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Blush Celebrations

First of all, let me just say, it’s hard to land a sponsorship spot on APW as a wedding planner. I’m very on the record as saying you don’t have to have a wedding planner (I didn’t), but you should really have someone in charge who’s not you (you should be busy tying your life to another person, not checking to make sure your place cards are laid out). But I also know that a sane wedding planner can be worth their weight in gold. Think about it: someone to step in every time your mom says, “But you can’t possibly do that!” and say, “Oh yes she can!” Someone to organize, someone to calm your nerves, someone to call the shots the day of. So let’s just say I’m delighted to introduce APW’s newest sane wedding planner, Bec of Blush Celebrations in Seattle. Bec fought a good fight proving to me she was serious about the APW ethos (she even helped out APW Editor Lauren recently with a last minute wedding problem), and now, I’m thrilled to introduce her to you.

I asked Bec to tell me a little about the Blush Celebration philosophy, and she said; “I’m all about sane and practical weddings. I have been reading wedding blogs for years and tend to add and remove them. But the ones I stay with are APW, Offbeat Bride, and Broke-Ass Bride. All three are ladies who tell it like it is. Plus, I like to work with folks who tend to stray outside the lines a bit. You don’t need all the hooplah and the matchy-matchy. What you need, at the end of the day, is to be married. And hopefully there’s a great party to go along with it because I like parties.”

Blush Celebrations

But beyond just a great philosophy, her pricing is great. Wedding Weekend Coordination pricing ranges from $500-$750, depending on the size of the wedding. Bec also offers a monthly meeting package, which she described as her favorite package “because it really helps me get to know my clients better. It’s like having a Day Of Coordinator plus. And who doesn’t want an excuse to sit around and talk weddings with someone who actually wants to listen to it??” Pricing on the monthly meeting package ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. Plus, Bec told me, “I’m so excited to work with some sane and practical APW couples, and I can’t wait to get started. I’d like to offer APW clients my monthly meetings package for 25% off if you book before August 31st (this discount applies to out of state couples as well).” And if you’re looking for more help than that, she offers more extensive plans too!

Blush Celebrations

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest jumping up and down with excitement, a little more information about Bec. She said, “I adapt easily to my surroundings and can make the best out of pretty much any situation. I tend to see the glass as half full. I am excited to help APW readers create the day that they want, and I’m excited to be along for the ride! The thing I hear most from my clients is how calming I am when things get to be crazy. The best compliment I got from my sister-in-law’s recent wedding was that even though she knew there was a lot of stress attached to one particular event, she didn’t feel it the day of, and she really appreciated the fact that I was there to handle it, to fight for what she wanted, but to not let the stress get to her and her bride. That made me smile. That is why I do what I do.”

Blush Celebrations

Oh, and did I mention? Blush Celebrations is a huge supporter of marriage equality. Bec has LGBTQ people in her family, so for her it’s really personal. She would love nothing more than to plan the h*ll out of your LGBTQ wedding (so make that happen, people!). So go, browse, and drop Bec a line. I have a feeling that APW weddings plus Blush Celebration planning will equal very organized, stress free magic.

Photos from wedding’s Blush Celebrations has worked on: Bec’s Sister-In-Law and new wife in a boat, Dani Weiss Photography; Trucker School Wedding by Aaby Photography, Other photos by Craig Larsen

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  • FawMo

    Miss Bec and I have been chatting on Twitter and she totally gave me a rec for a seamstress for a girlfriend of mine. Plus she invited me to her house to watch Harry Potter. This lady rocks!

    • bec

      Awww, thanks!!
      We only got through three movies this weekend, I have some serious catching up to do before Friday!

  • Lovely. Such a breath of fresh air to see affordable wedding coordinators and planners.

  • bec

    And thank you Meg, for your awesome words. Can you do all my marketing write-ups for me please?

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  • Every wedding planner I chatted with was so shocked by my general approach, and then offered pricing that just didn’t match what I needed. It’s so lovely lovely to hear from someone who understands the APW mentality and has reasonable prices that match our reasonable expectations of weddings. I just wish you were in Colorado – I need you!

    • bec

      Email me … maybe we can work something out!