Brooke & Tim’s Musical Summer Camp Wedding

I’ve been in love with this beautiful carefree summer camp wedding for a few weeks, and I’m excited to finally get to share it with you. Summer camp and other more rural wedding locations are practical in some areas, and not so practical in others. We made some calls to rural venues, and a woman told me “Our rental fee is reasonable. But, please keep in mind that you’ll need to rent all your own generators, rent toilets, set up lighting, bring in water, rent shuttles, and pave the roads leading to the the site.” Or whatever. And I thought, “Lady, you lost me at generators.”

But this wedding, ohhh, this wedding. Shot by the wizards at Belathee Photography, it took place at Camp Collins in Gresham, Oregon. It’s rustic, it’s casual, its sassy, it’s hip. I’m in love. All you couples who live in areas with practical summer camps, run with this!
Sassy wedding guests always seem to make a wedding. Good thing we have awesome friends!

I love big groom shots at weddings, and this shot is really great. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. It looks, well, like summer camp. We are definitely doing a group shot, and we are thinking of setting up a little photography backdrop like this one.
There was lots and lots of music at this wedding. I used to go to world music and dance camps in the Redwoods in California… or magical musical hippy festivals, if you want a translation. The vibe of this wedding reminds me of dance camp, and makes me want to run away to the redwoods to get my bellydance on right NOW! (Note to self: get some kick *ss musicians to party at our wedding.)

What makes the wedding for me is this picture of the bride and groom. We all know I’m pretty picky in the wedding dress department, but this fits the bill. Simple, lovely, and pre-rumpled so you can party, party, party!

Belathee Photography shoots in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. My kind of girls!

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  • Anonymous

    we did a group shot at the end of the night and it’s one of my favorites, so definitely do it! even if people want to fight and not get their butts out of their chairs – make them!

  • I love the ides of pre-rumpled so you can party. Once the ceremony and sensible shots are done, it’s time to get rumpled!

  • i love this idea. hmmm . . .

  • i have such fond memories of summer camp so this wedding is fantastic! i especially love the addition of s’mores!

  • She lost you at generators…you had me at Smores! How fun!!