Call For Submissions: Decided

Whoa. You guys. When we decided to switch our editorial calendar to monthly themes, we just expected that our submissions folder would become a little more…focused than usual. We had no idea that the quantity and quality of submissions we normally receive (which are good, y’all) would skyrocket. In fact, these days the staff spends a good chuck of our time passing emails back and forth going OMG DID YOU SEE WHAT WE JUST GOT?! SO. GOOD.

So in short, thanks for taking this idea and running with it.

Now, as we move into February it is time to open up yet another submission call!


Instead of tackling the often-discussed process of making a decision, we’re taking March to talk about what happens once you’ve decided. Made a choice. Gone for it. What happens then? What happens next? (Hint: This is what a wedding is. What happens when you’ve decided.) If you want to join in the fray, submit your stories, weddings, and more here. Of course, posts not related to the theme are delightedly accepted as well.

Now, next month’s theme is deliberately a little looser than this month’s (creative liberties, yay!). So we’re leaving it in your capable hands to figure out what “Decided” means to you. There’s no right or wrong interpretation. But in the meantime, below is a quick reminder of some helpful tips and tricks when submitting your story:

  • First, our themes are meant to serve as a guideline for submissions, but they aren’t rigid. Do with them what you will! For example, if next month’s theme is “Decided” and you want to write something about coming to terms with indecision, that’s fine. Or if you want to write about the digital ramifications of changing your last name, that would probably fit, too. We’re always after diversity of experience here, so the most important thing is that you write something that is authentic to you, however that might fit into the theme. (And a loose fit is still a fit most of the time.)
  • Also, when you’re submitting for the monthly theme, we don’t want you to feel as though you have to frame your story around the theme itself (i.e. my marriage is not a romantic comedy, because…). Heck, you don’t even have to include the name of the theme in your writing at all. Just write what you would normally write, and we’ll figure out if it’s a good fit for the month, or if maybe it would be a better fit for later in the year.
  • Lastly, if you have something you just have to get out there into the world, but it doesn’t fit with the theme for the next month, please send it in anyway. Our top priority is always strong content, regardless of the topic.

And that’s it! So if you have a story to share for “Decided” month, send it on in!

Cheers and happy writing,


Editor’s Note: Some of you asked if there might be a way to confirm when a submission is received. It’s something we’re working on right now (slowly, but surely), but in the meantime, if you’re afraid the internet monkeys might have eaten your post, feel free to send us an email. 

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