBTB thinking that perhaps I had budgeted for too many flowers, etc. And you know what? Sticking with their large disclaimer (and echoing Meg and Team Practical’s view) that DIY is NOT always in fact cheaper or easier, they told me to go with the florist. So why, at the long end of this rambly comment, do I love BBTB do you ask? Because that is true customer service. They still took the time to talk me through what I wanted and my specific situation (an out-of-town bride, nowhere to store vases meaning shipping fees, etc.) and advised me accordingly. They didn’t try to upsell me or sway my decision; they used their knowledge to help me make an important decision. And, though I still feel guilty that I am not tackling our flowers, since the flowers are something I really love (and there are lots of “wedding things” I have dubbed silly and unnecessary) the BBTB team helped me realize that with all factors considered, I would be putting a lot of pressure on myself to create one of the things that will mean the most to me on our wedding day and, as there are all different types of brides, this would not be one of those “but it meant so much to me that I had to be the one who did it” moments. It would be the “holy crap we didn’t give the hydrangeas enough water and they’re wilted and the only flower I really wanted to have and now they’re ruined” sort of moment. Whereas I could care less if the chocolate favors I really don’t want to buy but we are being “gifted” melt, or if the DJ plays the electric slide though we asked her not too, or if I get mud on my shoes, or if it rains, or if my hair falls down, or that our cakes will be from Costco. I do love flowers. And I love BBTB for being a welcome voice of reason in an important decision. And I can NOT wait to be done wedding planning so that I can plan baby showers, anniversary parties, graduation parties, and all the other parties life will have so that I can then finally use BBTB. : )

    • meg

      Awwww…. if that’s not the most ringing endorsement of a vendor I’ve ever heard, I’m not sure what is! I feel kind of sniffly over it.

  • Becky2

    I should probably just call customer service, but does anyone know if they can offer/get things that aren’t posted on their website? I have kind of a weird vision for my flowers and they don’t have what I’m looking for posted.

    • meg

      I think they post what they have on hand. If your wedding isn’t *right now* though, it’s not going to be an accurate list. In either case, call.

  • Aw, thanks for the shout out Meg! Y’all did a bang up job with those flowers! I would have never known you did them yourselves. But that explains why they were so lovely :)

  • I love them! They were one of the easiest vendors to work with and my flowers were gorgeous. The .pdf file they sent was really helpful since I used hydrangeas and they can be temperamental flowers.

  • Victoria

    Hi all – Totally agree! I used Blooms By the Box for my wedding and was super impressed with them. They answered the phone even during crazy Hurricane Irene. They said the power in their office was out but they had the hotline being forwarded to their personal cell phones and they were working from home. I found images of what I wanted online, sent them to them, and they helped me figure out what I needed and sent it all to me. It definitely took a little effort but my fabulous wedding helpers said they loved the bonding experience putting them all together. I’d highly recommend using BBTB!

  • Amandover

    Yep. I used Blooms by the Box, and they were super helpful! Everything arrived when it was supposed to, making me one happy bride-to-be 2 days before our wedding.
    But backing up, I ordered from them for my trial-run, and one thing I ordered came rather dry and wilted in the 2 days I had them in water. Knowing that BBTB has great customer service, I called to say, “For the wedding day, I need these to be priorities,” and Larry offered me a refund for the wilted ones. Plus we were able to talk through what I wanted.
    As with anything seasonal, you have to be a little flexible – they substituted white stock instead of some other filler (I can’t even remember, so clearly it wasn’t that important). They also didn’t have the green seeded eucalyptus I wanted that week, so I subbed my second choice. I had done a year of research into what I wanted, and this was a good lesson in letting go of getting exactly what you planned. Like most aspects of a wedding, it also contained great surprises: For a ritual with flowers, I ordered a lot of carnations (cheap!). Well, those carnations were stunning (even after I accidentally left them overnight without water! yikes!), and I wished I’d used them more.
    And doing my own flowers was such a good decision. We supplemented with one bunch of filler from a florist, and wow! was it much cheaper through BBTB. Plus, it was good for me. The hour I spent alone prepping the flowers on the day before the wedding was so peaceful and grounding. It’s one of my favorite memories of the weekend.

  • You guys are doing well job and providing best services which is really appreciable.

  • Wow, they turned out really beautiful. I can’t believe that they actually worked from home during Hurricane Irene. Now that’s customer service.

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