Brooke Trexler Photography in Colorado & Texas!

I’m always thrilled to welcome a new photographer to the APW fold, particularly when they are as good a fit as Brooke Trexler Photography. Brooke is located in Denver, but she says, “I also travel for free to lots of locations in Texas when you book a full day package (basically anywhere within two hours of a major airport (Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio), and at as low a price as I can manage to anywhere else in the country.” So Colorado and Texas, you’ve got your lady.

And Brooke Trexler Photography’s work is so lovely. It’s photographic work that really nails the essence of APW, in a visual way. She captures action and the love of community. But somehow, she manages to capture the stillness at the center of it all as well. And that’s what gets me. It’s the vibrant love of community, with the small, still emotional core. That’s what weddings are, and that’s what she captures.

Plus, Brooke’s rates are great. Her wedding packages start at $2,200 for eight hours of photography, all your images, and an engagement session. And if you want her all day, for as long as it takes? Well, that’s just $2,600. BAM. And Brooke is so excited to work with you that she’s offering you an album! She says, “I think it’s important that photos are printed, so I am offering a complimentary 50 page 8×8 basic album with a wedding booking for those of you who find me on APW. Also, I taught for five years and adore teacher clients, so I offer 10% off for them.” (My parents are both teachers, so I’m super excited about this!)

But mostly, Brooke Trexler Photography is just super excited to get to work with you guys, Team Practical. She told me:

I think that one of the reasons I’m attracted to APW couples is that I most enjoy working with couples who have perspective and priorities that align with mine. I feel like I don’t necessarily have a type of wedding I most like to shoot. I love them all: outdoors, ballroom, traditional, non-traditional… it’s really about clients I connect with on a values-level. I feel like marriage is supposed to be this amazing, life-affirming choice—it’s assuming so many great things about your partner and yourself and humanity in general…you’re trusting each other and your future-selves to hang in there no matter what, even with the inevitable changes and hardships, and to create something new. My favorite clients embody that and I can see it reflected in their approach to their entire wedding day.

I’ve shot huge weddings in gorgeous ballrooms, spectacular mountaintop ceremonies, and even a tiny wedding in a nursing home rec-room (held there because the couple didn’t want to celebrate anywhere the bride’s father couldn’t attend). I’ve had clients from all sorts of backgrounds. When I try to narrow down what makes some weddings really, really stand out for me it always comes back to people who understand that the day is, at heart, about making a public commitment to each other in the presence of people they love.

I see this every time I meet people who are readers of APW, or advertisers on APW. Or even just reading APW. Readers of this blog approach their weddings as marriage and relationships first, and I love that about this blog. The wedding industry can be a crazy place, and I love working with people who help me put it all in perspective and make me think, “Yes! This is why I do this job!”

And it’s Brooke’s philosophy about weddings that infuses the way she shoots. That love for relationships is what allows her to capture the community and the fleeting and tiny emotional moments. Brooke says, “I think this reverence for the occasion very much influences the way I shoot weddings. I am always on the watch for emotion, connections, the small moments that pass so quickly and sometimes are barely noticed during such a high-intensity day. I feel very strongly that a wedding is about marriage and family and friends; it’s not a photo-op for me. Because of this, I work really, really hard to be unobtrusive during a wedding. I also shoot with permanence in mind—I want my clients’ wedding photos to be something they look at for the rest of their lives to remember how they felt on the day they promised to spend their lives together. I love clean compositions, photos focused on emotion-filled motion, strong black and whites and rich, true colors.”

And that, in a nutshell, is why I think you guys and Brooke Trexler Photography are going to make such beautiful music together. So Colorado? Texas? Let’s make this happen, because I can’t wait to see the pictures.

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  • Swoon. Gorgeous photos. I’m a sucker for such delicious black & whites.

    I cannot wait until the day I become an APW wedding elf…2013 baby, once I get past my first year of weddings! :-)

  • Oooh these are lovely :)

  • Thanks, Noelle and Elissa :)

  • Kaiti

    Ooooh lordy, how this post made my day! My fiance probably thinks I’m crazy how darn excited I got over this post. A (sort of) Texas photographer with beautiful photographs and a practical wedding mind?

    Lovely lovely pictures! Maybe if I’m lucky she’ll be available for our wedding in Corpus Christi!

  • Angie

    Brooke shot our wedding in Denver last month and the images are beautiful – and that isn’t just my vanity speaking, everyone (family, coworkers, etc.) says so! We loved working with her and she perfectly captured the love and joy of our day. I would recommend her to anyone!

    P.S. That’s me smooching my husband on the dance floor with a big smile on my face!

  • Tina

    I’m not in CO or TX, but not that far off in AZ. I just wanted to shout out the teacher love that she gives. That means a lot! I don’t have a wedding coming up any time soon, but I’m tucking this name away because of the APW common sense and the teacher connection.

  • Cherie

    De-lurking, I’m so excited to see this. I’m pre-engaged in Colorado, and my partner is a teacher. We’re an APW-minded, mixed-race couple. Anyhoo, I bookmarked your page, Brooke, because upon relabeling ourselves ‘engaged,’ we’ll give you a call. Lovely shots.

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