BrideBlu: Affordable Wedding Jewelry

It’s been too long since APW has gotten to feature beautiful, affordable, handmade (and vintage!), bridal jewelry. And this is just in time for summer. Because if I know one thing about getting married in the summer, it’s that starting right about last week, all of you summer brides began freaking out about accessories. (Or, um, was that just me three years ago in July?) Well, into this minor freak out steps Cat of BrideBlu. Her jewelry line is super pretty and has something for everyone (I would like these Gypsy open filigree earrings, pleasethanx) and is super affordable. I mean super affordable. Those earrings I’m obsessed with? $14. So if you’re looking for jewelry for the wedding day (or the rehearsal dinner, since by my calendar, the “What To Wear For The Rehearsal Dinner” problem just showed up in your brain two weeks ago, summer brides—I’m sorry about that), or pretty and affordable gifts for your best ladies, BrideBlu is stepping in to solve your problems.

BrideBlu is run by Cat, a wedding industry veteran who found APW and found herself right at home. She describes her business this way, “BrideBlu is a jewelry line that encompasses two great passions of mine: creating and antiquing. The reason I started BrideBlu is two-fold: I desperately needed a creative outlet to be the yin to the yang of my cubical 9-5 “real job,” and I loved the idea of having the opportunity to really connect with clients by offering affordable, quality, unique, hand-made jewelry.  Each piece I make (or thrift) is designed with longevity in mind.” And I love the idea of having something lovely and affordable to wear on your wedding day that you know someone created or antiqued with love.

Cat says, “Each and every piece of BrideBlu jewelry is made by hand or, in the case of the vintage items, carefully selected. You can be confident that you are getting a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll love! I believe in my work and stand behind each piece that leaves my studio. I want my clients to feel confident when buying my jewelry, making it my personal goal to ensure that each and every purchase has a happy ending.”

But what I love most about Cat and the way she runs her business is the sheer amount of love infused in every single thing that she does. As someone who runs a small business, I know what it means to decide that you are going to buck industry standards, work harder, and take care of your customers, and that’s exactly what Cat and BrideBlu are doing. She told me, “I’ve been in the wedding industry for the past twelve years with (excitedly) no end in sight. I love helping couples during this magical time in their lives. I’ve worked with couples from all sorts of backgrounds and personalities but when I stumbled across APW a few months ago, I suddenly felt like I was home. Without sounding too cliché, I fully embrace the philosophy of APW, in particular the practical, personal, and real way in which they approach wedding planning. I have found success with the same approach in my business, and in my personal life as well. I take great pride in the fact that my jewelry is fairly priced (a blend of the cost of materials plus labor … NOT inflated higher just because a client mentions the word “bride,” “bridesmaid,” or “wedding”). Working in the wedding industry, especially when I was running my bridal boutique, I was shock and appalled on the mark-up (upwards of 300%!??!?!) my competition was doing. Just because you are a bride, doesn’t mean that everything should cost more! In fact, quite the opposite, I LOVE giving my clients extra discounts when they purchase multiple quantities. I am always honored when a bride asks for my help with her wedding day jewelry.”

And her focus is on you, with each and every piece of jewelry. Not only is her work lovely and affordable, but she’s willing to put in the time with you to find or create exactly what you’re looking for. (And yup! She totally does custom work.) She says, “To me, working with a bride is more than just a transaction; it is an opportunity to make a happy celebration a little bit better. It’s about learning the look and the feel of the day and, if asked, offering up suggestions and providing options to help couples make an educated decision. I guess that I am just old school in my approach to customer service. I treat my customers the way that I would want to be treated: with kindness, honesty, integrity, and yes, a bit of girlish excitement! I am always excited to work out a concept/vision with a client. In fact, a number of designs available in BrideBlu are brainchildren of past brides and myself collaborating to figure out that piece of jewelry that was going to be goldilocks (just right). If you don’t see the perfect design in my shop, let’s talk.”

And because she’s so excited to have found you all, and to be working with you to get you exactly the right jewelry for your wedding or for gifts, she’s giving you guys a discount. Cat says, “I would love to give APW readers an exclusive discount. Using coupon code PRACTICAL10, they can save 10% off their entire BrideBlu purchase (excluding custom/special orders because, as I mentioned earlier, these types of orders will most likely already include a special discount!).  Coupon code is valid through July 30, 2012.

Now get shopping. It’s the end of a holiday week, and I know for a fact that none of us really want to focus on anything but fun stuff right now. So how about these tiny leaf earrings for $13, or these super hip vintage yellow triangle earrings for $6 (holy moly), or these art deco meet totally of the moment chevron vintage brass earrings for $9, or this lovely simple bar necklace for $29 that I don’t know why I don’t already own. Have fun playing at BrideBlu, ladies. Look at the BrideBlu blog, and have fun collaborating with Cat on custom work. I can’t wait to see your baubles show up in your wedding grad posts.

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  • Carolyn

    Eep! Cat, I bought your jewelry for my bridesmaids – specifically, the little brass chevron earrings featured above … and bought a pair for myself … and am wearing them rightthisverysecond. You were a treat to work with and I’m so happy to see you here on APW!

    LADIES … she really is the best.

  • BettyLou

    I found your web site last night, got out of the overwhelm, that was, well, overwhelming me, within a few minutes. Read this blog post this morning, ordered vintage rhinestone earrings from Cat. They reminded me of two pieces I have from my grandmother or great-grandmother. I took them to a nearby jeweler for “restoration”, clerk said impossible but the craftsman heard my ideas (including tying the necklace to me to gain 4 inches of length) and figured out a way to solve all the problems. YAY! I am so happy. Thanks for the encouragement to work with what was important and meaningful.

  • Michelle

    Welp, found the PERFECT quirky/adorable necklace for my bridesmaids. Ordered! Now I feel like doing a dance.

  • Meagan

    Not only is everything lovely and wonderful, the shop owner is sweet, cool, and based in Milwaukee?!?! My hometown and wedding site? YES! I can finally support both an APW Sponsor and a local MKE small business. Thank you BrideBlu and APW!