Brent & Jess: Handcrafted Fingerprint Wedding Rings

Today I’m delighted to introduce one of our newest APW sponsors: Brent & Jess, makers of excellent and affordable wedding rings. These rings have the extra awesome twist of having your beloved’s fingerprint inside the ring to carry with you always. Amazing, right? But that’s not all…

I first heard about Brent & Jess (otherwise known as Fabuluster on Etsy) through an APW reader. She sent me the kind of gushing, you-must-get-this-business-as-a-sponsor email that I almost never get. She said, “Brent & Jess Williams are amazing. And by amazing I mean on-budget-ahead-of-schedule-totally-professional-out-of-this-world-quality-AND-effin-amazing. They list a sixty day production lead time when you place your order, and I just received rings in thirty-five days, almost a month ahead of schedule. And did I mention the rings are perfect? Outstanding.” So, obviously, I was intrigued. The mix of a beautiful and unique product, master craftsman, a family owned business, and excellent customer service was just too Team Practical perfect for me to pass up.

I asked Jess to tell me a little more about their artistic process and how they create their rings. She obliged and sent pictures of the process, which I adore. She said:

We love doing rings for weddings because it is celebratory. It is a positive and happy occasion. We want to make custom rings affordable for most people.  We offer the sterling silver and bronze because we want everyone to be able to afford having a super special ring. The ring is something you wear everyday and a constant reminder of your commitment. Our truly unique process is a very sculptural technique which produces a one of a kind ring that is your very own unique fingers’ texture. Your loved one literally wrapped around your finger.

Our patented process allows us to capture your real fingerprint texture. We do not engrave or etch the prints. They are handmade by us, one at a time. We take extreme pride in our craft and experience, and we stand behind our products. Brent is a master jeweler, with nearly sixteen years as a craftsman. Brent & Jessica both hold BFAs from Maine College of Art in Jewelry and Metalsmithing.

And if that’s not enough, Brent & Jess also do custom work. So if you’re looking for something a little different, made by craftsmen, get in touch. They said, “We can do anything from fun and funky to sentimental and heirloom. We buy our new raw materials from American manufacturers who boast responsibility and use half recycled material. It’s all handmade right here in the beautiful state of Maine.”

So go browse and enjoy. It’s such a treat to bring you committed, talented artists to make something you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

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  • Alison

    I can’t wait to contact them! My fiance and I are getting married next October and we love the idea! :)

  • So excited that Brent and Jess have joined the APW sponsor team! I could not possibly love them more than I already do. We ordered our wedding bands from them and were thrilled with the result. My husband ordered a ring similar to the second one shown in this post and mine was a custom piece with sapphires and diamonds.

    Jess and Brent were so wonderful at communicating throughout the process, making sure we got exactly what we wanted (no matter how many times I changed my mind, and believe me, it was a lot). They sent us a photo before they finalized the order to ensure we were happy with them.

    Their prices are great, service is amazing, and the product… well, I mean, come on… those rings have fingerprints on them. Doesn’t get cooler than that. I’d highly recommend them to any couple looking for great craftsmanship and truly unique pieces of jewelry… wedding related or not.

  • I shot a wedding (an APW wedding!) where the groom’s ring was a Fabuluster ring. I can attest to its gorgeousness. The entire time I was doing ring shots I was just like, I *love* this ring! Wish I’d known about fingerprint rings when I was getting married … :P Gorgeous work! I’m a fan :)

    Edited to add: link to the photo of the ring is

    • LaurenF

      Yay Brent and Jess! I was just getting on here to comment and saw that Elissa had already posted a link to a great shot of my husband’s fabuluster ring. Brent and Jess were wonderful to work with, and when the USPS temporarily lost track of our ring (it came eventually), they offered to re-make it. How amazing is that? It’s truly custom–I loved how we got to pick the metal, width, where we wanted the fingerprint, etc. It has great sentimental value, but it also just looks really cool. Doing the fingerprint impressions with the kit they send you is a pretty crazy process, but totally worth it.

      • Yay Lauren! Brent and Jess sound like lovely people to work with :)

  • Barb

    My husband and I had our rings made by Brent and Jess this past fall for our December 2010 wedding. All I can say is WOW. My husband came up with the design for our rings and they made it happen! We have our fingerprints completely encircling the rings. His ring has a yellow gold rim and my ring has a rose gold rim. So unique and amazing quality. My husband’s ring is a size 10 and wide enough that I can see my entire fingerprint encircling his finger! I will forever treasure the rings and the great process we went through to get them!

  • I have been obsessed with these rings for a while now, having randomly found them on one of my Etsy search-binges. :-) I can’t wait to get engaged, so I can get married, and have them make our rings. LOVE the rings, LOVE the philosophy.

  • melissa h

    This post makes me so mad! So mad that I didn’t know about these rings before!!

    We already have our wedding bands, but I plan to pass this info on to other couples for wedding bands, presents, etc. And I am also going to strongly hint (AKA bash over head if necessary) to my guy that I would lurve a fingerprint band for our 1 yr wedding anniversary. So sweet, elegant, and beautiful and inspiring company philosophy! I perused their page and honestly loved all of the rings so it will be hard to pick one (for said hinting). Ooh! My in-laws’ 35 yr anniversary is coming up…emailing FIL..right…now…

  • Holy crap, that’s so cool!!!!

  • Andrea

    I am officially in love with these rings and the fingerprint idea! About to show the fiance, lets hope he loves them too! :)

  • JEM

    This is such a neat idea, I really love these.

  • We got these rings as our wedding bands & couldn’t be happier with them. Our officiant even mentioned them during the ceremony, totally unbidden! We chose sterling silver to keep a reasonable budget (and, as my husband said, so he could “prove that he can have nice things” before making any more serious jewelry investments), but depending on how they wear and how fancy we’re feeling, we might trade up to platinum down the road. Brent & Jess were also great with my nervous-Nelly emails, the wax imprints were a fun DIT project, and the rings came in plenty of time before the wedding. I’m super pleased that Fabuluster is doing well & joining the APW team.

  • I just wanted to echo praises for Brent and Jess. My husband’s and I’s wedding bands are from them (June 2010) and our rings turned out beautifully. We went with a really simple design, but I love that my ring has my beloved’s fingerprint on the inside.

    • Granola

      I really like the rings with the fingerprint on the inside. Are they comfortable? I’m a little worried the ridges would be irritating but I’d love to hear from someone who’s got one whether they found that to be a problem.


  • Not Sarah

    Holy crap! I normally skim the sponsored posts because I’m not thinking about marriage yet, but this idea is so freaking *cool*. So cool.

  • These rings are some of my favorite, especially the ring with the fingerprint on the inside. It’s like having your ring inscribed on the inside, but so much cooler and personal.

  • Class of 1980

    Wow. What could be more appropriate to symbolize marriage?

    On another note, I’ve been reading about how fingerprint types go with blood types and genetic types in a diet book. The third photo down shows an Ulnar Loop type, which is what I have. It’s interesting.

  • I absolutely love these!

  • I’ve seen those on Etsy! They are totally cool…glad they are APW sponsors now!

  • Dee

    Why don’t they ship to Italy :-(((
    Anyway thank you for letting us kmow about such interesting and meaningful businesses!

    • We can ship many places we don’t have listed. I believe there may be issues shipping to Italy since Italy has a thriving jewelry industry that dates back to Etruscan history! If you are interested we could look further into the shipping profile of Italy!

      • Kendra Dick

        Can you email me a catalog? I cant seem to find any websites, but found your rings on pinterest. I am getting married next June and would love these rings.

  • Amy March

    These are beautiful, and I’m getting ahead of myself a bit, but I can’t wait to get a pinky ring made with my first baby’s fingerprint.

  • Kate

    This just makes me so happy! As the “gusher”, I’m thrilled that Brent & Jess are part of the awesome APW community! I just love having all my favorites in one place :) And seriously, they are effin-amazing. We are thrilled with our rings!

  • I have always loved their work. This is so personal and lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lena

    My boyfriend just announced he will be getting the both of us pre engagement rings and he surprised me with these amazingly unique rings love the idea of having a piece of your significant other with you all times !

  • Autumn Holt

    I want these made. How do I get them?

  • stephanie

    how about the price for a couple?? my size is nine adn my husband’s ringsize about 18. i wanna use a white gold, all of them.
    please send your best offer to my email.
    ASAP. thanks.

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